"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, February 22, 2013


i'm all set!
good thing my mom had a pair of skis that she wasn't using.
the ski shop tuner had red hair like chase.
he thought chase was the cutest.
mom was convinced that was why he tuned and waxed my skis for free.
all of the ski shop people came over to smile at our red headed baby man.
max picked out a pink hat with long pink braids.
major score at the ski shop by all.
can't wait to hit the slopes with my dad tomorrow.
 now to get my kids in ski lessons without going broke... 
i can't wait to snag a mental health ski day with all of them someday.
i love living in utah.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

sprinkles added

 grandpa is here.
they took him straight to the ice cream shop the minute he walked in the door.
brennan ordered cotton candy.
max got oreo cream filling.
they both added sprinkles.
grandpa got chocolate with almonds.
i got cake batter with reese's pb cups, almonds, and caramel sauce.
chase got to taste test.
and then they spent the night climbing all over my dad.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

letters to Emily {english soup, new place, & Dr. Laura}

Dearest Mrs. Emily Gibson of Utah,
The better than sex Chex sounds OVER THE TOP AMAZING!!!!!!!!!  I just love your guts when I comes to cooking in the kitchen.  You have no fear and the result is amazing everytime!!!  You aren't really scared of any recipe or anything.  I love that you put whip cream with it.....so wonderful.  Really.
My newest favoritest thing that I have eaten is this "english potato leek soup"....ummm, with grilled cheese, probably the best thing you have ever eaten!!!
really simple, I know. Nothing fancy pants like you have been cooking.  But there is one thing you left out, I noticed the side you made with the "better than fried chicken"....umm...it looked amazing, brussels-onions, poatoes!  wow...need the recipe for the grilled brussels and onions paaaleaase! 
I have been out of the loop because we recently moved into a new apartment..yes again.  But this time it will be for longer.  We actually live in student family housing really close to campus and prime real estate, down town Heidelberg.  It is great.  I love it because it has a playground right in the back so I can take Bear down everyday and get him totally dirty and cold and bring him back inside in no time at all.  He is WALKING AROUND LIKE CRAZY!!!  I don't even know what to do with myself sometimes.  I am head over heals for this little boy.  When Smith comes home from school all he wants to do is crawl all over him and give Smith his binki the whole time.  IT is great.  I really hope Bear understands and appreciates his older brother.  I am so grateful for Smith and the joy he brings to our home.   I was listening to Dr.Laura while folding Laundry (when I have big piles to do I usually do self help youtube clips from trusty psychologists...probably a crazy person thing, but hey, it is interesting and makes the time go fast)  and she talks about how you and your spouse are the center and everything revolves around  your relationship in life.  You have to make it work or everything is off balance.  I liked that perspective, I need to be more commited to making my Bryce happy because he makes me happy everyday.  He still amazes me and makes my heart go pitter patter. 
Thank you for loving life Emily.
It is rare.
And special.
Thank you for being a commited wife and mother.
It is rare.
And special.
Thank you for your zest with what seems to be "hard" situations and making them funny or a learning experience.
It is rare.
And special.
I need to send you some new pictures of me and the fam and the new place.  YOu would love it.  I hope you have a beautiful day.  Muuuaahhh!
Beth Taylor

whip it, whip it good

she walked around for 10 minutes whipping her head from side to side 
so her pony tails would hit her in the face.
laughing the entire time.
she thought it was hilarious.
it really REALLY was.
 oh how i love my carefree max. 
{pippy long stocking with blonde hair. that's what these pictures make me think.}

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

i'll probably just do it all over again tonight.

i stayed up until 1am watching downton abbey for the first time last night. 
who knew a pbs show would EVER keep me up that late. 
let the games begin:)
chase was up at 1:30am.
and brennan came in at 6am.
i need a nap.
but i'll probably just do it all over again tonight.
at 5pm yesterday i was sitting in the sunlight of the big room watching my kids play.
max and brennan were on the stairs with their "guys," 
and chase was patting his hands up and down on the entry step.
he was showing off his new trick to sean.
standing up.
and then all of a sudden he lifted his left leg up onto the single step 
and crawled right up onto the entry pad.
and then he crawled up three more stairs to be with his brother and sister.
sean and i cheered in excitement for him,
and then exasperated "ohhhhhhhhh!!!!" {hands on our foreheads}.
baby gate time.
i pulled out his little walker from the basement while sean dusted off the baby gate, 
and then chase pushed it around like a little old man the rest of the night.
i took about a million pictures and 5 videos of it all.
he was so proud.
cute. cute. cute.
who does he think he is growing up so fast!?
i'm so excited for him and his new adventures.
send reinforcements! 
trouble is now around every corner AND climbing the stairs.
max got into the strawberries while we were putting up the baby gate.
one bite out of each.
can't figure out where she would have learned something like that.


starting a nudist colony over here.
watch yourselves.
she'll get you next!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

letters to Beth {3 recipes & chase stands}

dear miss beth,
i just made a new dessert last night. it's called better than sex chex. i think that's a little far, BUT it surely takes you to your sugar edge and pushes you right off. anywho, here is the recipe if you should ever feel so inclined. sean AND linsey both said the whipping cream was a no, but i said it was a yes, yes, yes! but like i said, better than sex is a bit of a stretch. decide for yourself. if nothing else, it's a catchy name, that's for sure.

better than sex chex

8c chocolate chex cereal {i couldn't find the chocolate at harmon's, so i just bought the regular}
3/4c packed brown sugar
6 tbls butter
3 tbls corn syrup
1/4 tsp baking soda {i forgot this part, have to remember next time}
1c Reese's mini's
1c mini marshmallows
1/2c caramel bites
1tbls heavy cream, use the rest of the carton to make the whipping cream parfait if you please
1/2c milk chocolate baking chips
1/2c white chocolate baking chips
1tsp coarse sea salt

1. measure cereal--set aside. wax paper on cookie sheet.
2. microwave brown sugar, butter, and corn syrup 1-2 minutes, STIR IN BAKING SODA until dissolved {this is the part i forgot--don't forget!}. pour this mix over cereal, stirring until evenly coated. microwave on high for 3 minutes, stirring between each minute. spread out on cookie sheet--cool for 10 minutes and break into bite sized pieces.
3. make sure candy is cool to touch--sprinkle pb cups and marshmallows evenly over the top.
4. microwave caramel bites and heavy cream uncovered 1 minute--use spoon to drizzle over the top of the cereal/pb mini's/marshmallow all laid out. melt milk chocolate in 20 second intervals and drizzle over the top, then melt the white chocolate in 20 second intervals and drizzle over the top.
5. quickly sprinkle the sea salt over the chocolate while it is still wet.
6. refrigerate until set and break apart.
**dessert option--create parfaits with heavy whipping cream between cereal pieces.***
my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE new find of the food week was this chicken below. better than fried chicken. that is its name. apparently last week was the week of "better than's." i found both of these recipes on pinterest. i am finally starting to see why people like it so much. so i was sitting in the sun in the big room last wednesday afternoon, and it was 5:45pm. i had chicken drumsticks in the fridge, and i wanted to make them. so i downloaded that pinterest app for the first time that everyone is always talking about, and i went to the food section. right there in the first 20 seconds i found this little lovely. it was for wings, but i knew it would work for any chicken. it doesn't discriminate. so i threw the chicken in the olive oil and spices in less than 10 minutes and BAM! i cooked some sides while it baked away in my oven. dinner was ready from start to finish in 45 minutes. it was an instant fan favorite of all gibson's. i'm making it again this week when my dad comes for a ski trip. i can't wait. there was a dipping sauce you were supposed to serve with it, but i have never bought goat cheese in my entire life and thus did not have any in my fridge. i will include it for you if goat cheese is your fancy, but just know it's good without it too. it's crunchy, it's got a little kick, and the skin is everything you've ever dreamed a chicken could do for you. make it immediately.

better than fried chicken

1pkg drumsticks or whatever chicken you fancy
{1/2 spices & oil measurements below if you're doing wings}
4tbls olive oil
4tsp brown sugar
2tsp onion powder
2tsp garlic powder
1tsp chili powder
1tsp paprika
1tsp salt
1tsp pepper
1/3c roasted red pepper, chopped
2 ounces goat cheese
2tbls sour cream
1/4tsp salt

1. preheat oven to 425*. line baking sheet with foil.
2. in large bowl, combine chicken {make sure it's dry & leave skin on},
olive oil, brown sugar, onion powder, garlic powder, chili powder, paprika, salt, and pepper.
3. place chicken onto prepared baking sheet. bake for 25-30 minutes, using metal tongs to turn at halftime.
4. to make the dipping sauce, combine the roasted red pepper, goat cheese, sour cream, and salt in the bowl of a food processor until emulsified.
and last, but very not least, was lunch today.
max wanted eggs as usual.
brennan wanted grilled cheese, and then said he wanted eggs with it please.
he normally despises eggs.
so i jumped on his egg order faster than chase crawls across a room, 
and made us all egg salad sandwhiches like grilled cheese.
it was toasty and warm, cheesy and salty, 
but without the bite of a toaster.
i guess you could say it was
"better than a toaster egg salad sandwich"
if we're going to be sticking with the "better than" trend.
glory be.
these have been my food finds this week.
oh, and chase learned to pull himself up to standing over the weekend.
he's done it once before in his crib, but it was just once when he was really mad,
and then he hasn't done it again.
well now it's his new trick, 
and he has been pulling himself up onto everything all morning.
stairs are next.
he's getting so big:)
and my milk has almost completely dried up as of this weekend.
the right side has closed up shop entirely.
but it was never really in business from the beginning.
i want to cry and shout for joy all at the same time.
i didn't think it was going to dry up so fast.
how is it possible that chase is almost one?

love to you and yours,

"i keep you safe"

 "you need me? i keep you safe!"
-max 3yrs old
 come on monday,
give us your best shot;)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

"all you need is love" and a job.

after he painted his belly button...
"is it going to be there forever?"
then he tried to paint his tongue...
"is it in my mouth? is it on my tongue?"
"don't paint your tongue."
valentine's day.
they were already in underwear.
it was extra convenient.
so i pulled out the REAL paint for the very first time, 
and taped down paper grocery sacks to our kitchen table.
extra on max's side b/c her body art kept self-paining the sides.
i taped down the paint plate.
this was smartest moment of my entire life.
b/c max tried to pick it up halfway through and she couldn't.
i was beaming with preventative pride.
most of the colors were all mixed together by the second set of hearts.
everything pretty much merged together into one color of pink.
brennan got red paint in his hair.
which was great b/c out of all of the paints, the red was the only one that wasn't washable.
but like i said,
they were only in their underwear so it worked out great.
i'm guessing the red in his hair will be there until we shave his head this summer.
only 3 people have noticed so far.
they lasted for 10 hearts all together.
over half an hour.
i was shocked.
by the 10th heart,
their bodies were the main canvasses, 
and brennan dropped one of his hearts face down on the carpet. 
so we washed everyone down at the kitchen sink,
threw our paint brushes in cups,
and got dressed for the zoo.
40* and sunny is basically summer.
we barely needed our coats.
we came home with sunburned faces, minus brennan with his olive skin.
and were completely exhausted.
at 6:15pm sean and i finally looked at each other and decided maybe we should make something for dinner,
it being valentine's day and all.
so i threw some bow tie pasta in boiling water, 
cooked a pan of meatballs, 
and put it all in a homemade alfredo sauce.
with red drinks and strawberries on the side,
just so we had something fancy for the festivities of the lover's day it was.
we were all asleep before 10.
and when i said my prayers that night i thanked god for all of the love he has brought into my life.
and in the most cliche of ways i whispered to sean that all you need is love:)
"john lennon, smart man."
and sean said, "does that mean i can quit my job?"
and i said "no." 
b/c even john lennon needed a job.