"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, July 6, 2013

biker brigade

neighborhood biker brigade=a bunch of boys on their bikes.
this is what summer's all about.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


1st pumpkin is growing!
overachiever pumpkin plant.
can you see it?!
can't wait for them to fill my back fence and pick them for our porch.
oh happy day:)

DIY=Do It Yourself & Brennan rides a 2-wheel bike

yes, i'm seriously THAT dense.
and i seriously don't think about things like that until a long time after everyone else has.
it's embarrassing sometimes,
but mostly just funny when everything starts clicking and it all comes together for me.
{i am not responsible for grammatical or punctuation errors 
while texting and sitting on a couch. or anywhere else for that matter.}
good grief.
my brain and i.
we have a funny funny life up inside of my head.
in other news...
brennan learned to ride a 2-wheel bike.
it's big business around these parts.
{not notorious b-i-g and p-diddy though, just B-I-G as in big. the word.}
{in case your brain is as funny as mine.}
he is so proud of himself.
i love to sit and watch him ride back and forth between the fence and the fire hydrant.
he seems so much more grown up now.

Monday, July 1, 2013

it must be july

{a load of cousins in the pool. the temp spiked. we all flocked.}
'cause it's monday 
and 105 degrees outside.
i don't want to be anywhere else but that pool right there for the rest of the week.
even chase is trained to only walk in the shade.
i always forget to bring his shoes.
i'm not as skinny as this picture makes me look. 
in my brain i am:) 
and that's the beauty of my 30 and 1/2 year old state.
but i sure do like to stare at it b/c there's nothing like a good bathing suit picture 
of yourself to turn a girl into a vain woman for at least few minutes.
{take a picture of yourself from up high. it will do you justice every time.}
the varicose veins on the backs of my legs are scaring the small children and teenagers.
the heat is just not conducive to them.
the veins.
not the children and teenagers.
my cousins may never have babies. 
it's bad. REAL{ly} bad.
it's just too hot to wear anything else.
just say no to heat over 100 degrees.
or anything over 87. 
this is why i could never live in arizona.
that and the scorpions.
except when the sun goes down.
and it's 100 degrees and dark.
then 100 is ok.
not just ok.
which is why my kids haven't been to bed before 10pm in over a week.
b/c at 8pm the day finally gets going.
it must be july:)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

jump, jump, jump

my mom and i taught sean how to double dutch swing the ropes in the big room this afternoon.
i tried three times to get into the jump of it.
i blame the ropes.
too short for my grown womanly height of 5'5".
then we taught brennan how to jump the big single rope.
this is why everyone should have a room in their house without any furniture in the middle of it.
economical AND kid friendly.
max didn't want to jump.
it was funny.
do kids still do this?
jump the double dutch rope?
i couldn't remember any of the songs we used to sing.
i just remember tying two jump ropes together to make them longer 
so that the swoops of rope would soar high over our heads, 
timing the double swings just right to get in without stopping the ropes from going round and round,
having two people go in at once,
and that recces never seemed long enough for everyone to go as many times as they wanted.

brennan TOM CRUISE gibson

risky business.
tom cruise ain't got nothin' on this kid.