"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, May 13, 2011

for the bugs

 marigold buying.
for the bugs.
leroy at home depot told me to get some.
i love their big yellow puffs.
i wish i could remember what he actually said about marigolds and bugs.
all i can remember is that i am supposed to buy them.
and plant them.
to help with the bugs.
maybe they grow teeth and eat the bugs.
or maybe the bugs die from eating the marigolds?
or maybe the bugs don't like how the marigolds smell.
i have never been a good listener.
i know they wouldn't like how i smelled after i spent a day planting veggies in the hot sun.
let me tell you,
and had to take a shower.
the night showers have begun.
sunscreen and sweat all day.
shower and wet hair at night.
i never knew i could love summer so much.
 green beans,
tiny sweet tomatoes,
red bell peppers,
and sunflowers
are all growing in my dirt.
cucumbers and pumpkins tomorrow.
the packet made them sound more complicated.
something about a 12" tall hill,
by 2 feet wide.
 i love to watch them grow.
the garden too;) 
and last, but very NOT least,
the entire
a very happy birthday:)
love you dad!!!

spreading out the dirt.

 never have i ever loved him SO much:)
and the dirt between my toes.
sweet man of mine!
spreading out that dirt with my feet and the smell of it in my nose.
 we are rotatilled and in the ground.
my little babies taking root outside in the dirt!
they are greener today.
how sweet it is.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


would ya look at what that naughty little slip n slide did to our yard!!!
lesson learned.
do not let kids use slip n slide for 6 hours straight.
use for less time.
or rotate.
like a rotisserie chicken.
but all over the yard.
not just on a spoke in a circular motion.
i think i just got hungry.
i hope the grass comes back to life??
3rd summer of trying to master the otter pop.
good grief.
just push it up from the bottom child!
 things are looking hopeful.
now onto getting him to stop saying naughty words...
although he thinks it's funny to say them.
which is kind of funny to me.
you get where this is going.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

downward dog

 last night sean told brennan to do "downward dog."
and he did it.
what the?!
no idea where he learned it.
my guess is disney channel?
or maybe it was just a lucky guess.
we laughed really hard.
then he continued to show us more of his moves.
 that kid is hilarious.
 after a week in our swimsuits we are back in our winter coats.
going to the park in the rain.
we all came home with wet bums.
and NOT b/c we peed our pants;)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

i am a mother.

when i was pregnant with brennan i learned a valuable lesson from a book i was reading.
when someone asks me, "what do you do?"
i don't say,
"oh, i'm just a mom."
i say.
I am a mother.
with a big proud smile.
as if i'm the CEO of a fortune 500 company.
there is no just about it.
except for the part where i JUST don't get paid;)
i am the luckiest person alive.
because every morning i do what my heart wants to do.
there is nothing more fulfilling.
whatever your work is,
i hope it is what your heart wants to do.
it is the greatest gift a soul can receive.
so is being a mom.
to me.
i am a MOTHER:)
the boys made steak and shrimp.
with fancy drinks.
and special cups.
we are all tired now.
i think sean fell asleep with his clothes on after he put brennan to bed.
bless him.
to my mom, sandie, and val.
grandma joy, grandma max, grandma macomb, & grandma casper.