"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

peed on

dear scout master,

tonight was not one of those nostalgic nights of motherhood. the pork loin refused to eat his dinner. instead, he put his rice, peas, and chicken (that monica lovingly made for us, thank you monica!) into the different sections of his high chair tray. then it was the flying fork. the flying spoon. the flying food. accompanied by that new shrieking sound he's been doing. you know the one? the high pitched one, followed by the yell? that one. off to the bath it was. as i'm drying him off and lotion-ing his chunky little body i thought about how he had only peed once on our bed. i was so glad that had only happened that one time, months ago. the pork loin scrambled off to the other side of the bed, with a big smile on his face. i tried to coax him back by offering him his toothbrush. then a look of comfort and joy came over his face. my eyes widened. i looked over the blankets with sheer terror, only to find a huge pile of pee nicely puddling between his legs. thankfully not poop, as i've already dealt with that on the treadmill this week. all i could say was "oh no brennan, no!" he started to cry. i felt badly. dang i was regretting not putting that diaper on before the lotion. especially since i had already done the last load of laundry for our vacation travels.

i miss you. dinner was lonely tonight. i put on some music, but your chair was still empty. your side of the bed is cold, which actually feels good on my toes, but never feels as safe. i wish you were here to watch dog the bounty hunter with me tonight. to laugh at the pork loin peeing massive amounts on MY side of the bed. to ask me to cuddle, only to be refused b/c it's too hot and i feel blah. to help me google how to get pee out of a mattress that had no mattress pad on it to soak some of the pee up in. oh how i wish i had bought that mattress pad last time i was at bed, bath, and beyond. so i put the little man to bed. he gave me a big smile and then farted. a LOUD one. then he laughed. it was funny.

i'm off to figure out how to clean the mattress. bro. ruff said the bishopric night at camp went well and that you're doing great. it made me miss you more. i'll bet the boys are learning so much and having a blast with you.

i shaved my legs and painted my toes today. you know how dr. N is about toe nail polish. i can't wait to hear our little baby's heart beating tomorrow, but i am sad you won't be there to indulge in it with me. alas, you make me so proud, and i'm glad you are working so hard this week for the scouts. did it rain at camp today? the clouds came in and i wondered if it was raining on your tent. i'm off to scrub the pee out of the mattress.
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

the parking rocks

i may hate the summer heat in utah,
but the parking rocks.

Monday, August 3, 2009

to the scout master, who is scout mastering

dear scout master,
i hope you are all safe and sound, and doing whatever scout masters do. it is still BLAZING hot here so we are going to deposit some checks at the bank, enjoying the AC in the jeep, and then come back to fill the baby pool for me to soak my feet in. do you remember that thing that happened earlier this week when you had to scrub the carpets and hose off the pork loin? well, it happened again after his afternoon nap. except it was on the treadmill. right in the middle of my call to christi reading to see how she and her new baby were doing. they are doing well, in case you are wondering. all i wanted to do was rush over there and hold her little baby, looking at her little wrinkly gushy newborn face, but instead i abruptly ended my call, promising to call back. i was wondering if you were aware of how many grooves and niches were on our treadmill? LOTS i tell you, LOTS. everything is Clorox-ed and smelling fresh now, but who knows if the tread will ever really be the same again. AND REALLY, how can you be sure it's REALLY clean? i just have to trust that the scrub scrub scrubbing was enough. you would have loved seeing me putting the elbow grease into the job. after the pork loin was washed and scrubbed from head to toe (b/c literally, he was covered from HEAD to TOE), i pulled out the movie pillow and let him have his choice of movies (so i could clean myself off.) he picked beauty and the beast. i still know the words to the songs. brennan was impressed. we had ritz crackers topped with your favorite cheese and pepperoni slices for a snack. i'm putting the pork loin on SMOOTHIE RESTRICTION from this point forward. the smoothies must be the culprit behind these "incidents." i hope your cot is comfy and that the boys are getting lots of merit badges and things of such sort achieved. please don't lose any scouts.

love to you and your scouts,

Sunday, August 2, 2009

2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2

this is the part where our blog address no longer makes sense;-)
expected valentine's day 2010