"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, July 13, 2012

dreaming {biting t-rex}

{my mom came home from Kauai this morning with REAL Hawaiian slippers for me.}
thanks mom!
last night i had a bad dream.
so did brennan.
he didn't want to talk about it,
but just said he didn't ever want to dream again.
so this morning after i nursed chase, 
brennan came in rubbing his eyes.
and i told him about how in my bad dream an airplane crashed on the mountain,
and it was really sad.
{what i didn't tell him was that i ran over to the crash, 
but i wasn't really running, 
it was more like gliding, 
right over a huge valley, 
you know how dreams are,
and i saw the plane completely charred from the plane being on fire,
even a baby seat.
no bodies.
just empty burned seats.
i woke up feeling sick.
and scared that my mom's plane from Hawaii had crashed over night.
i'm paranoid like that.
but it didn't.
she is fine.
it was just a dream.}
so i told him that a plane crashed into a mountain,
and that it was scary.
and then he decided to tell me about his dream.
and he was excited about it in his voice.
very energetic like he says,
"there was a T-REX in my room
and it bit my hand,
and my penis,
and my OTHER hand!
and i never want to dream ever again."
and i couldn't help but laugh
b/c t-rex's and t-rex's biting you in important places 
are obviously his biggest fears at the age of 4.
poor little guy.
he also told me he never wants it to be a dark day again.
just sunny days,
so we can keep our eyes open all sunny days,
no dark days,
so we don't have to dream anymore.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

hot hot hot {sunscreen tattoo}

the hot hot days 
{103* this week kept me inside after 10am}
make the nights feel like heaven on earth.
i wish we could have sunscreen tattooed on our skin permanently.
no need to reapply or shower it off that way.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

it rained again {free water for my grass}

when it rained this morning,
i opened our front door,
and they took off running.
{i wish i would have run with them. duh!}
{this one next is my favorite}

MARRY jane {spiderman love}

yesterday brennan and i sat on the couch eating peaches.
watching 101 dalmations.
the babies were napping.
he told me he was spiderman brennan 
{we may have to actually change his name to that on his birth certificate}
and then he asked me who i was.
i told him mary jane.
{isn't that her name in the one that came out ten years ago?}
he dropped the mary part, and just called me jane.
then he asked me "what do you do jane?"
i told him i help spiderman fight bad guys.
and i love spiderman.
and he said i wasn't allowed to love him b/c he didn't want to marry me.
and i said, "but i'm your mom!"
and he said,
"no, you're jane, and i don't want to marry you. 
just help me fight bad guys. that's what you do."
and i said,
but i love you.
and he said, 
"ok ok ok, you can be my mom again and love me.
just don't be jane and love me b/c i don't want to MARRY jane."
i love watching him be a little boy.
the happiest little multi-super hero there ever was.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

baby doll chase

{chase is their baby doll. such a champ.}
i put brennan in a neighborhood summer camp for 2 hours a day every day this week.
i'm all of sudden feeling much more well rested.
who knew?!
it always feels so good to miss them when they're gone:)

Monday, July 9, 2012

thumbs down

i had mono in college.
and after having it in college i'm pretty sure i had it my senior year of high school too.
it's a virus that is either dormant or active.
this is what the instacare doc told me in rexburg after he swabbed my cheek and confirmed it.
so you can get it more than once.
and folks,
i think it's back again.
it's more than taking care of three kids tired.
it's more than nursing baby chase once in the night tired.
it's sleep 8 hours with a half an hour intermission,
nap in the afternoon,
and STILL feel like i haven't slept in a year,
tired down in the depths of my bones,
mono tired.
and it all starts with a sore throat.
which i had for a good 2 weeks last month.
right when the deep tired began.
so maybe it isn't mono,
b/c anything self diagnosed just feels NOT credible,
but man,
it sure feels like it.
i cut my thumb putting the milk away this morning.
monday indeed.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

stacked summer

my mother in law served us "stackers" a few weeks ago.
her favorite summer meal.
one that she has always made for her family.
well in nine years of knowing her i couldn't believe i had never been introduced!
bless her for this lovely:)
it is now my favorite go to meal.
think taco salad, minus the meat.
i give you...

cook a pot of rice. {1-2 cups rice with 1-2 cups water}
cook package of spaghetti sauce
{i just bought it at the store--add water and tomato sauce},
but any bottled spaghetti sauce would work as well.
chop up lettuce, green onions, tomatoes, and any other veggies you like.
crush a can of olives with your fingers.
shred cheese.

lay out the lettuce.
next the rice.

top with cheese {gets all melty on the hot rice, YUM}.

top with veggies.

top with spaghetti sauce.
{i know it sounds weird, but it's so good and light}

garnish with sour cream and fritos.
reasons why i love this meal:
1. i prepared it in UNDER 30 minutes, and if you don't count the rice cooking then it was only 15 min.
2. cleaned it up in 10 minutes {cutting board, knife, pot, plates, silverware--awesome}
3. meatless {i love meat, but i love a good meatless night once a week}
4. sour cream and fritos--YUM
5. shredded cheese--YUM
6. light and easy=perfect for summer
7. my kids love it AND they can stack it themselves {mucho FUN-O}

the sunset made our street glow pink the other night.
right after it had rained all day.
i stood outside on the humid summer night.
no cars driving around.
just quiet.
with birds chirping in the trees.
pinks, yellows, purples, blues, and oranges in the sky.
there was beauty all around.

double 6!

66 never looked so good:)