"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, March 28, 2009

it would melt you!!!

he's my scout master,
you can't have him.
notes on this post:
i spent the entire day trying to send this image from my phone to my yahoo account.
3 frustrated facebook "what's on my mind" comments later,
hacking into s.d.gib's email,
some shopping & dinner,
and a partridge and a pear tree later i remembered seeing a usb cord for my phone in the box.
thank you palm phone.
i love you.
you and your usb cord.
the scout master in our ward is so H-O-T.
like i said, he's mine.
you can't have him.
you should see him with his backpack on.
too hot for a blog post.
it would melt you.
it's THAT hot.
those boots have camo on them too.
i know, H-O-T.

Friday, March 27, 2009

SMG: "show my game"

my blog is under construction. please love us while we are being made over;-)
i'm getting back to the basics.
like playing basketball.
it sounds basic.
not so basic.
i had fun running up and down the court.
i'm a runner, remember?
click here.

so basketball.

i don't play, but i tried to last night.

it was fun...until we started the actually "playing part."

see, when you don't catch the ball someone passes to you (4 times in a row) they're going to stop passing to you;-)

and if no one passes you the ball, you don't ever get to shoot.

wait, no no, that's a lie.

not the part about "if no passes the ball you don't get to shoot."

the part where no one was passing to me.

i confess, they passed to me.

and i do remember getting it a few times.

i would just panic and pass it to someone else immediately!

this is why i like running.

i'm on my own.

no one is jabbing me, no one is blocking me.

did i mention i elbowed susan in the eye?

woops, sorry susan:-(

sean said he was proud of me.

so excited his wife was playing basketball.

i believe he said "a dream come true."

well, we'll see.

i don't like doing things i'm not good at.

do you?

does anyone?

i know, i know, "practice makes perfect!"

yeah, yeah, yeah,

can't i just practice swimming some more?

i really like swimming.

and running.

notice my SMG shirt?

i won it (do you click on my links? i hope so) on snarky's blog.

i was trying to show my game...

just not sure if my game is basketball?

i'm willing to give it another shot.

tune in next week to see if susan got a black eye.

as for my morning?

i've spent it at the mechanic.

fixing the jeep.

apparently you're not supposed to have your driver's license in a different state than your license plates. that's what they tell me.

so i guess i'm finally not a california resident anymore. sob!

oh CA, you'll always be in me;-) and on my flip floppin' feet!

in utah you have to pass the emission's test before you can register your car. similar to the smog check in CA.

well, wouldn't you know, our back tail light has issues.

wiring issues.

i took it to a great place down the street. they even gave me a ride home. such gentlemen!

they told me i needed new shocks, but that if i was going to sell the car soon i should skip the shocks b/c they are a "lifetime thing."

they had me at hello!

or at "don't get the shocks."


so i trust them now. like a puppy dog.

$262.26 (funny total don't you think? 2's and 6's only please! all other numbers? it's friday, so take the day off! haha)

only problem?

now i have to go to the dmv.

is there anyone that doesn't get a scrunch on their face at those three letters in that order?

d-m-v, shudder.

ohhhh Friday, i think i'll enjoy you instead.

let's leave the registration to monday;-)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

the scout master and his patches

s.d.gib is the scout master.
our motto: "all scout master's go to heaven,"
my motto: "and mom's that have babies over 9lbs."
pretty much, we're safe sailing here;-)
so we went to the scout store to update his scouting shirt.
he's been the scout master for almost a year and a half,
and he informed me yesterday that it's time he update his shirt.
very formally he states,
"there are shoulder straps a scout master needs, knots, and patches."
we go to the store, buy the patches, and the following conversation occurs:
i say,
"ooooo, which ones are the knots?!"
he says,
"you know what knots are."
i hold up some compass looking patch.
he laughs,
"hun, are you joking? oh, you're joking, that's cute."
not joking, thinking,
"par, par, bogie, bogie, par, par" (remember? click here)
i hold up some other patch, compass looking, but a different color.
he says,
"hun, really, you know what a knot is."
i say,
"is this not it?"
he smiles.
i think,
"par, par, bogie, bogie, par, par" (what am i talking about??? click here folks)
i take out some numbers.
i KNOW they are not it, but now i've brought myself to sorting.
i must find the knot at this point.
i'm down to 2 patches, i think,
"this must be it."
i hold them up.
he says,
"there you go."
i think, those don't look like knots.
but whatever.
he explains what the knots stand for.
i think,
"am i going to have to sew these on?"
he says,
"and you get to sew them on!"
i think,
"par, par, bogie, bogie, par, par"
he says,
"you know how to sew!"
i say,
"yeah, like the aprons that are sitting un-sewn in the front closet?"
(someone please help! mom? bree? leah? for the love!)
i say,
"can't i just iron them?"
he says,
"yes, but i want them sewn on"
i'm thinking,
"okay, i can do this. i want to learn to do this, but i don't know how. i didn't know how to make bread, but i learned! i can do this."
he says,
"you can do this!"
i think,
"i'll have mom do this!"
he says,
"you're going to have to do it for brennan anyway when he's in scouts"
i think,
"he's right and i really do want to learn to sew."
do they have sewing classes still?
i say,
"okay, i'll try, how does having them done by next year sound?"
this is what happens when i don't know how to do something.
i get scared.
i joke about it.
i talk it up.
i talk my ability down.
then i talk myself into doing it.
then i talk myself up.
confidence is key!
then i am so glad i did it.
b/c usually it's a whole lot easier than i have made it out to be in my mind.
anyone with me on this????
stayed tuned for the continuing sewing saga of the scout master and his learning to sew wife...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

drowned camera, we mourn you.

dear camera,
you were our first camera. we bought you at the forums at Caesar's palace on our secret trip to vegas, the first summer we were married. i loved your red color. you take such beautiful pictures. i'm grieving for you this morning. grieving because i put you in my handy dandy red patterned purse yesterday, along with brennan bottle of water. you knew that brennan's bottle was not tightly screwed, but you said nothing. you must have been shouting, "i'm drowning!!!" but we did not hear you. we were car dancing to "womanizer" while your lens was being flooded with water. i thought if you dried out things would be okay, but this morning you are still broken. you've been all over the country, the Hawaiian islands, weddings, the pork loin's birth...we will miss you sony cyber shot. you and your 7.2 mega pixels.
e, s.d.gib, & the pork loin

p.s. there's soap in my hair and i'm not going to wash it out. how did i get there? the pork loin has to grab at "protruding parts" while getting "changed," thus we are constantly washing with the Cetaphil. did i mention the pork loin is obsessed with grabbing my hair lately? these two activities don't go together. well, they do to the pork loin. are you pickin' up what i'm puttin' down?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

no apologies, just messes.

oh, and dad,
i said "yogurt" this morning at breakfast.
i pointed to it too.
mom screamed and jumped up and down.
i guess it was more of a squeal than a scream.
she looked so silly.
geese, i love that lady.
can you tickle me when you get home?
the pork loin

Monday, March 23, 2009

playing at my feet.

normally i try to take things off of my key chain.
in high school i had a ridiculously full key chain.
it weighed more than my backpack.
for some reason i saw it as "the bigger, the better."
a colage of my identity.
now i want my car key, my house key, my mom's house key, and that's it.
instead of taking something off today, i put something on.
it is a glorious invention.
i didn't spend one useless minute searching for my keys in the depths of my bag.
there they were, hooked to the outside!
they unhook and hook quite easily.
i am a happy woman.
i have about thirty pages left in
"the secret life of bees"
one week goddesses, so get crack-a-lackin!
that means you bree;-)
pork loin roast was on sale today.
i bought some.
brennan pointed to it. (pictures to come)
i made the stuffed pork chops.
you know, the ones with spinach and feta from last week?
to die for.
have you made them yet?
click here.
have you read nie's post today?
it made me think.
would i be okay if my life changed instantly?
would anyone?
eventually i'd be okay.
is it wrong to let motherhood be such a big part of me?
i've let it in.
and i love it.
every part of it.
even the hard parts.
the yucky parts.
definitely the exhausting parts.
but i just love the way it feels.
to raise someone.
to show them a giraffe for the first time.
to watch them call a giraffe a "dog."
proud moment! lol
i still have other parts of me.
i love my spiritual life.
which was increased by the mothering part of my life.
who am i fooling?
every part of my life was increased by the mothering part of my life.
i mean that in an amazing way.
i've been changed for the better.
now that i have more of a grasp on life as a mother i've been able to incorporate brennan into all of the things i loved before becoming a mother.
brennan eats mint chips when i bake cookies.
he jogs with me.
bless you costco and your $99 jogging stroller.
he listens to music with me.
ella fitzgerald, i think you rock.
britney spears, brennan loves your music.
i read out loud to brennan.
he listens, i think.
he turns the pages too.
it's darling.
i read silently while he plays sometimes too.
not for very long,
maybe 10 minutes, okay, only 5.
but it's a beautiful 5 minutes.
we never make it longer than 5 minutes,
reading in my rocker (do i sound old?)
with brennan at my feet playing.
it's magical.

laundry, cartoons, & steamy quesadillas

laundry, cartoons, books, steamy quesadillas
toys and maybe some hot chocolate
that's what we'll be doing today.
because by july we'll be missing the cold;-)