"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, March 21, 2009

mcsteamy apron

i had the HOTTEST date tonight.
we'll just call him mcsteamy.
he has the same sexy jawline as the actor.
wait, sexier.
sorry dad;-)
it's true though, s.d.gib is H-O-T.
plus, he totally fixed my internet problems this morning.
i have been unable to blog from my computer,
check my email and facebook.
thank goodness for my phone.
is it wrong to admit i enjoyed the short vacation?
okay, i'm sorry, but it's true.
it felt good to get away.
not from you.
just from the computer itself.
so about my hot date...
anthropologie was where we visited while we waited for our number to be called at happy sumo.
grandma C watched the babe for us.
jorjia and jake met us.
i wish i could buy the entire anthropologie store.
the skirt i loved?
$280. boo!
it was yellow, pleated, with blue dots.
but had it been a reasonable price of $20 i would have never found the most beautiful apron my eyes have ever laid upon!
on sale!
oh, how i love a sale.
yes, there it is above.
would you look at it!?
little eyelets, dots, and some bunchy thing in the center that wraps around my waist.
oh dear, and it ties in the back and around the neck.
that's purely what it is.
just like the vegas roll i ate at happy sumo.
have you had it?
i know i spelled it wrong, but i wanted to emphasize the long e.
i taught 2nd and 3rd grade pre-motherhood.
did you know?
so we ate and chatted.
we ate late, like 8 freaking thirty!
that's when the food came.
it tasted intoxicating.
but what wouldn't when it's deep fried?
don't worry, i ordered a rainbow and caterpillar roll too,
to balance out the fried food.
and lots of water with lime.
then it was off to the movies,
where i held mcsteamy's hand (that's my dreamy s.d.gib).
what movie?
absolutely frightful!
does that really happen?
dear, it must...how about having all boys?
oh, but the pink! skirts, dresses, lacey shoes....
so i put my head on his shoulder at the end, thinking of my little babe tucked in his crib fast asleep.
we drove home without really talking.
isn't that great?
talking is great too.
especially dreamy future talk.
i love that kind of talk.
but sometimes it's just nice to sit.
and watch all of the pretty lights.

Friday, March 20, 2009

a.k.a. paco, like taco

oh little pork loin,
lately i've been referring to you as paco (rhymes with taco).
not sure why i think it's so cute, i just love it.
pork loin a.k.a. paco.
we took paco today to become international.
you can read about it here.
on grandma C's blog a.k.a. globe trottin' grandma.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

"this is not good for my bracket"

VCU just lost in a last second shot, by one point. does this mean anything to anyone? s.d.gib says "this is not good for my bracket." bracket? i picked them to win too, but my bracket got completely screwed up when byu lost! dang, i had them going almost to the end. what can i say, i love the cougs!
now for these pork chops.
aren't they pretty?
please go pick some pork chops up from the store on friday, along with spinach, and feta cheese. you will need the following:
1 pkg. of feta cheese crumbled
4 pork chops (double recipe if you need more for your family)
3 cups spinach
1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil
salt, pepper
1 tsp thyme
1 tsp oregano
accent salt
balsamic vinegar (pour over the chops the last 5 min. of baking)
step 1:
put the feta, spinach, and oil in your food processor, pulse/blend until it's chopped up (see pic above)
step 2:
sprinkle accent salt on both sides of all chops
step 3:
cut chops on one side so there's an opening in the middle
step 4:
stuff chops with spinach, feta, and oil mixture
step 5:
put the rest of the spices together in a bowl and rub both sides of chops with it
step 6:
put in baking dish, bake 375* 35-40 min. and WOW.
prepare to be amazed!!!!

here it is folks.

it's creamy, it's juicy, it's stuffed pork chops, and you can make 'em!
i served it with broccoli and sourdough bread.
so pretty.
i loved the green color before i baked it too.
breathtaking, don't you think?!
oh, and yes, that was green oatmeal yesterday.
sooooo cool on st. patrick's day, but NOT so cool the "day after."
i'm almost done with the "secret life of bees"
are you loving it? hating it? not started it yet?
what is she talking about??? click here.
not to fret!
you have over a week to get it read.
if you start friday, i've already done the math.
you will need to read 30 pgs. per day to finish by the 30th, discussion day.
30 pages!
that's it!!!
go ahead, get reading!
really, you should;-)
but you might not finish?
well...if you never start you will not finish,
so go ahead, give it a go,
30 pages!
arreba! (is that how you spell it)

loves to you and yours,

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

green jello, green insides

did you know utah is the jello capitol?
well, it is. my mom has a pin from the Olympics to prove it. it's hanging on her wall. and it's green. quite festive for today, don't you think?

when you can't get green jello fast enough,

what should you do?

lick it up.
it's the fastest way.
really, you should try it....
or not.
good little leprechauns always share with gigi!

"i have this vision mom, of painting leprechauns."

dancing ones, in green tights,
wait, maybe that was my dream?
is your milk green this morning?
ours is.
those sneaky little leprechauns!
don't forget to wear your green,
or the pork loin may pinch you!
it's days like today when you wish your name was patrick.
like my dad.
his name is patrick.
he gets presents today.
sandie lays them all out on the kitchen table for him.
he gets cards from everyone,
in green envelopes, of course.
like a 2nd birthday.
we got little party favors too as kids,
little green necklaces,
note pad paper.
one year we got shamrock confetti.
i took a piece and glued it by my eye.
do you think my insides are green today?
you never know what green food coloring in your milk will do!
happy st. patrick's day,
sending green magic your way,

Monday, March 16, 2009

i married well, i'm just sayin'

did i marry well or what???!!!
he mops, sweeps, vacuums, and changes diapers too!!!!
i know, but he's not for sale.
he's ALL mine;-)

twisted limits

this will be a good distraction for awhile.
until we figure out those limits.
s.d.gib gave me the go ahead to get a new desk.
one that closes my computer tower and printer up in a locked spot.

until then.....
it's spring break!!!!!!!!!
and that means paaaaaar-taaaaaay time!!!!
have you ever vacationed at home?
i'm thinking it's the way to go.
last night we listed out all of the fabulous things we've always wanted to do at home, but have never been home to do them.
among the list:
sushi date
movie date
clean out the pork loin's den
spray for spiders (this is on the top of my list)
car registration (i guess they don't like it when they your driver's license is from a different state than your license plate, who would have known???)
bolt down dvd tower
organize closets
clean out mom's house
carpet stains (remove them that is)
baby proof the stuff that's irritating me (i.e. shredder)
listen to lots of big band music.
especially ella fitzgerald.
oh, and the twisted song. not the one from middle school. i loved that one too. who was the singer?
no, this one is by annie ross and king pleasure.

loves to you,

Sunday, March 15, 2009

limits, i should teach spiders limits

setting limits is going awesome.
can't you tell;-)
can we put the door hook-ie things on yet?
okay, so this is not so bad,
but can we get something to close our computer and printer up inside?

we spent the day at the park with grandma gibson yesterday.
no swings.
no swings?
i kid you not,
no swings,
but they did have these spinning top things that made us really dizzy.

i hate spiders. click here.
i always seem to find the really big ones.
the big, scary ones.
i took that picture of the black widow outside our door in oct.
don't know what i'm talking about?
click on the link up there. really, it's worth it.
it looks fake, i know.
it was not fake.
there's still a black smudge from it on the stucco.
i took it.
then smooshed it.
i took this one too:

then smooshed it.
and flushed it.
i'm scared to use my potty now.
no child should ever watch arachnophobia, the movie.
i'm scarred for life.
so is brennan, but only b/c he doesn't seem to like big slides.
story for another day.

questions from the goddesses

1. Amy


Is Pork Loin starting to talk yet? I mean aside from "duice". Does he speak in his own language? Do you understand it although no one else does?


Hmmm, i wouldn't say he is talking, no. he has a few words: juice/"duice", daddy/"gaggee", mama, hi...and more that i don't understand;-) i am thinking he has more words, but we haven't been able to figure them out yet! i have been teaching him sign language for almost 7 months now, and how many signs does he know? 2, if you include waving hello & goodbye. HA! the other is waving him arms for "all done." he will also just push things away or grunt/yell, but i still count it as knowing a sign;-) so much for that!