"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, February 7, 2009

grouchiness grinch orders whole wheat waffles

i don't do tired well.
when i don't get enough sleep i get extremely irritable.
it's not fun for me, it's not fun for anyone around me.
i've pretty much had this nasty habit for forever.
i would say mom and sean have seen the worst of the evil grouchiness grinch.
sorry guys!
i get this awful feeling in my eyes.
this annoying headache.
this feeling of "give me waffles with ice cream and syrup on top and everything will be OK."
this morning i am tired.
brennan is tired.
sean is tired.
we will need LOTS of waffles with ice cream and syrup this morning.
maybe i'll try whole wheat?
whole wheat waffles:
-courtesy of NieNie-
1 ¾ cup whole wheat
1 tbls baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
¼ cup honey
2 tbls canola oil
2 large eggs
2 cups milk
mix together
top with syrup and ice cream
(peanut butter & jam for extra grouchiness)
i know, you think that last thing is gross, but i just loooove peanut butter and raspberry jam.
plus, it's healthy b/c the waffles are whole wheat ;-)
the whole wheat counteracts anything bad i put on my waffles.
kind of like french fries with a diet coke. wait, those are both bad.
oh well!

Friday, February 6, 2009

da, da, da, da, dA-DAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

here is a hug from the pork loin to you!
(his shirt says, "i'm bringing chubby back")
(click above to see her fancy dancy blog)
for real guys, did you read her comment?
here are some of the highlights:
group date
playin' it cool
roller skating
strobe & black lights
(ya' get where we're takin' this?)
white bra
boyfriend's roommate=informant
"bra shining like a beacon"
yup, i know, lol!
and she put my button up too:-)
want to read the whole story?
want to read more about my awesome friend natalie?
she's guest blogging on light refreshments served today!
(beware, it's 2 tissue post folks)
email me (emilygibson82@yahoo.com) to pick one of the following to be shipped directly to your abode:
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pick a treat, any treat, i'll take requests too!
(and brooke, i'm sending your very late treats from my christmas contest now too, eek!)
things i should be doing right now:
(ooo, ooo, for what!?!)
emptying the dishwasher
getting dressed
making the bed
picking up toys
things i am doing right now:
sitting in my robe & slippers enjoying brennan's nap
drinking a massive bottle of water
i love water. did you know that?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

letter to the goddesses from the pork loin

dear mommy's blogging goddesses,

mommy is in the back so i'm secretly writing to you before she comes back! i wanted to give you lovely ladies a quick shout out before mom takes me to the bath. i'm awfully stinky this morning. every morning i look up and there you are on mommy's black box. so many pretty colors! so many pretty ladies! did mommy ever tell you about the time i turned the computer on and off 3 times while she was trying to type a post? i'm so cute that she didn't really mind. i know this b/c she giggled, picked me up, kissed me, and told me "no brennan" in the cutest of high pitched voices. eeek, she's coming! i heard mommy tell dad this morning that today is the last day to enter her giveaway!!! she said something about leaving a comment on any post with a funny or embarrassing story, just anything to make her laugh out loud (you know, lol), and putting her pretty button up on your page. the bubbles are calling to my squishy little body. did you watch my video yet?

love, the pork loin

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

11 months and nursing

do you remember these lucky jeans i got at nordi's!!??
they were for 2T
so i thought i had plenty of time for him to wear them out. turns out the pork loin fits them now! dang it, i was hoping they'd be baggier around the mid-section, but they are so darn cute it doesn't matter. mark my words, he'll be wearing them every day until they no longer fit, saavy?!
do you remember when he had
well, when i took him into the after hours clinic to make sure everything was okay, the pediatrician on call looked at brennan and i quote,
"did you really get this big on breast milk?"
to which i smiled and replied, "yes ma'am!" i pretty much glowed the rest of the night. i don't know why it made me feel so good that my breast milk is so fattening, but by golly i felt like i had won a million dollars! yes folks, one more month to go. i am so glad i stuck with it. nursing rocks!
any last minute tips on weaning?
11 months
my little pork loin!

you make dad and i so happy to be alive.

love you,
mom & dad
don't forget to enter my giveaway below!

a giveaway, a giveaway!!??

do you know i'm having a giveaway right now?
i am.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

scheduled person

i'm a scheduled person. i enjoy routine.
monday is laundry and costco day.
tuesday is tacos with ann marie.
wednesdays have become play dates with keri & madison.
thursdays are get done errands & take a walk day.
fridays are supposed to be clean my bathroom & vacuum day, but i usually just end up watching grey's from the night before and taking brennan for a walk.
most of the time i love this.
it just feels good.
i like clocks, knowing what time it is.
this could be from a flight attendant mother.
don't mistake my happiness in routine as a lack of luster or spontaneity.
secret: i just need a little shove and i'll surprise your boots off!
i am a leader who likes to follow.
i love to swim, breathe fresh air, giggle with my husband until 1am in bed, and go for frozen yogurt after brennan is in bed.
i love having girlfriends to talk and laugh with.
i'd always rather have people around than be alone. (only child syndrome!)
i will befriend almost anyone to get to known them better.
i think about how different my life will be as we add more "broo" to our "brood."
no announcements, i'm just sayin'.
i'm thankful for this season i'm in, and i'm not talkin' about the weather.
i'm beginning to think i need to live in a hot climate.
i love the time i have to reflect on my life: the joys, excitement, future, worries, fears, anticipations.
that is why i blog.
i'm a scheduled person who likes routine.

Monday, February 2, 2009

slammin' cart return spot

i got this great parking spot today. the next spot over would have been the very front of front rows, but mine was still better. it was second in the row, but right next to the cart return. there's just nothing more that makes my heart happy while grocery shopping, especially at costco. so we picked up mozzarella cheese (shredded), diapers, grapes, soy sauce, and bell peppers.
when we got home brennan did this for the first time:
i was elated!
and so was he, look at that face!
i vow to put more pictures of sean on the blog.
i'm realizing that while i think about him all day while i click, click away, i don't have very many shots on here of him:-(
on wednesday brennan will be 11 months. i can't seem to get enough of this little guy...or big guy, whichever. he has been chatting up a STORM today. all day, singing like a bird. i LOVE it. crawling to me, giving me kisses, hugs, smiles. i can't believe how amazing it feels to watch him learn something new. how is it possible that he is almost 1!?
i'm watching the bachelor right now and almost vomited in my mouth. stephanie's "lights out" answer? really, TMI!

emilesque's confection giveaway!

what does that say?
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ready, set, go!
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ok really,
get my button up and get commenting!!!
love your stinkin' faces:-)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

snow covered beers & two backward semi's

silver fox
pork loin
shawn ray & tenille
(i know tenille is a ray now too, but i have to call him by his full name at all times)
note: tenille, i couldn't have done it without you!!!
emilisq (yours truly)
jorjia & jake (brought the sud-zies)
nick starn
ann marie
root beer you guys, come on!
thanks jorjia and jake for the sud-zies.
(great job on using our natural resources too, lol, that's fresh snow ya'll!)
real beer below
for my texas roadhouse blossom!
not for drinking.
i know you were all VERY worried:-)
see my little rum wieners below!?
they didn't go as planned.
i used some old rum my mom had...
i think it went bad.
can that happen?
"show piece"
as i kept calling it did not put on any kind of a show.
the alcohol did not light on fire as it was supposed to, so i cranked up the heat to boil off the alcohol. no one seemed tipsy...
andrea, did the same thing happen to yours?
the artichoke dip and avocado dip were a hit;-)
second matter of business:
trip to park city to visit the silver fox and his friend larry for dinner.
on the way up we ran into this.
so glad i had my camera.
seriously, is there something wrong with this picture?!
after a LONG day and a LONG night our little man didn't even wake up in the car to crib transfer.
naping stats today:
3 1/2 hour nap after church
glory, glory hallelujah for a much needed nap.
i don't think it gets much cuter than that.