"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, April 10, 2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015

if you don't want to wait in a line at the car wash.

if you go to the car wash on a rainy day there's no lines.
who knew?!
 poor chaser man is still terrified.
tells us all to close our eyes,
and then asks every few seconds if it's over yet.
it's the saddest!
mama max always holds his hand.
i love their little friendship.
also, i love my washed car.
well, the outside.
the inside is a WHOLE other story...

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

somebody get me a DOUGHNUT!!! {i PASSED}

so now this means eric is going to hear it from me on friday 
about how i was right and he was wrong,
and he can finally be satisfied that i just have big babies.
some one get me a doughnut!
and some frozen yogurt!
peanut butter frozen yogurt!
and a reese's egg!
it's time to celebrate! 
and by the way,
can they really not make it taste better???
i have officially tried every last flavor of these fancy little pint sized beverages,
and you know what?
they all suck.
the lemon lime probably tastes the best right out the cages, 
but then it left this biting after burn in the back of my throat that made me feel like i should chase it with a slice of lime in a really bad awful way.
they all just need carbonation.
can we not add carbonation?
the first hour was the worst.
i felt like i was going to barf and pass out all at once.
and apparently i failed the 4th blood draw,
which is rare,
but that's how i roll so it's to be expected.
something about me not peeing enough?
i think that's what megan said when she called this morning.
i'm so happy i could cry!
so goodbye to twister with my body parts.
i literally look like a full on drug user 
with bruises covering my hands and the crease of my left elbow.
black and blue all over.
goodbye to me having to worry about watching sugar and carbs for the next 9 weeks.
and HELLO chocolate peanut butter ice cream:)
and the peeps i've been saving since sunday.
chocolate dipped.
my left arm produced nothing.
go figure.
zip, zilch, nada.
so the 4 blood draws after they tried the left arm that i guaranteed them would produce,
had to come from my hands.
left hand
right hand
left hand
right hand.
at some point in the middle of it all, 
andrea sent me a text saying it sounded like they were playing twister with my appendages,
and why couldn't they at LEAST use different color bandages to make the game fun.
it really cheered me up.
the fabulous phlebotomist cheered me up too. she rotated them for me.
god bless her, she was real kind.
i was glad to spend 3 1/2 hours of my moring with her.
watching parenthood on netflix,
slouched over on a wooden chair and up against a cold painted wall.
no couches.
no padded seats.
just me, lindsay the phleb, and that hard wooden chair.
i mean really, the varicose veins were in bad shape by the end,
but i didn't even care because i was just so happy when that 4th blood draw was over,
and i got to eat that half a peanut butter and honey sandwich i had packed for myself at 7:45am.

good grief,
i'm glad i never have to do that ever again.
now i can go back to complaining about JUST varicose veins:)
the end.

if i could just get them over the heel

if i could JUST get them over the heel without a leg cramp we'd be in business.
i swear to you, watching me get compression tights on and off 
would win me some kind of prize money on america's funniest home videos.
by the time i get them on, my entire body feels like jello, 
and i'm panting like i've just run a 26.2 mile marathon.
even chase comes over to ask me "you ok mom? you ok?"
so every morning just imagine me laying sprawled out on my bed gasping for air after wrestling on my compression tights.
and have a good laugh.
cause that's what i do.