"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, July 27, 2013


while eating a giant snowball of colorful shave ice last night, 
i came to the realization that trying to get a scoop of shave ice 
from my cup to my mouth is like playing jenga.
so the next time you're sitting on the curb next to your favorite shave ice shack,
and you go in for the perfect scoop,
and the top comes tumbling down from the opposite side from which you scooped,
which then falls on your arm,
which then slips down onto your feet,
which then sprays your ankles,
and you try make a human circle with your arms and legs to try to keep it from tumbling on you,
but leaves red streak marks like hawaiian war paint in every which way of its path anyway,
and the remains of a water color mary poppin's washed out portrait on the asphalt all around you,
i promise,
it's way more fun than crying about a little spilled shave ice.
seriously though,
why have i never thought of this before???

COW-A-BUNGA {their pizza is 100-30-17 good}

no sunburns
and only one heat rash.
all in a day's work.

their bodies were all facing the camera.
i'm calling that a win.
i need a bedtime.
or at least my kids do.
i'm all tuckered out.

jack and the giant...

come pick some.
we're bursting over here:)

Friday, July 26, 2013

mr. postman

once you were lost, now you are found.
thanks dad and sandie:)
that green light saver is soooo getting lost again.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

we left the butter out {the 24th of july--frozen coconut limeade recipe}

pioneer day.
it's like the 4th of july,
but not.
we left the butter out in what felt like 106*.
it was probably less than that.
natalie told me it feels hotter in utah than arizona right now.
i threw up in my mouth a little bit at that.
so when you leave the butter out on your patio table for an hour it melts.
into liquid.
and then when you put it into your fridge,
it molds into a perfectly flat rectangle of butter.
in case you were wondering,
that's what happens
when you leave your butter out.
in what feels like 106*
on the 24th of july.
this next part is important.
listening ears on?
are you ready?
i had three helpings.
frozen coconut limeade
5 cups ice
3/4 cup Coco Lopez Cream of Coconut {i bought the Coco Real Simply Squeeze bottle b/c it was cheaper AND it was a squeeze bottle. no brainer.}
6 tbls frozen limeade concentrate
3 tbls water

yep, that's it.
until it's nice and smooth.
we made 3 batches and used up the 
cream of coconut and limeade perfectly.
hands down, the yummiest frozen drink i've ever made.
baby man approved.
it's a good thing winco was out of corn at midnight on tuesday night,
so linsey could drag me to her favorite corn stand 12 hours later on pioneer day.
freshly picked, draper sweet corn.
procrastination at it's finest.
grill it.
mayo slather it.
parmesian and chili powder it.
were just as good the second time around.
i can almost taste the juicy bacon looking at this picture.
have mercy:)
these two characters stood under their respective water hose,
"showered themselves off",
did a shower dance,
and jumped in the air down the slide.
about a million times.
for 6 hours straight.
we all sat in camping chairs with our feet in the baby pools,
frozen coconut limeades in hand,
and watched them.
slathered in sunscreen.
july has wiped me out.
missing in action:
grandma gibson 

Monday, July 22, 2013

when there's no food in your fridge.

when you get home from being gone for a week, 
and there's no food in your fridge,
it's really great to go out to your garden 
and get this to go with the frozen dinner you found buried in the bottom of your freezer.
oh happy day.
things we forgot at the lake house:
1. my car keys
2. Spider-Man shirt
3. Star Wars light saber
4. phone car charger 
5. max's giant coloring book

it was bound to happen. 
Dad--dont worry about the coloring book. 
we will get it in September. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

no luck with the blink {the end}

the kids meet the tube.
grandpa takes us to his special swimming hole.
max, brennan, and i nose dive off of the tube 
on the way back home into the cove. 
going 5 miles an hour.
no wake.
not fast.
max was traumatized.
brennan and i thought it wasn't so bad.
all falling off together.
adam gave his stamp of approval of 
authenticity on my canteen sandwiches.
i felt like i won the olympics.
uncle adam teaches chase how to juggle.
i stayed in my bathing suit for over 12 hours straight.
we put the kids to bed and adam took us out on the lake in the middle of the night in dad's boat.
he told us about the time the boat died 
out by the miami vice house, 
and how he was all alone at 12:30am, 
and had to paddle the boat with an oar, 
sitting on the front of it, 
to the house with the scary guys
that he thought were going to kill him and steal dad's boat, 
but turned out to really be mechanics that fixed the boat.
and made sure the boat made it back to the house at 12:30am.
scoping out the swimming hole.
chase's girlfriend for the week.
gamma sandie.
it was so cute.
compliments of aunt kelsey.
born and bred.
me not him.

playing "hit it" in the cove.
brennan made it up.
he yells "hit it" just like on gampa's boat.
rope pulls tight,
he stands up on his board/ski.
future wake boarder and water skiier right there folks.
gampa was so proud.
in all her glory.
 he kept me up until 1:30am.
totally worth it:)
 we came home and tried to figure out 
how to blink ourselves home 
instead of driving across california, nevada, and utah.
no luck.

when i couldn't starve them out with any longer.
the end.