"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, July 10, 2015

on the good days

on the good days,
dean takes a nap,
and the other three play without fighting.
and by good days,
i mean that all of that jazz i just listed happens for at least 5 minutes at the very same time.
heavenly bliss:)
you wouldn't believe what i can get done in 5 minutes folks.
like a shower.
i'm super great at a 5 minute shower.

other news to report:
chase learned to put on his own pants today, due to the fact that i feed dean all day, and he just wanted pants on for once. so proud:) sorry dad, chase is still peeing off the porch. it just works folks.
max does makeup. on herself. on chase. i also found some on the carpet. that part i liked less, and i'm pretty sure it's only a matter of time before she gets into mine, which i don't wear, so i guess someone should.
brennan will do anything for a pokemon card. ANYTHING.
dean smiles. a lot. also, when he can't poop, he cries, and the vein on his right eyelid bulges.
dean sleeps.
my friends take my children every so often. i ALWAYS pick napping when this happens. like i fall asleep thinking it will be 20 minutes of shut eye and have plans to get up and do laundry and dishes and productive stuff like that, except then i wake up 2 and a half hours later texting my amazing friends sweet nothings for giving me such a gift of 2 and a half hours of uninterrupted sleep during the day!
i cooked last night! it may have been kraft macaroni and cheese, but it DID involve a pot, butter, and milk AND i added frozen peas, so it was nutritious AND delicious, so i'm calling it a break of the 3 and a half week no cooking streak. baby steps. don't want to get ahead of ourselves and set a standard or anything.
we went to the library. i don't want to do THAT again. see, i got a stroller. used. it's fantastic. single stroller. fits the carseat i've had since max, but have never had the matching stroller to. it's a long story. just know, i now have one, and i couldn't be more thrilled. so much so, that i felt the exhilaration to go out and use it. like more than a walk around the block. and so i thought to myself "library!" and then i told myself, "we should avoid story time." and since i was feeling so smart, we went on wednesday to make sure there were no story time stragglers congesting the library. the only problem was we got there just as the monthly presentation of puppet show was commencing. and there were 300 kids at the library. 299 of which were screaming. the libriarian looked at me like "SAVE ME SOMEBODY!!!" when we walked in. i thought about turning around and running out the doors, except i'd already sold the kids on new library books and i knew i was trapped because i can't drag three 30, 40, and 50 some odd pound kids plus a baby stroller and diaper bag out by myself at this point. so i hustled those kids in and out with their 10 books a piece speech as quickly as humanly possible, and now i don't want to leave my house again for another 3 and a half weeks. 299 kids were screaming and crying at the library that day. did i mention that? oh...
i'm better at this:
so we'll just plan on doing more of this.
even if it means chase will dump an entire bag of raisins out on the carpet while i do this.
that face though.
i couldn't even yell.
except i may have threatened to give all of his cars away to the DI goodwill if he didn't help me pick them up.
he didn't take me seriously until i told max to start loading them up.
have you ever tried to pick up raisins from carpet before?
it's super fun.
and your fingers at the end.
it forced me to sushi, a peanut butter cazookie, and a milk and egg run with andrea by the end of it all. there was other stuff that contributed to this necessary getaway.
like max and brennan fighting all day,
max tripping over her own feet abooooouuuuut 50 times,
and chase stomping his feet and yelling at me all day.
alllll day.
god bless the getaway and those who made it possible:)
it reminded me that the world is still turning out there,
despite this amazing newborn stopping time in my life i'm thoroughly basking in right now.
don't let summer and newborn life end.
that's what i keep thinking.
that's what she said:)
i'm so glad TODAY was a good day.
one of the good good days.

{magic hair that looks red in the sun. sometimes. like i said, it's magic.}
{above: "he licks me and pukes a lot on me, but it's ok because i like it." -max}
{above: makeup max and her faithful servant chase ray.}
and then she showed him his sparkle pink lip gloss in the plastic pink mirror, 
and he wiped it off with the back of his hand.