"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, March 19, 2011

tippy toes

saturday is a special day:)
i love this picture.
i came back from putting a load of laundry in the dryer and found him here.
on my emily stool.
on his little tippy toes,
with his fingers in the cookie dough.
this is what it's all about.
the finished product:
sean is taking me out!
and big department of physical therapy school 40th anniversary party!
and the grandparents are coming to babysit.
you KNOW i'll have pictures of this one:)
time to go put my face and fancy shoes on!

Friday, March 18, 2011

it's for me.

and the kids think the tramp is for them.

takes me back to the birchwood hills house in ottumwa and utah summers as a kid.

st pat's.

GiGi made corned beef and cabbage.
this is what she said on the phone.
so we jumped into the car running.
no other way i'd rather spend st. pat's than eating a festive dinner with some of my favorite people.
the spread.
so pretty.
the byu game was on.
march madness kicked off.
sean had no problem watching the game on grandma's tv instead of ours.
much bigger than ours at home. 
go cougs!!!
i picked them to win the whole cha-bang.
but my bracket never does well.
probably bc i pick my teams based off of color and if i like their name or if they have a good record.
funny thing is that sometimes i pick the upset:)
then grandma explained that st. pat's is the leprechan's birthday so we needed to sing him a birthday song,
complete with candles.
brennan came running.
then he ate the frosting off of four different little cupcakes.

the green milk is finally gone.
we used the last of it for some hot chocolate this morning.
i love how summer teases us with spring and then dumps a few inches of snow.
i love it b/c it melts away with more sun that always comes,
and i love how everyone freaks out about the snow that is going to melt before the end of the day.
i love how we can have all 4 seasons of weather in one day in utah.
why is it that i only eat corned beef on st pat's?
it always tastes so good.
i just forget about it i guess.
maybe that's why everyone gets so angry about the snow.
they forget how miserably hot everything gets in july.
that must be it;)
maybe it's just me.
it probably is.
but i don't love how once you've tasted the tease of summer i yearn for more.
i want more!!!
more heat!
more sun!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

pinchers ready.

 happy st. patty's day!!!
i found the lephrechan that changed our milk.
looked a lot like max.
it's funny how it tastes better green.
always has.
always will.
the milk,
not max,
but she's a great snack too.
have your pinchers ready!
brennan keeps telling me he has leprechan milk.
and it's going to turn him green.
it turned the pancakes green.
having a 3yr old might be the funnest thing i've ever done.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

my great idea.

i went to home depot for a strawberry bush.
i remember picking them in elementary school from stacie's yard in the summers.
crouching down and gorging ourselves on them.
there were never as many as i wanted.
whether it was the birds or the fact that stacie had 4 other siblings,
i don't know.
i just remember loving it.
so i decided to be ambitious and throw in some green beans,
sweet baby tomatoes,
and cucumbers.
we'll see how it goes.
i think i'm definitely in over my head.
espeically since i only bought one bag of soil.
which from the picture above, and how LeRoy at home depot told me i needed to space all of the different vegetables apart, is obviously not enough soil.
i'll for sure be needing to go back for some more.
i still have to go back for my tomato cage things and green bean fence.
we just didn't have enough room in the car.
with the stroller.
the ladder we've been saying we were going to buy since oct.
and two kids.
let the gardening games begin!
i have no idea what i'm doing.
this reminds me of crocheting.
and quilting.
have mercy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

i love the imperfections

i stood in my closet today.
left hand/arm full of windex, toilet bowl cleaner, a magic eraser, and a sponge.
i was throwing some shoes in my closet on the way to put away my cleaners.
i really wanted my belt.
i was trying to do the one fell swoop of put away, clean up, and get the belt i'd been trying to put on since i woke up this morning.
it was on my pants from yesterday.
and i wore other old pants downstairs to get my clean jeans i really wanted to wear that were sitting on the dryer.
so i'd already worn the temporary pants downstairs,
so i wouldn't flash my underwear to my neighbors,
changed in my laundry room into the clean jeans i'd wanted this morning,
left the temporary jeans in the laundry room,
cleaned the bathroom in between,
and was on my way upstairs to put everything else away.
pulling my pants up onto my hips for the fiftieth time.
and since i was already in the closet i thought i'd multi-task and grab my belt.
so i stood there trying to take my belt off of yesterday's pants.
but it just kept cinching the pants tighter and tighter as i tried to one-handedly pull the belt out.
shaking the belt, hoping to get the belt to slide out of yesterday's pants.
then some windex sprayed out onto yesterday's pants.
new perfume, yeeeeesssssss!
it made me laugh.
and i thought,
why did i think this was faster?
i could have just gone out of the closet,
put the cleaners away,
and come back into the closet.
but no,
my efficient mind felt like it had to continue holding the cleaners AND take the belt off of the pants at the same time, using only one hand.
i just really wanted that belt now,
and i couldn't wait any longer and risk forgetting about the belt after putting the cleaners away.
i was really wanting that belt on!
yet when i put the cleaners away,
i still had to put the belt down to get them onto the top shelf in the bathroom anyway.
i really don't think i saved myself anytime.
and i really don't think it was any faster.
it was most likely a slower process.
but my mind was stuck in the fact that i was already there,
and i didn't want to come back.
i doubt it was effective multi-tasking.
but still, i was in it already.
and hot dog, i was for sure getting that belt on now!
i love these little parts of my personality that make decisions throughout the day.
i love how after 28 years,
i can finally appreciate the way i do it,
love others for the way they do it,
and love myself,
despite my imperfections.
because of the imperfections.
because they make me who i am.
they make me more dynamic.
and dang it,
they helped me finally get that belt on this morning.