"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, July 23, 2011


stuffed peppers.
with cheese.
and wrapped in prochutto.
the cocktail cruise never felt so good.
we are still recovering.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

when you wish upon a star {fishing}

a dream come true.
for me too:)
when you wish upon a star,
makes no difference who you are.
anything your heart desires,
will come to you.
if your heart is in your dream,
no request is too extreme.
when you wish upon a star,
like dreamers do.
fate is kind.
she brings to those who love.
the sweet fulfillment of
their secret longing.
like a bolt out of the blue,
fate steps in and pulls you through.
when you wish upon a star,
your dreams come true.
when you wish upon a star,
your dreams come true.
they surely do:)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

too much TNT.

brennan's new favorite store at the lake house.
my new favorite hobby.
really, you HAVE to try it.
it's like surfing.
across glass.
or walking on water.
but without the sharks.
and without the bible miracles.
unless you're paddle boarding in the ocean.
then there would be sharks.
and you might be wishing for a bible miracle.
and if we're really getting down and dirty,
there's always the fear of the lochness monster in lakes anyway.
i mean, who REALLY knows what's down in the deep parts.
something could just swim right up and snatch your leg!
you can't see down that deep,
how do you know?!
i know,
i know,
i've watched too much TNT.
and lifetime movies.


(the house on the left is my parent's lake house. for real this time;)
every bribe the entire week revolved around one phrase:
"if you don't_____________,
you can't go on the boat."
it was a true gem.
and worked every time.
my name is emily,
and i bribe my children to get them to do what i want.
most of the time:)
both pairs of my sunglasses broke on the boat.
it was sad.
i am still sad about it.
my favorite memory of our trip just might have been when my dad was teaching brennan how to water ski.
we told him there was only one rule:
hold on like mad,
DON'T LET GO.and the little dude held on like mad.
the entire way.
never let go.
such a champ!
but he did come out crying b/c
"there was too much water in his tummy."
love that kid.

Monday, July 18, 2011

the cocktail cruise {sparkling glass}

the cocktail cruise.
every night after dinner.
with your drink of choice.
although by the last night i was wishing i had brought no drink b/c i spent the entire time giving my drink {red, might i add} to everyone but myself.
strawberry jarritos.
not very relaxing.
but intermitently tasty.
lesson learned:
do not bring personal drink on cocktail cruise in the future.
there will be nothing personal about it.
despite the drink charade,
the cocktail cruise is my most favorite part of the day.
all cozied up in sweatshirts and pajama pants.
admiring the houses and campers around the lake.
with the sun setting.
and the moon starting to shine down.
making the lake glow like sparkling glass.

 and here my friends is my parent's lake house:
 just kidding!!!
this is what is fondly referred to as the
"miami vice"
you can see why.
wish we could have seen it when a party was going on.
i wonder if anyone wears white suits with tourqoise green shirts when they go to a party there.
i definitely would
so hot right now.
and of course,
no boating trip would be complete without a good pee off the back of the boat. 
a DAILY occurance.

and that was just the first day.