"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, December 12, 2008

baby it's cold outside...or inside?

it snowed yesterday in our house.
and it was absolute bliss!
who needs toys when you can have styrofoam peanuts?
i am simply busting with excitement!!!
no, really, i'm so excited i can barely sit my little toosh in this cozy metal chair!
want to know why?
well, you'll have to wait to see until monday;-)
okay, maybe only until sunday...
also, thank you keri reading for hooking me up with the "it's cold outside" song from ELF (and all of the other great tunes). bless your cute self!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

cookie, cookie, cookie starts with "C"

i am not a "cookie" kind of person.
i make cookies,
but i do not eat the finished cookie.
i eat the dough.
however, there is one kind of cookie i have a weakness for.
i was always assured one or two of these types of "weakness cookies" when i was teaching at some holiday or birthday party thing during the school year.
i looked forward to them SO very much.
this morning, i walked into our kitchen after nursing the pork loin and gasped in joy!
there on my very own kitchen counter sat these:
the "weakness cookies" sitting in all their glory!
i have no idea how they got there.
they were not there last night when we went to bed, and sean made no mention of yummy frosting cookies.
he left before i was up this morning, but did give me a sleepy kiss goodbye and surely did not mention them then.
for a brief moment i wondered if they had been purchased for the scouts (sometimes sean will get them treats), but it is thursday.
for another brief moment i considered they were maybe for a holiday party for sean's school.
i paced and paced all through the morning, with the delicious frosting cookies staring at me.
i picked up the plastic box, read the nutrition info (no calories or fat, can you believe it!?), looked at the clock (10:47am), thought about how i was still a little hungry from breakfast (i went swimming late last night and am always super famished even after the best of breakfasts the next morning, thank you nursing)...the sticker on the box was not ripped yet, so for sure they have not been opened...
then, i delicately ripped open the box (very carefully b/c i was just "checking" to see how many there were inside). i started picking at one of the most beautifully looking ones...i figured no one would miss just one little taste of frosting...
but before i knew it,
i had the whole cookie in my hand and completely devoured it!
does anyone know where these cookies came from?
i am so sorry i had to steal one...
well, not entirely sorry;-)


shop 'til you drop...
or until there's no room for the baby to fit in the car.
whichever comes first.
you should have seen the trunk!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

yoda mom: genius, i am

i am a genius.
yes i am.
if you are a mom you are automatically a genius.
you may not feel like a genius, but trust me
you are.
it pretty much comes with the territory.
don't agree?
then you must not have a kid or you must be having a bad day b/c i know you moms out there have all had those blissful moments of
"yay for me, pat on the back!"
my kid just fell asleep on his own, and i taught him.
i just figured out how to keep my kid entertained while i made dinner, listened to my hubby's day of events (btw, this is one of my fav parts of my day), answered my cell phone, set up visit teaching apts., and figured out what everyone is getting for christmas.
do you know that feeling?
it's a great feeling.
then there's the days when...
baby has been crying all day, hubby is late getting home and has to leave early for scouts, you haven't even thought about dinner (remember, hubby is getting home late and leaving early and happens to be starving!), it's the last day of the month and you haven't even thought about visit teaching, you haven't showered today, toys are everywhere, breakfast dishes in the sink.
i remember looking at those really experienced moms (you know, the ones with 3 & 4 kids that always have a smile on their faces?). i'm convinced they are smiling b/c you HAVE to smile and laugh at the chaos or you will go mad.
i have been blissfully happy as a first time mom.
how is that possible?
my life is perfect and i never have any problems.
did i fool you?
no, no, no.
problems every day, but life surely does seem perfect to me.
i think it's all about how you look at it.
i don't mean
"put on a happy face,"
'cause peeps you know i'm not good at that.
i mean, you just dropped a glass container of baby food, the glass shattered everywhere, and green peas are now covering the floor you mopped yesterday and you laugh about it b/c you choose to.
...and then blog about it 'cause it's so much better to relive your super fabulous life by writing about it!
loves to creating your super fabulous happy lives.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

storing gas

remember last week when i organized our
food storage?
well, brennan's food was my victim yesterday. isn't it pretty!?!
on the way home from the grocery store i stopped to get some deliciously smelling gasoline. does anyone else have a smile on their face as they insert their credit card to pay for gas these days? with my 20 cent discount (my grocery store gives gas discounts for the amount of money your spend at checkout, it's awesome), i ended up paying $1.29 per gallon. my total? $22.08. if that's not a christmas present, i don't know what is!!! i can't believe it was taking over $70 to fill my tank just three months ago. i had to save my gas receipt to show sean. it was really exciting news.
also, brennan went to the pediatrician for his 9 month yesterday. the pork loin weighed in at 23 lbs. & 12 ounces and stood 28 1/2 in. tall.
what does this all mean?!
that he can still fit into his infant seat, and that is all that matters;-)

Monday, December 8, 2008

ribbons and wrapping

is this what your living room looks like today?
brennan's latest and greatest trick. i couldn't stop laughing.
17 days until christmas!
(or something like that)
also, the snow is falling, and it is magical.
i must go turn on my christmas lights & get back to my wrapping.
does anyone have the ELF soundtrack CD for me to borrow?
i've really been cravin' the "it's cold outside song" from that movie, & i passed up the chance to buy the movie from costco for $9.99 last week ('cause you know we're in a recession or something, and we're trying to cut back!). please, if you have it, send it my way!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

no church kind of day

this was at about 10:22pm when we were cleaning up after the reception.
do you think he's a bit tired?
let's just say we will not be attending church today...
welcome to chaos, how may i help you?
that is how my brother in law answered the phone yesterday morning around 11am. the bride and groom had left for the temple 10 min. prior, but the rest of the peeps were scurrying around to make it on time by 11:30 sharp.
sorry the pics are from last to first, but i didn't have the patience to get it right. we are REALLY tired. i mean REALLY tired. like not going to church tired. like brennan did even go "ehem" at all yesterday tired. i don't think he's EVER not "ehemed" before all day.
for your viewing pleasure may i present
mr. & mrs. kenneth farnsworth!!!
their bubble send off. we are hoping it was not sac-religious;-) it's not rice right!?
of course we decorated their car!
tin can on the tail for added spice!
(dr. pep of course)
and red lips for all of the wedding night smoochin'
the candy bar at the reception. i was responsible for the m&m vase.
no morning or afternoon nap baby seen below. his eyes were pretty much glazed over like that all day...and night for that matter.

we couldn't button his pants. they were 6-12 months, but well, we have a pork loin for a baby.

the bride and B

i laughed so hard taking this picture. cheeks was just watching sean and started doing it too.
this was right before he started melting down
the bridesmaids:
sarah, me, bride, natalie, lashelle (kenny's sis)

a little taste of
multiplying and replenishing;-)

our little wedding party family
i'm not even sure if brennan knows what's going on after two nights of sleep under 8 hours a piece, no naps, and disco dancing into the wee hours of the morning (well, of the night at least, for him that is...). BUT thankfully the little tyke is fast asleep for who knows how long this morning, while i am in my robe and slippers listening to christmas music. it doesn't get much better than that. when sean gets home from his church meetings i MIGHT even make some hot choc with white choc chips.