"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, May 5, 2012

arrrrrreba {cinco de mayo}

tacos al pastor
tacos carne asada
chili peppered corn
parmesian buttered corn
tornado fries
hot sugary donuts
and pizza for brennan and gigi
pepsi on the side
max wanted to watch the dancers the entire time.
she really loved the ones with the big swooshy skirts.
me too.
chase slept, ate, and pooped.
brennan ate oreos they handed out in the taco line,
and told everyone his dad spoke spanish too.
sean loved the music.
and said he was with "his people."
and loved telling the kids about how he lived in mexico for two years.
i loved the mexican band.
gigi sat in the sun and rocked chase.
mom made sure there was no garbage left on the ground by anyone at the park.
and ran and danced with the kids.
the wind made it cold.
the beginnings of a great cinco de mayo tradition.
on the way home brennan told us "jesus is my guy."
and then named off each of his friends and all of us in the car,
telling us he's our guy too.
funny kid.
time for some siestas.


this morning at breakfast
i entertained myself by telling brennan to lick his elbow.

Friday, May 4, 2012

it's here!!!

i can't get enough of their eyes.
breathtakingly beautiful.
deep and dark.
light and bright.
time to start living outside,
smelling like sunscreen,
and sticking like popsicles.

sllllluuuuurrrrrrp! {cereal milk edition}

thank you general mills for producing my all time favorite breakfast cereal.
reese's puffs.
OH's are my #2.
battling for #1,
but peanut butter is hard to match.
i'll let them continue to compete for my love and affection.
i have never been a "drink my milk after i eat my cereal" person.
i've been told it's the best part.
but it has always grossed me out.
and once the cereal is gone,
down the drain it goes.
like dirty water after a bath.
the milk is there to moisten the cereal.
and that is all.
it gagged me to watch other people slurp it down.
then in college my roommate would sip her milk with her spoon.
{shredded wheat with raisins, and honey generously drizzled on top}
small little tastes.
and not dirty looking at all.
so i tried it.
in fact,
i ate it for dinner most nights.
and breakfast.
and sometimes lunch too.
honey milk.
but i have never dared to spoon the milk after eating the cereal with any other cereals.
the thought still haunted me.
and i most definitely could not imagine slurping straight from the bowl.
but yesterday morning while i was indulging in my peanut buttery bowl of goodness,
baby chase awoke.
and awoke with gusto.
so starving that a binky could not contain his patience.
i needed something more than the cereal to fill me up,
and spoon feeding milk was just not going to cut it on time.
so i grabbed that bowl with my right hand,
chase in my left arm, and on my left hip,
and i slurped that dirty peanut butter after cereal milk right down.
and do you know what?
it was ALMOST the best part.
imagine that.
no gagging necessary.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

especially the crying part

yesterday i had myself a good long cry.
absolutely NECESSARY in the "i just had a baby" process.
where i vowed to give up wonder woman status,
and face the fact that i have three kids.
one of them a newborn.
and some days those things are hard all together.
and i just can't control any of it.
the three week meltdown came a week late.
i was beginning to think i was going to be able to skip it.
i chalk it up to sleep.
i'm getting more of it.
brennan wore only underwear,
until i remembered he had preschool.
in ten minutes.
i handed him his toothbrush and a quesadilla in a plastic baggy.
and sent him off.
max was in a diaper until two.
it just felt good to let everything go.
and have it be alright.
to get absolutely nothing accomplished.
my mom showed up with subway BMT's,
potato chips,
and a bag of popsicles.
i let my kids try every flavor twice.
and then had one for myself.
it all just felt really good.
especially the crying part.
a cleanse of sorts.
like some kind of right of passage.
bring on the take out:)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

sympathy pains

only one of these ouchies are real.
can you guess which one?
sympathy pains.
because sometimes,
it's just nice when someone can cry with you.
or listen to you cry.

Monday, April 30, 2012

latch is back {swimming}

swimming lessons.
this morning.
feels like summer is closer than ever.
felt good to get out.
all of us together.
bree fed chase from a bottle.
nursing out and about is not in my nature.
too much work to cover us all up.
too much pride to let it all hang out.
it's just not for me.
he fell asleep on her after.
nice and full milky tummy.
max kept begging to get in the pool with the boys.
i offered her juice boxes, star shaped marshmallows, and my phone to entertain.
she would not be pawed at.
but settled for her binky and blankie in the end.
thank goodness she doesn't know how to unclip the stroller straps.
in case you were wondering.
happy me.
happy chase...sort of.
his tummy still gurgles.
and he cries from the cramps after eating.
but then i burp him,
cuddle him,
{usually scold the big kids for jumping on us or dumping out a box of cereal}
and finish up by swaddling him like a burrito, with a binky
and he nods off to sleep.
target was out of gripe water this morning.
for chase's gurgling tummy.
i went by myself before sean left for work.
the lady in the baby aisle offered to call another target.
the thought of coming back later with all three kids to another store did not sound like an option.
but now that we've conquered swimming lessons before 11am
{AND ON TIME...within 5 minutes}
it doesn't sound so badly after all.

Sunday, April 29, 2012