"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, April 17, 2009

pt cruisers and such

i just picked up my rental car.
it's a mini van.
well, more like a pt cruiser.
it's the mazda version.
i love the features inside.
cruise control.
volume on steering controls.
buttons to turn fans and such on and off.
easy, breezy, i like stuff like that.
the sliding van doors are a nice addition.
maybe vans aren't so bad.
today's thinkingzzzzz...
is texting at a red light considered illegal?
or negligent?
is talking on your phone while driving in california with a utah driver's license legal?
i think it should be.
sometimes i forget to talk to talk when i'm with other mothers and our kids are playing.
sitting in silence is not so bad.
there's an unspoken conversation.
i think talking might even be over-rated...wait, did i just say that???
i think you could buy a house in any neighborhood of your choice in america.
definitely anywhere in california. 
AND have a variety of options.
navy seals are a different breed.
24 in real life.
frozen yogurt cures all of life's woes.
and old friends.
not "old" friends, you know, old friends.
the end.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"peanut butter, in the biggest..."

"i'd like peanut butter in the biggest size you've got, please."
jon n bons.

i don't think the worker girl in the tank top liked me as much after i took this shot.
i was hoping i could sneak it in, but the flash threw me under the bus.
i was really hoping for a gallon, 
apparently the biggest size was a quart.
weak, i know.
thoughts i've been stewing...
people are much more tolerant of babies than toddlers.
i now have a toddler.
it's easier to go to bed early when you don't watch tv all night.
i can now blog from my phone.
s.d.gib wasn't as excited as i thought he would be about that...
dryer sheets are deeeeeee-vine.
crickets are relaxing.
and humming refrigerators.
the end.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 babies are harder than 1.

we were NOT supposed to cross this bridge.
but i'm glad we did!
i'm not sure if the silver fox agrees,
i'm thankful, nonetheless.
the pork loin and i are in CHICO.
one of my happiest places on earth.
it would only be happier if s.d.gib were here,
but alas, finals call.
so back to crossing this bridge.
it's the bay bridge.
we accidentally missed our turn off to chico,
ending up on treasure island.
the toll lady wouldn't let dad flip a U.
he was not happy.
we'll just leave it at that.
how did the rest of the road trip go????
a lot like this:
dear dad, 
can mommy buy one of those dvd things for the car? 
love, your tender loin.
i know, i couldn't get my picture to rotate.
i am blogging from a fancy dancy iBook this week.
i know, you're already thinking i'm "cooler."
however, i have come to realize that i am
MAC illiterate.
the pork loin has been living off of ritz bitz.
see picture below.
we've been busy, 
that's my only excuse.
it's a good one too.
it has been a great kind of busy.
a knock your socks off,
loving being around your best friend kind of busy.
sorry sean, we couldn't completely steer clear of the mall...
but i never went to buckle, 
that should count for something;-)
don't you worry, 
i've managed to get in some fruit snacks too.
that counts as one serving of fruit right???
okay, don't call CPS, we have had bananas.
and veggies, and tofu, and big fat noodles.
you chico-nians know that all of those things come from...
well, not the bananas part.
those came from stacy and ryan's kitchen.
we washed it down with a big heaping bowl of jon n bons frozen yogurt.
thoughts i've had...
teenagers kissing on the front porch are disgusting.
i hope they aren't out there on our walk tomorrow.
is pot legal in california? 
there are many things that make me question it's not,
which leads me to believe it is...
two babies is harder than one.
TJ MAX is my new favorite store.
will i only think dieting is lame when i'm skinny?
or will i always think moderation is key?
i hope for the latter.
newborns are intoxicating.
1 yr olds are hysterical.
and DANG cute.
i am an idiot on MAC's.
but i feel so hip using one;-)
husbands are irreplaceable.
nap time is essential.
time stops on vacation.
i still don't like the wind.
65 degrees in utah is NOT 65 degrees in california.
why must i learn this lesson over and over again?
it's the optimist in me:-)
upcoming events:
1st's in CHICO:
sorority (go alpha gams!)
but not in that order...

Monday, April 13, 2009

"da club"

step 1:
read sunday comics with grandpa/silver fox
step 2:
easter mass
(yes, we're mormon, but we occasionally go to catholic mass)
step 3:
arrive at "da club"
photo op with bunny & auntie K
grandpa dick was prez of "da club" back in 1985
that's him on the wall of fame below: 
top, middle
so rad
step 4:
bunny with the dolla dolla bill boe tie
grandpa's famous for his money folding
grandma always made sure we had our see's bunnies
grandpa dick, "now brennan, i expect you to eat 3 plates worth"
the pork loin replies, "do they have shrimp?"
uncle ACtual holding the child that has missed a nap...
step 5:
gorge ourselves on food.
i had 2 plates of food: waffles, topped with berries and whipped cream, sausages, eggs benedict, salads, fruits, bacon.
things i saw on other plates: omelets, lamb, locks & bagels
my 3rd plated included: desserts only (oreo cake, choc covered cream puffs, choc covered strawberries...i like choc)
drinks?: shirley temples for the pork loin & me, coke for s.d.gib
remus fizz for the a-dults, latte for silver fox (which he gave up during lent)
are you confused?
yes, we're mormon, and active;-)
but a good chunk of our family is catholic. 
we mix well.
did i ever tell you about christmas where we bought non-alcoholic wine and played a joke on the fam??? it was fabulous...and utterly disgusting! take it from us, the alcohol part must really make wine taste better b/c without the alcohol is just no bueno.

"my child needs a nap..."

step 6:
easter egg hunt

target, thank you for selling these shoes:

age 7: i ran my tights on this same straw...it was sad.
i got in big trouble.
notice i no longer wear tights...

step 7:
petting zoo

is the pork loin the main attraction???

the bunnies were always my favorite.
pork loin with auntie K below:
step 8:
family photo
christmas card???
"the gang"
(left to right)
s.d.gib, yours truly, silver fox holding pork loin, grandpa dick holding jelly bean bunny, aunt sue behind grandpa's shoulder, grandma "joi," auntie K behind granmda "joi," jessie, gram/sandie, ACtual

proud g-rents

step 9:
45 minute goodbye
(no, i'm not kidding, but we like it that way)
step 10:
completely & utterly pass out

before even leaving the parking lot.
the end.

upcoming events?
going across the bay bridge...the wrong way.
where did we end up?
check in tomorrow to see...

THE CITY, not with whitney port

no, not with whitney port.
i do love the show.
i love THE HILLS more,
but olivia is a train wreck and well worth watching.
not with whitney port,
"the gang."
the gang:
s.d.gib, gram, silver fox, kelsey alice, jessie, pork loin, & yours truly
it was a blast.
kels & jess live in the avenues.
they planned a day.
a wonderful day.
with freshly made sourdough bread, and sandwiches a-top.
so we played in the sand.
and BOY was there a lot of sand.
it is a park, and this is to be expected.

what is it about swinging that is so utterly and absolutely enjoyable?
so free, so peaceful.
like being a kid again.

silver fox was in the ROTC in college.
such a stud, showing off his mad skills.
oh city, we thank you for a SMASHING day.
best regards,
"the gang"
upcoming events:
"da club"