"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, November 5, 2010


me: brennan, good job! you ate a ton of peas!
b: yeeeeeeeeep!
then i go to take off his bib.
me: is that a fact?
b: uh oh.

cure for the grumpies.

i like a big breakfast.
it always cures the grumpies.


she wants to crawl.
she wants to feed herself.
miss independent.
she'll talk you into ANYTHING!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

irrationally directed.

yesterday, brennan slammed me in the face with his chocolate milk sippy cup.
after blinking several times to make sure i didn't blackout,
i did what any calm mother would do.
irrationally directed him to time out.
fought back tears that i wanted to cry.
and then took away every treat, movie, soda, game, and privilege i could think of.
i spent the rest of night realizing that by taking away all of his treats i was punished too!
dang it.
my lip is still sore today.

i voted with my huge lip that swelled up after this picture.
the one person i really wanted to win,
kind of like last year.
this morning,
i mowed my lawn.
for the first time.
it was fun,
then exhausting,
then annoying.
and brennan scraped my monitor on the metal table.
it is ugly now.
but i did get 34 shade shirts/pants/swim suit items this morning.
for $1 a piece.
so sad to see shade go:-(
i am now going to collapse for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

batter up.

we are about to enter a whole new ball game with little miss max.
and i'm not talking about baseball.
but i did watch a game last night.
you may have heard about it?
go giants!!!
your #1 fair weathered fan.
(who only gets REALLY excited about watching you when you're in the world series.)
mobility my friends.
we're almost mobile.
like i said,
whole new ball game.
batter up.

next year, i'll consider it.

at 3am yesterday morning i was laying on my bathroom floor.
wishing i would have gotten the flu shot.
everyone else had one in my family.
not me.
my stubborn self thought my immune system could handle it.
no sir.
it could not.
so i spent the day feeling like death.
i let the pork loin run around in his diaper until noon.
it was 46 outside.
it felt warm.
that's when you know you've lived in the cold weather a long time.
46 feels warm.
really, it was warm.
no one called the authorities.
brennan played in his water table.
and i didn't have to take off his wet clothes b/c he wasn't wearing any.
it was brilliant.
i gave him a hot bath,
which he said hurt b/c he was cold.
max was dressed and fed.
everyone took a nap.
me included.
my mother in law came for the 7th inning stretch until sean got home.
she played with my kids.
i took a hot shower.
she mowed my front lawn.
took out my trash.
broke down the boxes that have been sitting on the side of my house for a month.
and threw out the rose bushes i trimmed for the winter.
bless her.
we survived.
i feel great today.
is it too late for the flu shot?
or am i already covered b/c i got the flu itself?
next year.
i promise.
flu shot.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

being an adult is tough.

being responsible is so tough.
i guess i will have to really bite the bullet,
do the adult thing,
and make sure to eat his candy myself.
you know, so HE can be healthy.
i'm so adult.
halloween pancakes.
i love being responsible.