"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Honey do.

Tonight is honey do.
Sean's idea.
I love him.
Christmas lights finally came down.
I never used to understand how people could leave their Christmas lights up well into the new year.
Now I get it.
They're busy!
Or just don't feel like doing it when they're not busy.

Well today we are busy with our list.
Now the toilet won't leak when you lean back on it.
This will make for a much more relaxing bath time for whomever is giving the bath.
Brennan just told us he wants to be a plumber and he spilled potty water on the toilet.
Sean assures me it's the clean kind.
Max is getting into the tools.

And I'm hot.
The heating vents are really good in the upstairs bathroom.
And I'm wearing socks.
Oh boy, this is about to get really exciting.

You'd better believe I took that roll away after I took that shot.
I'm just wondering how long it will take for us girls to get banished from this project.
Not long.

I love Saturday nights:)

When you're in a pinch

Quick fix.

When you're in a pinch,
a vegetable rubber band will get you out it in your kitchen 9 times out of ten.
Really though, it's true.
I've never opened a jam or spaghetti bottle without them.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Now that Brennan is not napping
we can be lazy all morning and get everything else done in the afternoon when everyone else is napping.
It makes for good parking and fast checkouts.
I'd still trade it all for napping to be back.
Bieber fever shared his "purple ice cream" with max on the way out so she wouldn't scream.
I am breathing with my mouth closed.
And Sean got home early.

Happy day:)
Introducing THE BRAG BOX:
(you steal my lingo without credit and you will be cursed with 7 years bad luck, just sayin')

Do not read THE BRAG BOX if you are a jealous person.
It will only make you feel sad.

DO post a BRAG BOX (link me of course) on your own post and then if you are feeling extra BRAG BOX bountiful, come back and tell me so I can read it and joy in your BRAG.
Or swag.

-Taxes filed (hello savings account)
-Brennan's birthday present arrived at 7:45am on our doorstep.
-filled out and dropped off insurance papers
-shopped Costco
-ran dishwasher
-did 2 loads of laundry
I know, I'm amazing, that's why it's in my BRAG BOX:)
'cause it would just be annoying if it wasn't in the BRAG BOX.
Now close it up and go write your own;)
And I was like baby baby baby OHHHHH!!!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I always forget how quiet it is when the power is out.
I considered making dinner and then bagged it when Sean offered to pick up five guys.
Brennan spent the first hour scared, on and off crying, begging me to turn on the lights so we could watch a "woodee" and be safe.
I read half of corduroy until max knocked the book out of my hands and then they both started crying again.
Brennan kept wanting to go outside so we would be safe from the power being out.
I never successfully got through to him that it was safer AND warmer inside.
We ended up compromising by going out to sit in the car until sean got home.
Max rode the gear changer like a horse while Brennan turned on the headlights, blinkers, and hazards.

I sang the horsie song so max would laugh and pretend she was galloping.
It made us all laugh.

Man I love those kids.
As a bonus, she cleaned out my cigarette disposal thing that had old receipts, a pair of earplugs, some change, and my albertson's fresh value card from when we lived in rexburg 4 years ago.
We ate dinner amidst the smells of candy cane.
They were the only candles I could find.
And I really couldn't smell them bc I am still sick.
More congested now than ever.
Although bree did drop some pills that target ID'ed her for buying.
Sean and i put the kids to bed, opened the blinds to watch the snow fall, and talked for an hour about food storage and how eating in the dark really isn't that great.
Bc part of the food tasting so great is actually seeing what you're eating.
Although eating when congested is down right depressing bc I can't smell or taste my food AND I don't really know when I'm full.
It has been such a relaxing night.
Just sitting in the dark with nothing demanding our attention.
No shows to watch (although I've been squirming all night bc idol wasn't recording), no Facebook to check, or scrabble to play. Just quiet.
With the white snow falling outside, lighting up our house from its glow.
Pure blissful peace.
And then that familiar hum.
The power just came back on.
And I'm disappointed.
That was a great night.
Maybe we should make a habit out of it...

Like baby baby baby OH.

If the wind would stop we might be sweating.
I'm glad I'm not sweating.
But I do wish it wasn't so windy.

Makes for a crazy hair day.

You know you love me,
You know you care,
You know we'll never be apart,
And I was like baby baby baby OH like baby baby baby OH like baby baby baby NO like baby baby baby OH it's a crazy windy day.
I thought you'd always be fine.
And I just can't believe we are together.
I want to play it cool, but my hair's all astrew.
I'll buy you anything,
I'll buy you any ring,
Baby fix me,
Baby your shakin' me on this metal patio chair.
You're Bringin' me down down down,
I just can't believe this wind is around.
And I'm like baby baby baby OH like baby baby baby NO like baby baby OH I'd thought you'd always be messin' up my hair.
Baby baby baby OH like baby baby baby NO!!!!
Like baby baby baby OH!
We thought it would be fine!
Baby baby baby OH,
like baby baby baby NO!!!
like baby baby baby OH
Baby please don't blow us away.
Now we're all gone.
'cause you blew so hard.
Now we're gone.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i don't even really like coconut.

in case you were wondering.
sean came home with extras.
i got to eat BOTH of the coconut ones.
better than the pb choc.
never thought i could say that anything was better than pb choc.
i am telling you.
it is the cupcake i have dreamt of my entire life.
toasted crunch on top.
and i don't even really like coconut.
i guess i do now.

Monday, February 14, 2011

"i want to watch a woodee jose!"

brennan is done napping.
and when i say done,
i don't mean for the day.
it's been 6 days.
i doubt it is a phase.
today was the first day i wasn't grumpy about it.
we made valentines and took them to sean's work during what we used to fondly call nap time.
it made the day feel a little more festive.
i was much less grumpy.
we also picked up a baker's dozen of sweet tooth fairy cupcakes.
and took them to sean's work.
i picked the following:
4 peanut butter chocolate
2 toasted coconut {i hope one of those comes home b/c i really wanted to try it}
3 red velvet
3 strawberry shortcake
1 double fudge with a cherry on top {that was special for sean}
then i ordered another pb chocolate for myself.
everyone oo-ed and awed over the babies.
i gave sean a smooch.
then max wanted one too.
brennan ate a red velvet one
all the while spinning around in the entrance of the clinic.
i walked around behind him picking up cupcake.
it was really fun.
then we came home and i dropped my cupcake on the floor.
good thing they come in cute little take home boxes.
at which point brenann said,
"i want to watch a woodee {movie."
so i said,
"no way jose!"
so he said,
"i want to watch a woodee jose!"
then i laughed.

this morning sean said,
"brennan, do you have a girlfriend for valentine's day?"
and brennan said,
"yep, kinzie."
he is so cute.
we spent the morning playing with our cousins in the family yard.
they didn't have school.
it was warm.

 happy valentine's day:)