"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, May 24, 2013

marigolds & peach trees

it's marigold buying day.
i found myself a pretty little lilac bush for $5.99 as well.
i can't wait for next spring.
and then we drove to the local garden nursery for a peach tree.
weekend plans:
plant garden.
plant peach tree.
wear lots of sunscreen.
put out baby pools and slip n' slide for kids.
millions of peaches,
peaches for me:)
{in a few years.}

yep, i know it {horse manure}

Cade: "Hey mom, do you know who's in love?"

Cade's Mom: "Yes, me and dad."
Cade: "YESSSSSSS! Who else?"
Cade's Mom: "Britt and Cameron."
Cade: "I knew it! Emily and Sean are in love too. I know it!"

last night sean shoveled horse manure for 5 hours.
and i spread it out with the kid's little red mini snow shovels.
the stable man loaded sean's dad's truck in 5 minutes with his tractor.
once in the morning, and once after dinner.
who knew i would ever be so excited about horse manure?
with the kids in bed and fast asleep after dinner,
we de-mulched the second bed of manure in the backyard 
for the last two hours of the sun turning to dark. 
under what looked like a full moon.
we talked about our day.
funny things the kids did and said,
plans for sean's tuna fish lunch on friday,
and about how smelly manure is when the wind sweeps right in front of your nose 
when you're laying it out in your garden beds.
the cold air felt so good on my sunburned neck.
{i wore sunscreen all day, and still my neck feels like it's on fire.}
then we talked about where we were planting what,
and sean found a carrot that never got pulled last fall,
to which i declared how much i despise growing carrots,
and how this year i was growing the corn there,
and beans instead of carrots somewhere else.
we finally came inside at 9:51pm.
the full moon teasing us with our work we could barely see.
and i could hardly wait to wake up this morning to it all.
i now have all flower and garden beds mulched and ready for summer.
our yard looks like a million bucks:)
my garden beds!
oh the garden beds!
that will be rota-tilled and planted this memorial day weekend.
i am SO excited!!!
it's planting time.
do you know why?
b/c he LOVES me.
not the stable man.
i know it!
happy memorialing to you and yours.

Thursday, May 23, 2013


brennan: "they're hugging!"
{there are SO many reasons why i love this picture..}
1. brooke taking a picture of the bears. 
b/c 2 seconds prior she said, 
"emily! picture!!!" so that is why i have this wonderful picture.
2. everyone but blake looking at the bears.
eyes GLUED on the bears.
3. and well, the bears.
it's not every day your kids to get see bears making babies at the zoo.
today brought educational zoo trips to a whole new level.
good grief, i'm still laughing.
brooke and i,
we just did a lot of laughing.
it felt like we were in middle school all over again.
and if i could only explain to you the two things that happened just before this.
but brooke, the kids, and i...
we will just have to keep those things to ourselves this time...
and leave things here just with this.
even i have boundaries people. 

out of batteries

my electric sharpener has been out of batteries for about 2 years now.
i remember being ambitious a few months ago only to find out we didn't have the right kind to refill it.
i thought about being ambitious again last night,
but it is likely that we are still out of the same batteries we were out of 6 months ago.
as i remember it wasn't double A or triple A.
it was some fancy letter beyond B that is square.
i cannot remember.
and probably with the amount of time i have spent writing about these batteries i could have looked, checked, and put them on my list three times.
so instead of looking i'll just sharpen them by hand.
so pretty:)

Monday, May 20, 2013

picture perfect

try to get 7 three year olds to smile, 
hold their poses,
AND have their lion ears stick up all at the same time.
glad that was the photographer's job and not mine.
"i WUV dance!" -max, 3 yrs old
i think this might have been her favorite day of dance so far.
dress up and pictures.
every girl's best friend.

it's time for lunch & other weekend news

this morning chase packed sean's lunch.
it included:
26 fruit snacks
4 chocolate covered granola thins
3 bags of crackers
8 granola bars
12 applesauce packs

we are talking about a variety of nutrition here today.
clearly, chase is all about healthy clean eating.
so proud:)
on saturday,
while i was pushing max 
around costco on her 
new mattress, 
chase got stung by a bee.
on his big fat thumb.
he touched it while the bee was floating on the purple boat in the water table.
sean was weeding our garden beds.
that's what brennan told me this morning.
about the bee and boat,
not the weeding.
b/c with 5 years you get more and more of the story as time goes on.
sometimes it's good, sometimes it's bad.
2 out of 3 gibson children have tangoed with bees in this way.
the bee always wins.
poor chaps.
good news to report:
2 out of 3 gibson's are for sure not allergic to bee stings.
and the stinger may still in fact BEE in his thumb.
i'm never good at the getting it out.
not sure if that is good news.
but it's news around here.
that's for sure.

happy monday:)