"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, January 10, 2009

red lips revolution

aren't those mountains
to die for!?
fresh snow on top.
kind of like whipped topping.
it's just yummy.
red lips,
where have you been all my life?

love my red lips resolution.
it rolls off the tongue so beautifully, doesn't it?
red lips resolution.

remember, new year's resolution 2009: wear red lipstick. a lot.

say it with me folks.
red lips resolution.
or maybe we could start a
red lips revolution.
yeah, i like that.

"i'm too sexy for your body"

1. wake up
2. go here
3. go inside
4. wait in line for 45 min.
5. see exhibit for 2 hours
6. see crazy things in the body (click here)
7. take these
(love the hat, but can't stand when i don't have time to do the hair,
hence the hat)...where's the red lipstick?!
8. and these (sean's mom, val, came with us)
the end.

Friday, January 9, 2009

is he half?

lady: your baby is really cute.
sean: thank you.
lady walks off
sean continues looking for children's motrin on shelf
lady comes back
lady: is he half?
sean: half what?
lady: like half mexican?
sean: nope, just caucasian.
lady: he is just so cute, you'd think he was half something.
sean: thank you (i think?).
on a side note, i did think he looked asian when he was born,
if that matters for anything.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

nie is back in 8!!!!!!

i told you 8 was my favorite number!!!
the countdown to nie begins,
yay, double yay, tripple yay,
infinite yay!!!!!

reporting live

i am sorry to report that my tummy is still aching.
i am happy to report that this is one of my
parts of our day.
do you see that blank wall space above my fireplace?
me too.
oh, do we have plans!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

reese's puffs my friends

okay, now i don't want to get too excited, but...
i'm eating a bowl of reese's puffs cereal...
and it tastes really good.
this is the first time anything has tasted even remotely edible since saturday night when i had my run in with costco's garlic chicken.
i don't think i'll ever get the garlic chicken again.

lampost by the wardrobe

it all began last night.
the air in our apt. had become so thick and heavy.
i felt like i couldn't breathe.
at this point i realized i hadn't been out of our place for almost 72 hours straight.
i looked around my living room thinking, "yummy salt city candles are lit, things are neat and tidy, brennan is in bed, and i'm watching my taped episode of oprah," but i still just wanted to open all of the windows and doors to let the cold air in.
i believe it was what they call
"stir crazy."
instead of doing this, i put on my coat and walked outside.
our street was quiet.
the snow was falling.
i watched the flakes in the street light at the end of our driveway.
i'm always amazed at how quiet it is when it snows.
the cold air felt sooo good.
i couldn't help but want to sleep outside.
i ran down our stairs, grabbed our baby monitor and sean, and we walked down our street until our monitor lost range.
i wasn't done being outside, so we turned around and shoveled our walks.
it felt so good to have some energy, despite my stomach still grumbling from lack of food.
i have yet to have a real meal since saturday night;
no possible way to "stomach" it.
after my 3rd jamba day in a row today, i am on my way to feeling better...
at least i think so.
it is 45 outside!
i didn't even need a coat when we went on a walk today.
i know that sounds crazy to you southern desert people, but to the cold weather folks it means we're on our way to spring.
ok, maybe not that quickly, but at least it's a glimpse.
word on the street is that this bug can last up to 7 days,
and that it comes and goes.
i can agree with the "comes and goes" part surely.
let's hope it's goin' rather than comin'.
do you ever "knock on wood?"
is life really up to fate and chance like that?
it can't be.
and i quote,
"no need to knock, good things come to good people."
the sun is shining,
and it feels soooo good.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


the best thing about living next door to your mom is when you get sick and she brings over a jamba juice, knowing that it is the only thing you will be able to get down!
after three 1/2 days of yuck i am hoping to wake up happily tomorrow, flu free.
big thanks to sean's mom, val, for spending the day with me to help with brennan.
SUPER big thanks to sean for being such an amazing dad and hub.
the house is spick and span,
babe is bathed, dressed, fed, etc.
dish washer emptied,
counters wiped,
bathroom cleaned (almost),
all b/c of you dear,
love you.

Monday, January 5, 2009

evenflo or britax

too many choices.
really, how do you choose?
i bought the evenflo a few weeks ago (brooke's recommendation), but found the britax on clearance last week (bree's recommendation). then there's stacie who said to borrow one b/c brennan will be in the booster before i know it, but then i'll have to borrow one every time i have a kid. i know i want to buy one, but which one do i keep?
main stats:
evenflo-50lb. limit
britax-65lb. limit
they both have to pass the same safety tests, and i'm sure either would be fine as safety is concerned, but i'm wondering if spending the extra bucks on the britax to go up to 65lbs. is worth it. the britax is obviously bigger and looks more padded, but the evenflo has cup holders and a storage bin. lol.
are there any other stats i should be considering (other than price, of course)?
advice please:-)
sean is not too hot on the "cowmooflauge." he thinks we'll need to move to a farm and buy some chickens or something.
i think it's cute though:-)

grade A

10 months old and already knows how to throw a
temper tantrum.

when you can't calm them down, take a picture and then laugh about it.

trust me,

it will make you feel awesome about the whole thing;-)

p.s. little temper tantrum was up from midnight to 3am last night screaming his lungs out...teething...poor little guy...good news was that i finally gave in (what i should have done at 12:30am, not at 3am) and rocked him to sleep. haven't done this in FOREVER, and it was the best feeling. love the little man. he cuddle right up into my neck. so snugglie. luckiest mom ever!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

boo to the flu, grape juice please

i'm sitting here sick with the flu.
brennan had it all last week, and now it's my turn.
i went to bed at 7pm tonight, hoping i would wake at 7am tomorrow morning.
it's now 11pm and i'm wide-eyed and bushy tailed with a
yucky throat feeling
(do you know the one?)
an upset stomach.
i'm hoping that my large glass of grape juice will kick this bug right outta my house.
i'm hoping it will cure me faster.
okay, okay, i know it sounds like THE old wife's tale of old wife's tales
(is that how you spell it?),
but who doesn't like grape juice?
it's always been one of my favorites,
so i figure,
why not give it a try?
any other suggestions anyone would like to offer?
i vow to get the flu shot next year.

have you tried it!!??!!

i am currently on the breastfeeding diet.
it is an amazing thing.
have you been on it?
it goes like this...
eat everything and anything you want
and lose astounding amounts of weight.
when i posted my 200EIGHT post i mentioned losing 45 pounds.
ok people, i had a baby, so 35 of it was the actual weight i gained while pregnant.
the other 10 i attribute to breastfeeding and genetics (thank you mother).
i had so many people comment on wanting to know my weight loss secrets...
now, this is probably not something many of you are currently doing;-)
so i figured i would share what my personal trainer taught me in rexburg.
if you really want to see results try the following
-30 min. of weight lifting 3x per week
this means 3 sets of 10-12 reps for toning.
do upper body and lower body, rotating each time,
mon: lower muscles & cardio
wed: upper muscles & cardio
fri: lower muscles & cardio
sat: just cardio, no weights
it's important to give your muscle groups a day off.
-30 min. of cardio
yup, that's it!
make sure you do the weight lifting first, then the cardio.
this is important so you will be burning fat while doing your cardio.
-start your day off with water and protein to kick start your metabolism
eggs & cottage cheese are great, but it does not have to be animal based.
soy is fab!
this is a great time to exercise, before eating,
but any time during the day is great.
-eat every 3-4 hours
go more than 4 hours without eating, ever!
this should be about 4 meals a day, but small meals
sample menu
breakfast: 2-3 eggs (eggs whites if you are watching your cholesterol) or cottage cheese with fruit
(just make sure it's some kind of protein)
lunch: 1/2 sandwich (try to get fiber & protein enriched bread), fruit, & veggie
snack: 1/4 c. peanuts or almonds (or any protein: like a string cheese, ademame soy beans, avocado w/lime & salt) & veggie or fruit
(do NOT skip this snack!!! this keeps your metabolism going)
dinner: protein, carb, veggie
dessert: stick to one sweet thing a day,
so if you have this after lunch then call it a day;-)
-breads are not bad
(sorry mr. atkin, just don't eat them at every meal;-)
-try to stay away from soda all together,
yes, this means diet soda too
(sad, i know, but research is showing that diet soda increases your cravings for sugary things and ends up hurting you in the end.
try cutting down to 1 diet soda a day, and then moving to 1 every other day or on special occasions like dinners out.)
none of these tips will work without the following:
stop eating when you are full!
this means eating slowly (try to always be sitting down) and drinking water with every meal.
i drink 4-5 liters of water a day, but before i was breastfeeding i tried to get 3-4 liters.
start off with 1 and work your way up:-)
(try to skip on juices and gatorades.
they usually have sugars that end up as empty calories.
some gatorades are ok, just read the labels first.)
remember, the number on the scale is not going to make you any happier than you are today
it's not about the weight!