"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, February 2, 2013

the chub on his right hip {groundhog day}

{yep, that's max going pee.}
i love to kiss the little spot of chub right on his hip.
do you see it?
and when i say "kiss," 
i mean lightly bite him with my lips.
sometimes i make little snorting sounds.
he laughs really hard. i love it.
dr. dahl {the tubes doc} said "he's edible!"
just call me a carnivore:)
happy 10 months baby man chase ray.
i love your rolls,
your humming baby noises,
and your your sweet little face.
i wish it could be groundhog day with you at 10 months every day for the rest of my life:)
dear chase,
you hate hats or any form of hoodie on your head.
you bawl until we take them off.
and get really mad.
but i'm not giving up on the elmo hoodie bath towel.
it's too cute with the eyeballs on the top.

Friday, February 1, 2013

i need a punch card for the pediatrician.

2am-woke chase up and fed him a bottle of formula, went back to sleep
6:17am-woke chase up and nursed him, went back to sleep
8:30am-by the grace of god all children slept in, left chase cooing in his crib, got out of bed, showered, dressed kids, sean feeds kids, brush teeth, sean gives chase a blessing {brennan was mad we took the phone away for it}
10am-dropped kids off at alicia's while grandma made her way to our house fifteen min later, chase and i leave for the surgical center downtown
10:20am-Siri gets confused at the Spaghetti Bowl {concrete interchanges that intertwine like spaghetti with the most horrible signage you can imagine}, get off at the wrong exit, get back onto the freeway, miss the parking garage for the surgical center 3 times before i get it right--good thing i had the mini-van all gassed up. phew!
10:35am-walk into surgical center with chase asleep in his carseat and sign 50 waivers and confidentiality papers {can't believe he fell asleep on an empty stomach after just waking up for the morning. bless that child.}
10:45am-enter patient room, dress chase in his looney tunes surgical gown with his diaper bum hanging out of the back, so cute
11am-Pam the pre-op nurse goes over surgery info and declares chase is the cutest baby she's ever seen. i told her she probably says that to all of her patients. she assured me she does not. she said she could gush him all day long, and could she please squeeze his thighs? i of course encouraged her, and chase smiled his dimples and batted his blonde eyelashes at her. the entire surgical center was talking about the chubby red headed baby man. he was without a doubt the man of the morning. so proud:)
11:30am-anesthesiologist comes in, explains that "95% of babies wake up pissed off, but they're not in any pain, they're just confused" and then emphasizes that he will most likely be "really pissed off." i liked that anesthesiologist right then. 
11:35am-dr Dahl, the ENT greets us and invites me into the operating room to hold chase's hand while the gas man does his work. i stayed until his little baby man eyes rolled back into his head and he went off into dreamland. then i gave him a big long kiss, covered him with a warm blanket the OR nurses gave me, and when they asked me if i had a bottle for him i said, "nope, just brought my boobs" and everyone laughed. but not in a weird way, just in a this lady is funny way. but i wasn't really trying to be funny. it just came out that way, but i was glad they laughed. and then i went back to the pre-op room and texted pictures of chase in his gown to everyone in the family.
12:00pm-chase wakes up "pissed off" and cries for a little bit while they carry him into recovery.
12:03pm-i get to hold chase, rock him, nurse him, while they monitor all of his numbers.
12:15pm-chase eats two packs of applesauce, the nurses can't believe how fast and how much he eats, i'm so proud of my pork loin the 2nd.
12:30pm-Pam walks us out to our car, gives me a hug and asks to squish chase's cheeks one more time, of course i said yes, beaming parent:)
12:35pm-go out the wrong way of the parking garage, have to 3 point turn myself back the right way, that parking garage and i just didn't get along all day
1pm-chase sleeps the entire way home so i run by the bank
1:30pm-get home, feed chase a 7 course meal, he is hungry
2pm-sit down for what feels like the first time all day, chase plays with toys, babbles, and is back to his old self again
2:04pm-look at max, see she has PINK EYE. in BOTH eyes. look at my mom, laugh, text briar to see if she can bring brennan home from preschool, call pediatrician's office for the 50th day in a row
2:50pm-leave with max for the doc, she is crying and mad, doesn't want to go "I NOT SICK!!! I TIRED!"
3:15pm-pink eye, pink eye, pink eye, check, check
4pm-harmon's drive thru pharmacy...drops, drops, drops
5pm-home, home, home
mom bought us pizza and formula at costco.
sean gets home late from work.
max hates her drops.
says they sting.
chase doesn't mind his drops.
brennan asks to go to bed early.
thank goodness it's friday.
i'm gonna need a punch card for the pediatrician from now on.
really, you should get one visit free after 10 visits.
especially if it's 10 visits in the same month.
kind of like the shave ice shack.
i told the doc that, he laughed.
but i didn't see any comment boxes to drop my idea in...
this week's wrap up review:
monday-me strep
tuesday-ent doc with chase
wednesday-feeling better from strep
friday-tubes surgery chase, double pink eye max
good grief.
in the words of doc holliday 
{tombstone--greatest western movie EVA!!!}, 
"this is funny."
but without the whole dying without wearing your cowboy boots parts.
just the funny part.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

the party crib {the night before tubes}

note max picking her nose in the back of the bus.
eyes closed for intensity.
{they climbed in after chase woke up from his afternoon nap, 
and played together for half an hour.}
{i love that they are all friends.}
i made chase a king's feast for dinner tonight.
tomato slices,
sweet potato fries.
and then topped him off with a big bowl of oatmeal and nursed him.
the poor chap has no idea that there will be no food tomorrow morning.
he does however earn himself a fancy pair of tubes in return.
11:30am sharp!
no formula or food after 4:30am
no breastmilk or anything in the mouth after 6:30am
i'm thinking life is gonna feel pretty tough for him by about 10am
or 7am.
but oh baby they tell me it's worth it:)
i hope they are right. 
the baby man may in fact become an ear, nose, and throat man himself.
he sure likes checking everyone else's out.
and brennan lets him.
they both laugh hysterically the entire time.
and max pouts b/c she feels left out.
but really she hates it when he grabs at her face.
i'm so glad they are brothers.

 ear, nose, and throat...
or bird watching.
maybe it was cars.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

pressure (!) {LOVE YOUR CAR!}

(!) on my car=low tire pressure.
your car may be different.
but just know that today (!) means low tire pressure.
my little (!) wouldn't go off.
and john has taught me that (!) on my car is like driving your car through sand.
and you don't want your car driving through sand.
b/c your car doesn't want to drive through the sand.
it's bad for the steering.
and it's bad for the alignment.
so after ignoring the (!) for a month,
i finally decided that i would just go already.
but who really has time to fix their (!) ??!!
i do, thanks to john.
{remember, (!) means tire pressure on my car}.
so we dropped brennan off at preschool and flew into Ray's Garage at 12:52pm, 
with chase babbling in the back and max in her "bow-way" stuff.
we had about 3 minutes to make it to "bow-way" class by 1.
at 12:55 we were back on our way,
minus the (!).
that's what i was thinking.
so if your car is doing (!),
{or whatever your car does to tell you your tire pressure is low},
you should stop by Ray's Garage.
John will even fix your car in the snow.
tell him i told you to DEMAND he fix your car in the snow.
{but only if it's your (!)...b/c i don't want to get into too much trouble here}
and since you are already there,
you might as well get your coolant checked with how cold it's been this winter,
and then you should probably just get your oil changed too.
b/c you're already there and all.
and it IS almost February.
or let John love it for you.
at Ray's.
Call John today!

Monday, January 28, 2013

there are no small parts, only small actors {FHE & strep throat}

tonight the kids searched through the dress up bin for their family night costumes.
samuel the lamanite was what sean picked to teach us about.
everyone was SO excited about the bows and arrows.
brennan wore his red lightening bolt cape with his bow,
max wore her Cinderella princess dress, with TWO purses, a tiara, a batman mask, and a bow.
brennan always gets to be the main character b/c no one else cares but him.
max always wants to be the princess in the story.
even though there is never really a princess,
we let her think there is.
and 9 times out of 10 chase is already asleep by the time we get to it.
so sean threw little people up the stairs at samuel the lamanite,
max shot arrows with her bow,
and i was the believer that had a big line of "i believe!"
there are no small parts.
only small actors.
sean read the story off of the back of the picture scripture story.
{the kids ask every day if it's family night now--SO awesome}.
and then i scooped bowls of ice cream with brownies on top for everyone.
everyone was in bed late, but that's just how family night has to be.
and i love it.
have to get every last drop.
this is crucial.
i love his little neck.
"strongly positive for strep"
and a blood pressure of 100/64 {that's normal for me and no i don't feel light headed.}
that's what they tell me.
what can i say, i was feeling left out.
{#i must have picked my nose at the grocery store or something.}
{#not really!}
the sun was out all day.
it was amazing.
my lungs were finally free!
and max finally got to swing and slide in our backyard.
dream come true.
blue skies, warm sun, and crunchy thick snow.
the best part of a utah winter.
{i could do without the strep throat.}

i have the white spots

i have white spots on the sides of my throat,
and i can barely speak.
happy monday, 
waaaahhh!!!! :(:(:(
i will be waiting around all day for one of the grandma's to come over and stay with my kids, 
while i go to the urgent care for my strep test.
should have had those tonsils out in the 5th grade.
curse you january.
chase was entranced by the snow show yesterday.
we are kin.
the snow is so pretty outside.
a bonefied white out all last night.
love me a good snow storm.
just not the snowballs in my throat.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

this weekend i remembered i used to be in musicals.

mary, me, johnny,& sean
MISSING: audrey
{we couldn't find her for the picture}
"last friday niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight"
mary played "taylor mckessie"
johnny played "james"
and audrey was in the ensemble.
johnny wore his stage makeup and called his mascara "MANscara."
mary and audrey looked so grown up,
and johnny's rendition of pretending the be "the worm" brought the house down.
he is one funny guy.
they were all SOOOOO cute.
it made me think about all of the hours i spent practicing for musicals back in my high school days.
and i vowed to go to more plays and musicals from here on out.
{sean is sooooo gangsta}
they tell me this kid is famous.