"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, February 21, 2009


there's smorges-borge on my floor.
i've called in reinforcements.i think we're gonna make it.
i love saturday.

Friday, February 20, 2009

1 down, 1 to go

the first of 2 giveaways arrived!
click here to see where...
i loved baking for you gals!
keep your eyes peeled for the next chance to enter and win
some lovely treats for you and yours.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

lots of talking, a tale of AQUAholics

i swim.
did you know that?
well, i do.
i love it.
i crave it all day.
thank you city for having a public pool.
thank you husband for watching the babe.
the asleep babe, but still, thank you.
weeknights are free.
saturdays are cheap.
free and cheap, they go together.
free, cheap, & swimming, well, it's just a love affair!
so my love affair with swimming.
the girls, we go.
lots of talking on the way to the pool.
lots of talking during kick time.
silent time for my thoughts during the rest.
i do a mile now.
it's aMAZing.
lots of talking on the way home.
so we went to swim tonight.
"closed for maintenance,
sorry for the inconvenience."
there were are, fully dressed for swimming,
except for jess
(it's a long story, don't ask).
bree in shorts and uggs,
me in parachute pants, sweatshirt, and heavy coat,
keri quiet as ever, but we know she's royally ticked.
the dang people could have at least tipped us off last night.
the girls have their theories.
sudden maitenance on the pool can mean one thing...
and one thing only...
oh well, let's go to yogurt stop;-)
so we did.
lots of talking on the way.
lots of frozen yogurt.
(coconut & pecan w/cookie dough, don't ask...
double for me, i save half for the next day)
lots of talking during the eating.
lots of talking on the way home.
i love swimming.
little swimmer in training below

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

aw yes, ain't that fresh?

running late.
greasy hair.
swimming tonight, can't wash it now.
appointment with the tax man in thirty min.
(yeah, we know, we file early)
what's a girl to do??!!
throw it in a side pony
"wake up wake up wake up, it's the first of the month, get up get up get up, cash your checks and get up..."
(and b/c we file our taxes early we'll be CASHIN' OUR TAX RETURN CHECK early too, ha!)
"i wish i was a little bit taller, i wish i was a baller, i wish i had a girl, if i did, i would call her, i wish i had a rabbit in a hat with a bat..."
mtv party to go 8
(you know you loved it!)
remember i'm going through all of the old cds;-) for the love, where is my N'Sync cd!!!???

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

what is on my iPod??? i have no idea.

is it possible to have too much music?
i'm sitting here loading all of my old cds onto my iPod.
(at least the ones that haven't been completely ruined in the depths of my car)
i'm thinking, "i have so much music i don't even know what i have."
anyone else with me on this?
i usually end up listening to the most recent things i've purchased on iTunes.
matisyahu, lady GaGa, Beyonce, T.I., Rhianna
i make play lists by seasons:
spring 2003
fall 2004
sean & em's summer '07 mix
you get the idea.
then every so often i will remember an old song i used to love.
i'll search for it.
find it.
move it to my current play list.
and the pattern continues.
yet my iPod is almost to capacity
(at 60gigs how is this possible???)
and i have no idea what in the world is on it.
then i realize i could be a millionaire had i saved all the money on the cds i don't know i have...
naw, it was worth it! i love music. i dance around my kitchen making dinner with brennan in his high chair dancing too.
remind me to post a video of him dancing, so cute.
i mean really, i couldn't memorize biology in 7th grade, but i could memorize TLC's "waterfalls"
(that includes left-eye's rap ya'all!).
oh yeah, and salt and pepper's "shoop."
i used to fantasize that salt and pepper would show up at my door step, and i would know their names and be their friend from then on. you know like be the best fan so mtv would fly me out to TRL. so cool.
when you're 11.
so awesome to see how many people are reading with us in our book club.
are you reading yet?
click HERE

Monday, February 16, 2009

prayer, i think i love you

when i was pregnant my cousin told me i would be lucky to get a few verses of scriptures reading in once a day after my son was born. i remember thinking she was crazy. i was WAY more spiritual than that! well, here i am with a 1 year old, struggling to read a few verses every OTHER day:-). oh goodness. morning prayers have definitely been out like trout since B, but a couple of days a week i remember to stop to say them after i put brennan down for his first nap. mid-morning still counts:-) (in case you were wondering). i love prayer. i miss prayer. sean and i have figured out a way to say personal prayers every night. shazzzzzaaaam! (thanks for the word jackie, it's smokin'). after brennan's arrival my personal prayers took a back seat to family and couple prayers. if you're not spiritual i can imagine you think i must be praying far too much, or at least all day. that's okay. did you know that 15 min. of prayer/meditation daily has been shown to add 10 years onto your life? it's true, i heard it on oprah, lol. really, i did. dr. oz. what a guy! i think that 15 min. is supposed to be 15 consecutive minutes, but right now i'm working back into my routine. i remember being a single gal, waking up early to pray 15 min. before school, and going to be early to read my scriptures for 30 min. and say prayers for 15. wooooo weeee! i would love to make fun of it, but really it was a joy. i love the peace prayer brings. the feelings of confidence prayer brings to my life. the desire it gives me to be a little better, to help others a little more.
i think i just bore my testimony?
does that count for fast and testimony meeting too?
i can't wait for conference.

bloggin' bookies

are you reading with us yet?
it's short, it's sweet.
kinda like the pork loin;-)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

a work in progress

the valentine's feast:
grandma joi would be proud of all of the color!
the musical entertainment:
worth it all.
every last bit.

some thoughts floating through my mind today:

opinions are great. sometimes they're not. it's like a car accident. you don't wanna look, but you've gotta! i have this urge to always ask what other moms do. recent examples: car seats and weaning. why do i do this? i know what my gut is telling me before i ask, but yet i still MUST ask. i always end up going with my original gut, feeling silly this time around for bothering everyone for their advice! feeling embarrassed for asking and not taking the advice. so if i've asked you for your opinion and gone with something else i'm sorry:-) i'm still working on trusting myself.

let's just say i'm a work in progress:-)

and i like that.