"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, February 14, 2014

i love with you.

dear sean,
i'm yours forever and for always.
happy valentine's day.
i love with you,

Thursday, February 13, 2014

shell hunting {DAY 4--part 1}

Moloa'a Beach.
where heaven's beauty touches the earth.
kauai is the type of place 
that makes you want to take your sunglasses off to make sure what you're seeing is real.
that's what i was thinking on the beach this morning on our 9am shell hunt.
i took about 900 pictures because it was out of this world amazing.
except most of them came out blurry 
because when i took them i wasn't actually looking through the screen.
i was looking behind it.
over it.
beside it.
dropping it.
i have never seen a more beautiful ocean than today.
mesmerizing just doesn't cut.
whatever is above mesmerizing,
multiply that by infinity,
and that's what it looked like.
it was so many different shades of green
and whatever other ocean color you can imagine.
the sun would come out,
and then the clouds would cover it up,
and it was like they were playing tag with each other
and the heavens was their playground.
the kids swam in the little rock pools.
it was so calm and flat.
and we made a date with our snorkels for after lunch right then and there.
we grown ups walked around in the water up to our knees looking at the fish that the waves would wash into the pools of the rocks.
chase ran around naked,
and max and brennan swam around splashing.
and then all of a sudden you're like,
"these rocks are lava! we're on a volcano!"
thank you sean for this little gem.

and then we tried 
to take a family photo...
these make me laugh:)
there are about 20 more with at least two or more gibson's not looking at the camera, and the most beautiful 
background on the planet behind us.
ignore us,
look behind us.
and then we decided to bag it,
and we got the best photo of the bunch.
christmas card.
it's been decided.
like for real this time.
coming to your mailbox in t-minus 10 months.
get excited.
the end.
or to be continued...