"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, December 3, 2010

shutterfly christmas

our little al copone after his bath.
there's nothing i love more than free when it comes to things people are going to throw away.
like christmas cards.
and christmas trees.
which is why our tree is again fake this year.
and to get it,
all i had to do was have sean go down into our hoarding basement.
the tree that is.
so when katie told me about free christmas cards from shutterfly,
i was on it.
there were too many good ones to choose from, but i think i've decided that this one is my favorite.
so if you're lucky,
and i'm lucky too,
it will be arriving in your mail box less than 3 weeks from today.
because we all know how much i love pictures.
and this one lets me put lots of pictures.
plus, it has me singing that beautiful song in my mind.
"and it think to myself,
what a wonderful world."
because really, it is.
i also loved the words on this one.
bright and cheery.
this simplicity here.
and the print here.
and i know i have enough mugs to fill a coffee house,
but i can only imagine how wonderful it would be to see al capone's charming little face all over this beauty every morning.
i saw brooke's book last week and was green with envy.
saving up for one my own.
really, how is a girl supposed to choose???
i guess i'll have to if i get the FREE cards.
and you will too.
if you dare.
but you know, like i said earlier today,
if you don't try, you've already failed.
you can quote me on that.

the grinch is on my shoulder EXTRAVAGANZA!

it's december.
there's something like less than 25 shopping days left to shop.
i've shopped for 2 people.
you could call that about zero.
and now i have the cold of death.
have mercy.
i most definitely plan to procrastinate some more.
there is a little grinch on my shoulder.
be gone little grinch, BE GONE!
here's how:

to get rid of the little grinch:
6 lovely ladies
6 pretty presents
4 french fridays
and a partridge and a pear tree.

is that how the song goes?
all i know, is that
you win a PRIZE.
6 prizes.
yes, that's right.
6 prizes.
and my prize is from ROD WORKS my friends.
say it with me.
trust me,
you WANT to win.
but i can't.
b/c i'm giving the prize.
if the stars align and you get lucky.
or buy some lucky jeans.
they make your bum look good.
did you know?
i know.
i know YOU'LL WIN!
without further ah-doo,
i present...

What is she talking about?
this is what you're saying.
here is what i'm saying!
write up some posts & recap your year.
the good,
the bad,
and the ugly.
or pretty.
linking us back to your favorite posts,

3 months at a time.

starting next Friday,
you can come here or to any of the other bloggers hosting this extravaganza (who I will list here soon) and link up with your post.
You only need to link up at one location as it will show up on each of the lists.

Friday the 10th-link up with recap about January, February and March.
Friday the 17th-link up with recap of April, May and June.
Friday the 24th-link up with recap of July, August and September.
Friday the 31st-link up with recap of October, November and December.

You DON'T have to write your post on Friday, you can write it any day that week, that is just the day to link up. So when you link up, make sure you put a link to your post and not just your blog in general.

Every time you link up with a recap and include the cute little button EMMY spent hours on, you will get entered into the drawing
(do this by copy and pasting the little gibberish in the box under the EXTRAVAGANZA button on this post).
Link up on the 10th and get an entry,
the 17th and get another entry,
the 24th and get another entry,
the 31st and get another entry.
that's a total of 4 possible entries.

When all is said and done, EMMY will let random.org do the dirty work and pick a winner who will then receive a little something from the six ladies who are hosting this Extravaganza.

Who are these six LOVELY ladies?
Glad you asked:)

First there's the fabulous me

Then there's EMMY! the creative genius behind this whole sha-bang. we go way back, and i just love this girl to pieces.

Next there is the fabulous and funny Mimi of Living in France (and a little hint-she doesn't actually live in France)

Also we have Sami of Symmetry in Motion (she has amazingly creative contests and great prizes on her blog regularly)

Samantha's Day

Then we have Lourie of CA Girl (EMMY'S cousin-in-law, but don't worry, there are NO favorites, except for me, wink wink**)


And last, but certainly not least is Shortmama from Family of Shorts (She is the genius behind the Muffin Top Journey)

Family of Shorts

For a 5th bonus entry,
follow each of the 6 lovely ladies (that includes me!).
Once you are following all of us lovely ladies,
leave a comment on EMMY'S post saying so.
recap & how to win:
4 enteries per person by linking up each of your recap posts week by week and including the extravaganza button provided for you on this post.
(don't get the linky thing? leave a comment on this post with your email address and i will explain it more).
1 BONUS entry for following each of the ladies.
5 entries in all:)

i KNOW YOU will win!
but i know you won't win if you don't enter.
but then someone else will win.
and they will be happy.
and you won't have to worry about getting 6 awesome prizes from 6 lovely ladies b/c you didn't even enter.
but if i were you,
i'd rather worry about winning!
so enter!
and remember your year with us!
kick that little grinch off your shoulder.
show him who's boss.
not who's THE boss.
so enter!
grab the button,
and write your recap,
so you can link up next Friday!

just copy and paste the code above:)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


oh happy day:)
while searching for the christmas tree and other such items,
i hope to find my camera charger.
in the basement that has made us hoarders.

Monday, November 29, 2010

baby octopus.

2 babies flying home during nap time.
one plugged into movie and complimentary soda.
of which he ordered a coke.
the other so tired and hungry that not even food could satisfy her.
picture me holding a baby octopus.
we'll call her max.
me trying to cover boobs with a brightly colored apron,
baby octopus' arms and legs flailing out of the top and sides,
all the while the baby octupus is screaming at an obnoixiously loud level of volume.
in the middle seat.
with a teenager rolling her eyes at us across the aisle.
and that was in the first 20 minutes of the flight.
have mercy.
it's a good thing our vacation was good.