"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, September 5, 2009


bananas, rice, applesauce, toast
the worst case i've ever seen in the little guy.
the brat diet is not going over well.
poor little pork loin.

Friday, September 4, 2009


wouldn't one with olives on brennan's fingers haven been so much cuter? i know. next time.

is the olive a fruit or a veggie?
i'm convinced brennan would eat olives at every meal, if allowed.
so my question.
can the olive be counted as both

a fruit & a veggie?
i'm no farmer,
but my logic tells me it is "technically" a fruit b/c it grows from a tree.
i think the distinguishing factor of a veggie is growing from the ground.
then there's tomatoes.
an exception.

so can olives be an exception in the veggie world?
my argument for the olive being a veggie:
if they're not a veggie, then why are they always on the veggie platter at every one of our family holidays?
there you have it.
a fruit & a veggie.
there's green in the color black.

then there's the green ones themselves (which i REALLY don't prefer).

so can it be counted as a green veggie?
i think i'm onto something here...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

orange juice, who knew?

brennan spent the morning at wilder's.
pancakes and bananas.
they are 2 weeks apart.
the boys, not the pancakes.
yup, when his mommy was done being pregnant i still had 2 more weeks.
even though our due dates were three days apart.
or something.
yes bree, i'm STILL bugged about that!
off i went to my monthly doc apt for babe in belly.
155-160 beats per minute.
doc assures me that, in fact, i am pregnant.
i know, amazing.
i left dr. N's office with my ultrasound slip in hand.
the BIG ultrasound slip.
the one where we find out if everything is happy and healthy in there.
(and if it's a girl?????)
"anytime after the 14th of this month," he said.
well, i've officially paced myself and set it for the 29th.
@3:15 to be exact.
this snazy new place has all of the bells and whistles.
same doctor, just new ultrasound place.
1 hour, 3-D, lots of pictures.
i'm excited:-)
so i picked brennan up, and we brought wilder home with us for an hour or two.
they squealed and laughed the entire way home in the backseat.
so this is what twins is like, i think to myself.
they fought over the walker and the bike.
then they played in the play house together.
somehow wilder overturned the walker and scraped his tummy.
"mommy, mommy, mommy."
it was sad.
what fixed it?
orange juice.
the juice i gave them in their own big boy cups.
which they spilled all over the ground after their 3rd refill.
glad we were outside.
glad they made it through 3 refills.
wilder said, "uh oh."
brennan patted him on the back, looking very concerned.
i poured him some more.
it was darling.
oh. and brennan will be referred to as "talley" from this point forward.
says wilder anyway.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

time to feel myself up

this is the part where i almost died.
date: jan 2001, a wednesday night

i'm very cavalier about my health.
i've always been very healthy.
i barely even had a notable case of the chicken pox as a child.
i had a hairline fracture my senior year of high school.
no other broken bones.
a major car accident my senior year of high school.
late for play practice.
wet roads.
stupid 18 yr old (me).
two lane highway.
speeding (about 10 over)
smooshed beneath a flatbed truck.
hit a tree.
life flighted.
that was not a great year for me.
nonetheless, i consider myself to be an incredibly healthy person.
no major illnesses or complications in life.
it is rare for me to get a cold or the flu.
although i have had both this year.
as a teacher i never got the flu shot, and i never got the flu.
i've never missed work due to illness.
the only forms of cancer in my family history are skin cancers.
all treatable if caught early on.
thus my annual trips to the dermatologist.
so when my OB asks if i'm doing monthly breast exams i say,
"no, not really."
translation: never.
although when i'm nursing i am constantly checking for anything hard that could cause mastitis.
he smiles and reminds me that breast cancer is possible at any age, even when pregnant.
i always feel like the scary stuff doesn't apply to the mother in pregnancy.
before you start worrying, no, i don't have breast cancer.
it's always about having a healthy baby.
mom should be exempt from all scary "other" illnesses.
sheesh, being pregnant and birthing a baby should be enough for one year, don't you think!?
this of course is extremely ignorant.
as is my cavalier attitude about breast cancer.
did you know that you are at risk for breast cancer?
small ones, big ones, lopsided ones, augmented ones, and the list goes on.
you're a women, you're at risk.
there have even been cases of men with breast cancer.
rare, but still, they have the breast tissue.
"i don't have any history of breast cancer in my family."
this is what i tell myself.
"i eat very healthy foods and exercise regularly."
then i think of lance.
then yesterday, i hear of someone close to me who's mother has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.
without any family history of it.
i guess it's time to go feel myself up.
oh goody:-)
i hope you do too.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


my college invention.
in the dorm cafeteria of whitney hall.
cottage and english muffin.
top with cottage (4% milkfat, small curd)
i realize this may sound disgusting, but OH how delightful it is:-)
go ahead,
i dare you!
try it.
happy eating:-)

Monday, August 31, 2009


i love how they say,
"my irregularity was a problem. with activia once a day it's no longer a problem."
(big smile on their face)
why don't they just say,
"i wasn't pooping every day, but now i'm pooping every day."
(big smile on their face)
that part can stay the same.
that would make for much better tv.
especially late at night.


goddesses & gents,
i'd like to introduce to you

this picture was taken in his youth.
he is now the right bold age of 3 years old!
he'd red, he's blue, he has the prettiest flow-ie tail.
he's the coolest beta around.
happy birthday chuck!
we never thought you'd make it this far,

but HOT DOG, we're glad you did:-)
here's to 3 more!
(picture taken in my classroom on my first day of teaching, back in the day, awwww)