"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, January 25, 2014

3am next wednesday

next wednesday 
at 3am in the morning
we are taking these piggies
to greener pastures!
pastures without inversion smog.
i of course will wait until the very last minute to start packing.
it is my nature.
it can't be changed.
but as far as i'm concerned we're already in vacation mode,
thanks to my pretty pink toes that grandma carol treated us all to,
that are hiding under my socks as i type this:)
there has never been a cuter girl than max 
getting her piggies and fingernails painted.
pink with sparkles.
that's what she picked out.
chase just liked to kick his feet in the aqua blue water.
and dump all of his snacks out of their baggies onto the nail place floors.
it was awesome. 
i'm still dreaming of the massage chair.
i really wanted to take it home:)
t-minus 3 and a 1/2 sleeps, 
as the 4th sleep doesn't really count.
not when you go to bed at 1am.

Friday, January 24, 2014

3 time offender {chocolate eclair cake recipe}

1st time out.
we've crossed the great divide.
where "he's just a baby" and "he just wacked her and he knew he shouldn't" slam into each other.
and sometimes that means slamming into your sister's face.

wednesday 9:36am.
3 time offender.

and do you know what?
i MAY have ignored it a little bit longer
just because when you're the third kid,
you've got to look out for yourself.
and his punch is still whimpy,
especially when he's the man on the ground,
and i think i was checking my bank statement too,
and she's the gal up in the bistro chair,
and she was a hitter too,
but then i put him in time out.
and max got to take
pride in the
if only she knew the truth.
oh to be almost 2,
baby man. 
like on sunday.
or something.
if you don't have 2pm church.
or if you do,
make it before you go.
b/c i swear to you that it gets better with age.
the longer it sits in your fridge.
it's light.
it's fluffy.
and then there's this chocolate on the top.
just make it.
chocolate eclair cake


for the cake
1 box honey graham crackers
2 pkg {3.4 oz each} instant french vanilla pudding
2 1/2 cup milk
12 oz cool whip

for the frosting
2 oz melted semi-sweet chocolate chips
2tsp corn syrup
1tsp vanilla
3 tbls melted butter
1 1/2 cup powdered sugar
3 tbls milk

1. mix pudding with milk. fold in cool whip.
2. layer graham crackers, 
pudding/cool whip mixture, 
graham crackers, 
pudding/cool whip mixture, 
graham crackers.
that's 5 layers folks.
two pudding, three graham.
3. melt your frosting stuff in a pan on your stove in this order:
chocolate and butter
corn syrup
milk and powdered sugar.
stir it the whole time so it doesn't burn.
4. pour that chocolate sauce all over the top of your cake,
and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours or days.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

no diaper necessary

he loves to just lounge in his robe.
socks too.
no diaper necessary.
you've never seen a man more satisfied ever.
just don't try to get him dressed.
or take off his robe.
mostly he just doesn't want you to take off his robe.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

we all thought they were a vegetable {meatball sandwiches recipe}

when i just couldn't stand it anymore,
i had to get up on my counter,
and then prop the worst side up.
works like a charm.
every time.
oprah calls it multi-tasking.
so the spaghetti sauce doesn't splatter,
while the meatballs cook.
i apparently wear my purple striped sweater a lot.
no apologies.
it's super comfy.
these were great too.
sean and i agreed,
that the sauce counted for our vegetable this night,
because even though we know tomatoes are a fruit now,
we all thought they were a vegetable until we were at least 10.
maybe 12.
meatball sandwiches

tray of frozen meatballs from costco
trader joe's NOT chunky marinara sauce in jar
sandwich buns {i bought cheap, soft ones from winco--AMAZING}
shredded mozarella cheese

1. cook your tray of frozen meatballs as directed on bag, 
while warming your jar of sauce on the stove.
2. when meatballs are done, throw 'em in the sauce and stir until it all feels like it's as hot as you want.
3. spoon 4-5 meatballs onto a bun {make sure your buns are still "together" on one side so the sauce and meatballs don't fall out the other side.}, add extra sauce until your buns are filled up.
4. put on foil covered cookie sheet, 
and continue until all your buns are lined up in a row.
5. cover them up a TON with your shredded mozzarella.
6. bake at 400* for 5-10 minutes, 
or until cheese is all melty and nice:) 
in honor of high school nostalgia,
i had to have a root beer with it. 
to paige and jackie--3 words: subway, 3am, hawaii.
brennan was asking when we could have them again after his first bite.
we spent the rest of the night watching chase drag sean around 
by the hand 
with a bucket over his head.
chase, not sean.
he likes to put it on, and run into the walls over and over again,
laughing hysterically, even when it knocks him down.
except i think he mostly just likes that we are all laughing at him.
because it's hilarious.
there might not be anything funnier than a baby man walking around
with a bucket over his entire head,
running into walls.
belly laughing.
not to worry,
responsible parents such as us 
always have the stairs and landings well monitored.
don't try this at home folks.
unless you're responsible about stairs and stuff like us.
is the 3rd child always the comedian?
sean's mom says he was too.
that's why i'm asking.
sean was dragging max around on his leg.
and brennan was the one being chased.
just another thursday night at the gibson home.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

two tuesday nights ago.

one of my 
top 10 favorite moments 
of motherhood.
right here.
while i was waiting for the dinner oven to ding.
can't remember the song that was on.
chase, the ballroom master.
i just remember the look on his face and the sound of his laugh,
spinning round and round between the oven and the kitchen counter. 
two tuesday nights ago.

Monday, January 20, 2014

and parks and stuff too.

it's the january thaw ya'll.
where most utahans don't wear coats.
and your kids get to see the light of day again.
and parks and stuff too. 
ok some people wear their coats.
but not if they're going from their car to the store.
not worth carrying your coat around inside.
melted snow=motes around the sand diggers. 
chase had to get new clothes on when we got home. totally worth it.
then we all collapsed and sat under blankets for the rest of the night.
until i made homemade clam chowder.
which all 3 of my kids hated.
sean and i ate ours.
and tried every bribe under the book to get them to eat theirs.
and then when brennan started dry heaving
we knew we were sunk.
so sean started passing out buttered toast and jam.
no dessert served.
chase liked the bacon.
he kept getting up on his stool and stealing handfuls of it.
can't blame him.
who doesn't love bacon?
no one.
{if you have ever seen my kindergarten picture,
the one with the different colored hand prints as the background,
you  would know that chase is my TWIN. right down to this very face.
i will dig it out for you sometime and you will be like "oh my GOOOOSH, they are twins."
i swear. i was laughing so hard about it that most of my pictures were blurry.
we are kin. and i love it.}
so feeding my kids i did not like tonight,
except i really loved making what my kids did not like tonight. 
especially because my kids played toys at the table together the entire time.
with no fighting.
no whining.
and no crying.
just chatting,
and everything in between.
and we all know how miraculous this feat is when dinner time 
always falls at the same bewitching hours of every day.
so i sat there frying bacon
and chopping my idaho potatoes,
and it was heaven.
that is
until they all started crying after they took their first bite of my homemade chowda.
that was not so nice.
devastating really.
in a nondramatic way.
except sean and i mostly laughed about it.
b/c you could tell they truly despised it.
hated it.
want to barf it.
and it was just funny.
so we ate our chowda and stifled laughs,
looking at each other doing the shoulder shrugging laughs
between bribes of course.
and like i said,
none of which worked.
but let's just remember this:
bet you can't guess who's at the top of that tower;)

Sunday, January 19, 2014


my dishwasher is mostly 
full of mugs right now.
{he's 5 in his own head.}