"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, February 12, 2010

i was rude.

i was rude to the sean around 5:30am this morning.
dang it.
i was so tired.
lame excuse.
i was annoyed that kinz was fed and changed, but unable to keep her Binky in.
so what did sean do?
yell at me and roll over to sleep?
"you're being really rude, and it's annoying." (sean)
of course, like any mature adult i replied, "well you're annoying me too."
"what am i doing?" (sean)
"i don't know, you just are."
(b/c he wasn't doing anything, i just wanted to be bratty)
so he gave me a kiss, picked kinz up, and rocked her in the recliner until 6:30am.
luckiest girl on the block.
both of us.
and then i grovelled this morning and gave him a REALLY big smile.
he smiled back and gave me a kiss.
i think i got off too easy.
which makes me want to try harder to NOT be rude tonight.
b/c being rude is lame.
especially b/c you are tired.
in other news...
after 3 years of high school spanish i'm pretty positive i am not saying that grammatically correct, but you get ma' drift.
i completely forgot how many diapers newborns go through.
the pork loin stayed in 1 diaper for 7 hours yesterday purely b/c i didn't even think to change his.
in my mind i felt like i had changed it.
note to self: when newborn poops, wait 5 min. b/c 9 times out of 10 there is more on the way.
we are officially set up for skype, and i officially have no clue what i am doing.
also, ann geddes called.
we told her thanks, but no thanks.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


no milk.
no sleep.
red eyes.
bad dream.
semi-clean house.
cute kids.

and it's snowing.

big flakes.

so i'm slightly more cheer-y than i would have been.

and am now much more equip to face the day.

good thing it's snowing:-)

it might have been a scary day without it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

shoog night

3:14am never felt so good.
my middle of the night feeding rewards.
if max gets to eat, so do i;-)

first nickname has been given:

"shoog night"

nights with max are just as sweet as sugar.

and i think it's a funny name b/c it's a little ghetto too.

isn't there a rapper with that name?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

gigantor & a pink puff

brennan is HUGE!!!!!

hard to tell she's a girl.
i know.
i guess we'll have to put a sign on her that says,
"it's a girl."
just so there's no confusion.

"SNS" a.k.a. operation leche

my boobs are not working yet.
i told this to dr. N this morning.
he smiled with his eyes and said lots of nice things that successfully placed him in the
"all knowing god of understanding women" category.
the scout master is there too.
for rubbing my back and catering to my every need.
little miss max thinks colostrum is a waste of her time.
thank goodness for evil formula.
i say this b/c i used to think it was evil, but now i have an entirely new perspective and am grateful for the support it is giving me until my milk arrives.
the kind that comes in little small tubes to sneak into baby's mouth while she is sucking colostrum.
SNS is what they call it.
"supplemental nursing system"
so i put aside my fears and discriminatory thoughts towards formula.
she's healthy.
i'm healthy.
her name, i adore.
her lips, her puppy dog nose and eyes, her pretty hair.
i thought it was strawberry blonde, but now it's sandy blonde.
and her toes that are as long as fingers!
they could curl around a tree branch.
really, they're that long.
operation: WAIT for milk.
max's weight was down more than 10% last night, so this tiny little tube goes into her mouth while she nurses.
oh boy, does she LOVE it!!!
i keep telling her, the BEST is yet to come.
just wait for the real deal little missy:-)
tick tock tick tock tick tock...

Monday, February 8, 2010

the cocktail

Makenzie Maxine Gibson
7lbs. 14oz.
18 inches
the st. mark's cocktail:
been craving it since i had brennan.
cranberry juice, orange juice, sprite.
tried to make it, but have never gotten it right.
have to keep having babies to get it.
i'm sold.
thanks to jen, no hospital booties for me.
would you look at those heart gems on the side!
mom brought me pho.
vietnamese soup.
i wore this home from the hospital when i was born.
max had her hospital photo shoot in it today.
i love her puppy dog face.
and george castanza hair.
missing my brennan.
no one under 14 can come visit.
the infamous Dr. N.
3 cheers for him.
and nurse jackie.
mama C. if this face doesn't exude "max," i don't know what else does.
LOVE this pic of sean's mom.
nursing contractions are not so awesome,
but the nursery is WAY awesome:-)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

better than 1.

Makenzie Maxine Gibson
February 7, 2010
7lbs. 14oz.
18 in.
"I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life and I thought, hey
You know this could be something..."

"'Cause everything you do and words you say

You know that it all takes my breath away...
...So maybe it's true
That I can't live without you
And maybe two is better than one..."

"But there's so much time
To figure out the rest of my life
And you've already got me coming undone
And I'm thinking two is better than one..."

"I remember every look upon your face
The way you roll your eyes, the way you say
You make it hard for breathing..."
"Cause when I close my eyes and drift away
I think of you and everything's okay
I'm finally now believing..."
"That maybe it's true
That I can't live without you
And maybe two is better than one..."
-"Two Is Better Than One"
by Boys Like Girls, feat. Taylor Swift