"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, June 4, 2011

bonus rules for boys

have i mentioned,
brennan's potty trained?!?
we went the entire day.
in one pair of underwear.
it felt weird.
and normal.
all at the same time.
went out.
of our house.
to two parties.
one birthday.
and one going away.
and survived them both.
kind of.
we made it to the car after the second party at 9pm,
and he lost it.
b/c we forgot the port-a-potty {mcqueen potty}
b/c the big potty is just too scary, he says.
so he was trying to hold it until we got home.
but the poor little guy had chugged one two many glasses of milk with his brownie.
we won't count that b/c he told me he had to go and wanted to go.
just had no where to go.
despite me explaining that there are extra bonus rules for boys,
behind trees and such,
if he wanted to test the waters.
he didn't.
and normally he would have been in bed by 8:30pm,
so anything after 8:30pm doesn't count anyway.
we made it friends.
we made it!!!
and it took less than 72 hours this time.
i guess this is what they meant when they said,
"when they're ready, they're ready."
2 more days of this and he gets the motorcycle big wheels from grandma gibson that motivated all of this potty business.
thank heavens for motorcycle big wheels.

Friday, June 3, 2011

i didn't wear orange for almost 10 years after high school.

planning my 10 yr
high school reunion
is taking over my life.
just ask sean.
it's been really fun:)
click here to see what i've been up to.
of course i volunteered to run the reunion blog.
yours truly,
voted most school spirited for the class of 2001
{will have to find that pic for your entertainment}
2nd from the left: me
with neon orange pants.
and orange lens sunglasses,
which you can thankfully NOT see.
holding my throw away camera.
which i always had on me.
not much has changed about that.
except the digital part of everything.
then karen.
then alexis.
danielle in the back with the yellow balloon crown.
dawna to her right?
where's paige???
behnd the camera.
i think.
and aris???
and JAX?!
probably dressed up in the sumo suits.
SO embarrassing.
bunch of crazy kids.
man, i can't wait to see my friends again:)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

how things grow.

 testing out our sprinklers.
 step 1: 
brennan did it. must be exciting.
 step 2: ooooo, really exciting!
 step 3: this is AMAZING!
step 4: wait a minute,what WAS that?! 
lesson learned;)
i have LOTS of green beans poking through the soil today.
it's pretty great.
i've been fighting the urge to lay on the grass and stare at them all day.
it's just so spectacular.
how things grow.

now i a man.

 bieber asked me to help him put on the baseball glove last night.
once it was on,
he informed me,
"now i a man."
 and then he walked off.
in his spider man shirt.
baggy khaki shorts.
and lightening mcqueen shoes.
i adore this 3 year old boy.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

loud, sandy, & dirty {just another tuesday}

uncle dave called.
said he was having a dump truck full of sand delievered to his driveway today.
and did i want some?
except for the fact that i had JUST.
and i mean JUST bought 20 more bags of sand from home depot.
like i was driving away and had already paid.
and could not bring myself to return them.
due to the fact that i had just spent the last 20 min begging those nice men at home depot to load those 20 bags of sand into my jeep.
and could they please position them so that my jeep would not bottom out from the 1,000 pounds of sand they were loading in?
so i couldn't possibly return it.
but could i please have the extra sand when he's all done so i didn't have to come back for the more sand i knew i was going to need?
i mean really, we dug quite the sandbox for ourselves.
so i called bree and she brought the troops over to the family yard for the big sand show.
max and i picked up icee's on the way.
it was bigger than her.
and boy, those BOYS thought it was a darn good show.
 i absolutely LOVE how they both have their arms behind their backs,
looking at the sand coming out.
it was loud,
and sandy,
and dirty.
what more could a 3 yr old boy ask for?
 max was really not sure about the entire thing.
she had to be held,
and clung to my shirt.
i loved it.
and then she realized it was just sand.
not scary.
just sand.
and thinking she's 3 and all,
that she would just go climb that big huge sand pile with the boys.
 and then slide all the way down on her tummy.
but the boys called it sliding down on her skateboard.
 just another tuesday.
oh how i love tuesdays.

two drumsticks like a caveman

 grilled drumsticks with dad's famous terriyaki sauce.
baked potatoes, loaded.
grilled asparagas.
max stole half of my portion of asparagas, including hers.
little trash compactor.
 brennan ate two drumsticks like a caveman and declared it was the best food he'd ever eaten.
sean's mom too.
the boys did some good grillin'.
i made frozen cookie dough drops, rolled in chocolate.
yep, i can die now.
my life is complete.
 it was freezing,
pretty much all day.
christening cermony of the sandbox.
 we need more sand.
and more marigolds to keep the cats out.
there's mud and sand all over my house.
inside and out.
happy june.
i hope this means it's finally summer.
we fixed the negative grade of the house with the extra dirt.
sean's a GENIUS.
and his dad's a saint for helping.