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Monday, March 9, 2009

i'm taking bets!!!!!

here's a video to help you decide:

and another one in case you're still not sure!

before you pass go, we must share some history for our newer readers...

once upon a time,

there was a pork loin.

he sat, and sat, and sat upon his thrown.

he rolled and rolled, but would never scoot.

he would reach for toys and dig his knees,

but would never move an inch!

"come on little loin, it's such a cinch" his mommy & daddy would say.

"he's just too large to crawl and charge!" chanted many of the folk.

but dr. lynch hailed the loin for his cheeks and promised us he would crawl in weeks!

so we waited, and waited, and waited...

and waited.

bets were placed, cookies were waiting.

but all to no avail!

finally at 10 1/2 months the little loin commando crawled!

and here were are ready to walk,

and ready to try again!

so pick a date, any date for when you think he'll walk!

and remember, you can't win if you don't take a guess;-)

don't be a pest, just place your bets!

and you'll be the one who gets!

bets must be placed by Friday March 13th (oooo, scary!!!! Friday the 13th!)

still can't decide?

mommy's guess may or may NOT help;-)

nonetheless, i'm calling April 13th!

good luck to you and yours!


The Wilson Family said...

APRIL 6TH (what a good day haha)

Winder Love said...

April 24th.

Sue said...


Okay, forget the little rhyming poem I sent you by e-mail. I hadn't seen your blog yet...all I had done was read the mass email...so i didn't know you had already gone all out, rhyme-wise.

Anyway, I ove it! And will be placing my bet soon. (I have to stew about it for a while first...using my complex math skills, of course). NOT

Anonymous said...

Its Jess, My guess is March 31. Yes I know my blogger is now not in filipino and I can read and figure out enough to post a comment finally. I know finally-right.

Anonymous said...

Hey Em, I finally got my blogger out of filipino and can follow the directions enough to post you a comment. Finally-I know. My guess is March 31

Chrissy said...

I am going to say March 27, HOPEFULLY.


The Cuties' Mommy said...

March 25th - so I love this post. So creative - so cute...you are awesome! :)

Kelseyalice said...

April 20th :)

The Gist Family! said...

Hi EM,

I am going to put my 2 cents in for March 31. He is SO CLOSE!


Proudfeet said...

He'll be cruising in time to reach for his Easter Basket! April 12 is my bet!

ryan and stacy beck said...

So I just imagined Brennan as a little old man at 80 years old walking around like that again w/ a walker (just not as cute). Um I want to say March 30th since that's my due date but I'm going to go with...April 10th. Just gonna give the little guy a little more time.

bitterfamily said...

March 18

Amy said...

I am thinking he will be walking by March 25th. He is so close!

Bree said...

I guess april 1 just to fool you! but i need to seem him in real life to get a better guess

i just really want the cookies please!

Dana and Adam said...

Hey Em! I haven't been on here forever! I'm so glad that Brennan is feeling better. Scary doctors visits are no fun. Also, I LOVE your new hair do. It looks great on you. I'm going to guess May 21. I know it's a long way off, but it's Zachy's B-day so I'm gonna go with it. Go B!

Davis Family said...

May 1st....It's not that I don't have faith in your little guy, I just have a hunch that's all. Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

this is aunt dana betting april 13!

Anonymous said...

This is a no brainer....It will be
Easter Sunday....because God "has risen". Dad "a.k.a. silver fox"

Anonymous said...

this is tammy mccleary, Your blog is seriously the cutest thing ever!!!!! Can I hire you to do mine?
The McCleary's are guessing on the "Walk Date"...March 30th!

Fiauna said...

I'm going to say ... April 27th. Good luck! Go, Pork Loin, go.

jackie herself said...

march 29th!! i can't believe how grown up he is these days!

Hastings Family said...

I am going to say April 15th. The day our baby is due! :)

Anonymous said...

this is Paige. i think bren will walk on st. patricks day! (that would be a festive day to start walking...you better get goin porky!!!)

Carlson Clan said...

Hmmm I'm going to say April 15th! He's such a cute lil' porkloin Em! He should be a baby model!

Anonymous said...

E: Could be a tricky bet. I propose that you do a Clinton thing and define "walk".

My bets are --- a one step walk followed by a face-plant by March 17 (on that Italian holiday);
a three step walk beginning with an unassisted start followed by a face-plant by March 28;
a reeling seven step walk followed by a right-handed roll to a stop by April 10.

after that / get him a drivers license

Cheers, D.M.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Are we talking first step or actually walking around?
1st step my guess 4/1/09
walking around 5/4/09.
Thanks, Grandma GiGi
This is fun Gooooo Brennan

keri said...

April 9th. My Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

this is Arlen Wilcock. I'll say March 18th.

Queen Vee said...

I'm going to guess March 29th!!!

Natalie said...

April 3rd is my very scientific guess! :)

Synergy Girl said...

Okay, I think April 2nd...cause you just can't guess April Fools Day!! I should really send my mom to you. My baby turned one, and she flew here on his birthday. That same day, he decided to walk!! Now about a week later, he not only walks, but he turns, and can stand himself up in the middle of the room....WHAT??!!! So, when the day hits....he will be OFF!!!

Katie said...

Can I play even though I don't know you? April 26.