"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

marvelous max {the girl who doesn't TURN OFF.}

she doesn't turn off.
send reinforcements.
i totally took brennan and his tv watching for granted.
this is also something i've always loved about max. that she's never been too interested.
but mostly that's b/c she doesn't like it, 
and i just love that i don't ever feel that awful guilty mother feeling 
about my child watching days of television like i ALWAYS felt with brennan, 
because when she does watch it, i know she's not going to over do it. 
and so it's just this fun little 5 minute thing. 
and i love her for that.
but every once in awhile, i would go without sleep and water for 3 days straight,
JUST to have her turn off for one full length movie.
just one.
i will always remember this about max.
my puzzle doing,
playing toys,
book reading,
baby wipe stealing {for barbie bed sheets--which i find all over the house},
bathroom flooding,
coffee table "bed making,"
chess pieces all over the house,
activity bin diver
i will remember to do afternoon kindergarten next year.
as that will be the best thing for this little miss max;)
{above--first day of preschool: just when i think i have little miss max figured out,
she hopped out of the car without a single tear for her first day of Pre-K. 
this was a downright christmas miracle in august, and i was just so very proud!}
{studying her scriptures with me--be still my soul.}
{ariel the snail. she told me HE was going to live in her room. when i told her he needed to sleep on the back porch, she put him outside, washed her hands, and then checked on HIM for an hour straight to make sure HE was safe and still there. then she forgot about ariel and hasn't looked for him since. i'm still holding my breath for when she realizes he's gone.}
{he really was the cutest little baby snail.}
{her "hearing aids like cassie." cade's older sister cassie is deaf and wears hearing implants. 
she and max sit next to each other every day on the way home from carpool pick up in the afternoons. one day she put my hair clips on each side of her head, right where cassie's implants go, and told me she could hear me better now with her hearing implants "JUST like cassie." my heart has never been so full as it was in the moment, except maybe it was more full when cassie was BEAMING the next day, telling me her mom told her that max was wearing implants to be JUST like her. that pretty much topped my cake with every topping known to man. 
for sure THE PEAK of my day two days in a row.}
{note: baby wipes=barbie or any doll blankets.}
{i've had to limit her to a 5 a day ration folks, but let's be honest,
as long as she's happy, i'm all "who's counting anyway."} 
oh max,
i love you SO SO SO very much.
especially how you want to do everything with me all day long.
at my heels with every step.
i'm really going to miss that when this phase is gone and over.
and i'm just so glad that i took the time to sit down and remember that today.
because i was having a hard time remembering before just now.
that i will MISS these things about you someday.