"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, May 27, 2011

mr. sandman

memorial day weekend projects:
make sandbox
mow lawn
visit gravesites
heal our sunburns

somewhere over the rainbow

 brennan told me he made me a rainbow.
and to come see it.
smarty pants.
can you see it??

Thursday, May 26, 2011

snoring away {CUBED ICE}

i hope my fridge dies.
i hope it dies a fast, painless death.
or tomorrow.
or saturday.
or by monday.
or labor day.
labor day would be fine too.
i can wait until labor day.
cubed ice, my friends.
there is nothing more i need to say.
 while watching tom & jerry on the couch,
the afternoon of yesterday,
my left side started to snore.
then i realized it was my 3 yr old.
who is NOT allowed to take naps.
b/c he will stay up until midnight,
and then be up at 7am the next morning.
and crying the entire next day.
but i couldn't wake him up.
i had to savor it.
and it was worth this entire cranky day of his today.
to have him sleep tucked into my side.
snoring away.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

boo {as in scary, not sad}

brennan's favorite new hobby.
last night i jumped 3 feet and lost my breath when i came around the corner at 1am and found brennan quietly sitting on his knees in the upstairs hall.
staring at me.
he must have been watching me clean up the kitchen.
i scare easily.
this is a known fact in my family.
which sean uses to his advantage frequently.
i mean really,
all you have to do is walk up to me and say, "boo."
no added effort necessary.
i can even know you're coming.
so after i jumped and gasped for air, heart racing, body like jello {i know, i'm a wuss},
i got to carry him downstairs for a drink of milk.
and then came the cherry on top.
rocking him.
AND singing to him.
his request.
it's a good thing i was already awake.
b/c if i had been asleep i would have been really grumpy about it.
whined about how he should just get back in bed.
and NOW.
i was not grumpy last night.
i was blissfully enjoying my little baby.
big boy.
{i'll love you forever, i'll like for always, as long as i'm living, my baby you'll be.}
and what did he want me to sing?
baby beluga.
i died and went to heaven:)
you had me at "boo."
or beluga.

Monday, May 23, 2011

aquaholics: part deux

despite the thunder and lightening outside,
swimming lessons started today.
three cheers for the indoor pool.
the only time anyone cried was when it was time to leave.
i had to haul brennan out screaming b/c he wanted to stay so badly.
now if i could just get him to listen all the time occassionally,
he'd be perfect.
i'd be perfect.
we'd all be perfect.
if i could just get him to listen!
wouldn't that be a dream.
or potty train.
told him if he screamed and ran away every time we had to leave swimming lessons then we couldn't come back.
i was lying.
fun and cheap.
can't go wrong.
3x a week is going to keep us awfully busy.
and so it begins...