"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, July 30, 2010

Thursday, July 29, 2010


the girl intoxicates me.
even when she hasn't had a bath since monday.
she still smells like yummy baby.
i love kissing babies without teeth.
max laughs when you give her fast kisses.
she found her hands this week.
i saw her looking at one hand, rotating it around.
then grab it with the other.
shock on her face.
wow, look what i just caught!
it's a bird!
it's a plane!
no, wait, it's my left hand.
it just never gets old.
now, if she would just take her nap...
i think it's time to move her out of the bassinet.
we've had a week of summer rain.
with lightening bolts and thunder on the side.
warm air.
cool drops.
the pork loin and i stood out in it when we got home from beth's.
we practiced trying to catch the rain drops on our tongue.
why is it that they will fall everywhere but my open mouth?
he swears he was getting some in his.
who am i to tell the man he's not.
i left the door open while i nursed max.
he ran in and out squealing.
it lasted for 5 mintues.
then he only wanted to slam the door, while rooooooaaaaaring.
this was not conducive to getting a 6 mo. old to nurse.
so of course, i bribed him by Popsicle.
and we enjoyed ourselves a little longer.
i've spent the rest of the day wishing the rain would not leave it's humidity behind.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ball point pen

the scout master arrived home from camp with a sunburned face and an exhausted self.
i spent the better part of the early evening attending to his every need---
errrrrr, talking on the phone and booking airline tickets.
to make it up to him i whipped up a home cooked meal---
errrrrr, went through the drive though at taco bell.
i love their straws.
during this time, the pork loin was left unattended with a ball point pen.
i think the outcome was low risk at best.i'm happy it wasn't our walls again.
or better yet,
my freshly mopped floors.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

throwing his spoon full of oatmeal.

i don't know why i make such a big deal out of mopping.
i used to make a big deal out of cleaning the bathroom.
i still make a big deal out of cleaning my tub.
when i say "big deal," i mean that i put it off in my head as this huge surmounting task that is going to take all of my time and energy.
but when i actually do it, it doesn't take that long.
and i feel great after.
so i finally mopped last night.
i can't wait to see what ends up on my floors today.
there goes brennan spoon of oatmeal.
no, i'm not kidding.
he really just threw it down.
and i just went over and really wiped it up with a sponge.
give it a few days and i'll be looking the other way to spills.
the only nice thing about a clean floor is feeling great that my floor is clean.
for a day or two.
but the really great thing about a dirty floor is feeling great that i don't care that my son is acting 2.
and throwing his spoon full of oatmeal on my floor.
let's get it dirty again.
in a few days...

Monday, July 26, 2010

smells of summer

my windows are door are open.
my house smells like summer rain.
is there a candle for that???

i've been informed.

on saturday brennan told me he has boobs and they have milk.
he showed me his boobs to prove it.
and walked around the house telling us about it.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

i just got excited for halloween.

pioneer day doesn't last for one day.
i'm now ready for october.
or at least september.
i would like to make a motion to skip the month of august.
all that agree say, "eye."
the scout master is banging around getting ready for camp.
the pork loin is wearing a forehead flashlight and dust busting my carpet.
i believe this is what they call the calm after the storm.
or was it before???
there are piles of clothes,
clean and dirty
all over.
sleeping bags,
captain crunch,
and i still have not mopped my floor.
i give you,
the longest weekend documented by photo gallery.
cowabunga water park
i remembered my swim suit this time.
go me.
i'm taking my family.
we're running away to join the rodeo.
max puked squash on herself.
and dazzled the bulls with her large bow.
i took this when we got on the mega-tron-tv.
i hope that's all the famous we ever become.
brennan's favorite part of the entire weekend.
he's still talking about it.
doctor scout master kept grimmacing for the bull rider's backs.
now you see him...
now you don't...
we practice firework safety.
used to be my favorite part as a kid.
i just got excited for halloween.