"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, July 18, 2014

fair and square in love and war.

he bit her in the arm,
so she bit him on the cheek.
fair and square.
in love and war.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


that one day when max asked me to do her hair just like mine.
dream come true:)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

once upon a time, it was the 4th of july.

this fourth of july will forever be the year i will remember as the one where chase went around burying his head in our shoulders so he couldn't see the fireworks.
but when each firework would pop off,
you'd see his little eyes curve over to the side of his head to watch,
just out of the corner of his eye.
with utter trepidation on his face.
it was my favorite thing of the entire day.
just so so SOOOO cute.

this year's menu:
baby back smoked ribs
homemade french fries
bacon wrapped cheese stuffed hot dogs
soft serve ice cream cones
snow cones {with or without ice cream, however you fancy}
homemade corn dogs {i will never eat a frozen on EVER again. WOW.}
grilled corn
broccoli salad
avocado dips #1 and #2
chicken skewers
desserts a'plenty
basically, we pulled out ALLLLL the stops in the food department this 4th of july.
ladies and gentlemen,
without further delay...i give you,

i swear to you, you've never tasted any combination as good as this.
not even peanut butter and chocolate could top this.
which is saying a lot coming from me.
word to the wise: don't try to drink the melted ice cream after.
basically like drinking the ocean, but worse.
had to get myself a 5th bowl of ice cream and fries just to recover.
totally worth it.
{note: it's days like these where i really appreciate my 90/60 blood pressure.}
{mmm mmm mmm. i promise, they're supposed to look that way.
if you don't light them on fire, they won't taste right. delish! 
when they're popping on the grill, you KNOW they're done.}
{above: the corn dogs i CAN'T stop thinking about.}
corn dog
{aka: homemade corn dog.}
{note: somewhere between above 
and below he lost something...}
{i was in love with max's 4th of july nails.}
{above: when you try to grab a sparkler 
from the wrong end one too many times.
you're BANNED. so rough to be 2.}
 then one of the fireworks blew out of its side, fell over, 
and shot at keaton one way, and grandma gigi the other,
and that pretty much wrapped up the night in a jiffy!
no one's fault, even though keaton thought it was his at first,
just a bad egg so ta speak.
the firework, not keaton;)
we couldn't find brennan for 20 minutes because he was hiding in the big yellow slide,
and max and chase ran inside to grandma carol's house.
good times in the land of the free.
i just love america's birthday.
it never gets old:)
the end.

Monday, July 14, 2014

raspberries on a 91* july summer night

 91* at 8:14pm on a sunday night.
i promise you,
it's the only time i EVER love 91*.
OHHHH utah at night in july!
it just never gets old.
{above: naked bum, and a belly full of berries.}

and then he found out the raspberries were all out.
happy monday!