"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, June 20, 2009

organic nudity.

"organic nudity"
if there is such a thing,
my basil plants are it.
the pesto pizza was well worth it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


i need to learn about basil.
i use it often in my kitchen.
mainly for pizzas.
my favorite recipe with basil includes whole wheat pesto pizza.
i'm making it friday night.
served with sparkling lemonade and a tossed spinach salad.
other basil usages i enjoy...
bottom layer of any pizza
stuffed pork chops
spaghetti sauce
pesto pasta

this basil stuff is expensive though.
i have yet to find basil sold in any form other than "organic."
if you put the word "organic" in front of something, it automatically means you are doubling the price by at least 50%.
i just read that nicole richie eats "only organic" when she's expecting.
i have not hopped on the "organic" train.
completely and utterly due to price.
i just can't see the effects of "organic" when my visa can swipe

6 bananas for the same price as 1 "organic" banana.
what does "organic" really mean?
less pesticides?
doesn't that mean more bugs?
tell me goddesses, PLEASE, there must be an "organic goddess" reading.
inform us, please!
we will not scoff.
just help our ignorance:-)
or tell us it's nothing other than something to make us feel more "hollywood" in our daily lives.
sometimes it's good to feel a little hollywood.

i hope i have not offended you if you are an "organic goddess." i think Nie was? educate us! until then, i'm chalking it up to "just more expensive."
while shopping in my favorite new found store (thank you keri),
i came across what my heart has been searching for since january.
my very own.
i originally planned to buy seeds and grow them in our garden, but
they are already ready for the picking!
i put 2, count 'em, 2 in my cart.
$10 total.
if you've ever bought basil you can tell by looking at my plants above that this was a snag of a deal.
so we'll see if this utah "fall in summer" weather will harvest a good crop.
until then, i'm storing them in my kitchen.
the smell is lovely.
i walk around the island to get to the living room just to get a whiff.
it's so relaxing.
a goddess moment of pampering.
the only problem with growing my own basil is that the only thing i know about growing basil is that they needs lots of sun.
come on weather, cooperate.
imagine the convenience of fresh basil just outside my door!
please weather, please.
think of the pesto!
wait, does this mean i'm "organic"??????

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

spoils your kiss

my cousin is in thailand.
i saw this picture this morning in her facebook photos and laughed.
really hard.
i hope it makes you laugh too.
maybe we need these kind of ads in america!
courtesy of CJ photography

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the orginal goddess

the original goddess.
this is sandie, my step mom.
she's known me since i was in utero.
brennan knows her as "gram."
back to the goddess part.

somewhere in the last 10-15 years the

goddess weekends


i'm convinced sandie created the term goddess and pampering.
these were weekend trips away from the men with her besties.
i'm not sure how many were in the orginal group,
so hopefully i'll get an email with the details?
i know tina, julie, and diane were involved.
trouble, with a capital "T"!!!!
so the women escaped.
i believe they even wore crowns of sorts.
games, drinks, food, "goddessing" and whatever that entails.


best friends, free to get away and enjoy each other as women.
there's nothing like good women in your life.
i can't imagine life without my good friends.
so goddesses,
all hail

the orignal goddess today!
and do something


for yourselves in honor of goddess glory!
and know that you are my goddesses;-)
and i think you are snazy!
don't know what i'm talking about?

better get reading!!!
you won't be able to put it down!

Monday, June 15, 2009

war wounds

dear dad,
you know how i like to stand on the treadmill by mom's desk? how i like to put my finger right up to the printer, but not touch it (b/c i know i'm not supposed to)? well, mom was putting away the strainer, you know, since you were so great to wash all of the dishes last night (mom loved it lots). so she was putting away the strainer saying, "ta-ta brennan, please don't touch the printer." and then, the BOOM heard round the block. it was my head banging straight into the edge of the desk AND the wall. my body was all twisted, and my arm was stuck behind the desk. i cried really hard. the coolest part was the instant, and i mean INSTANT, goose egg on my forehead. mom is really glad i didn't crack my noggin' open. she said it looked like it came pretty close. no blood, just a line indented into my head. so i'm all set with motrin and peanut butter and jelly. the doc says about a week for this shiner to go down. does this mean we're not taking family pictures with jackie anymore? see you soon, dad.
the pork loin
a.k.a. shiner