"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, November 5, 2011

twin boys that wouldn't sleep {bill clinton spits}

last night i dreamt that i had twin baby boys.
that wouldn't sleep.
i wasn't big and pregnant.
i wasn't even showing.
i just knew i was in labor.
and i floated the the hospital.
seeing as i don't really ever walk in dreams.
sometimes i try to run, and it's really hard, and i can't get anywhere.
those are the really frustrating dreams.
this dream was just really scary.
so i floated to the hospital.
and no one told me to do anything, i didn't feel any pain, even though i knew i hadn't had any drugs to help, and i had one baby.
then after a little bit longer i had another baby.
and i just kept thinking,
"how am i going to get brennan to blake's dinosaur party in park city???!!!"
sean had some work presentation he had to make so he couldn't take brennan.
i don't even remember him being at the hospital.
and my mom was there.
and they were sending me home an hour after i had the babies.
but i had to go to the bathroom so we stopped by our old church building and i went in and this girl from high school named Hilla was in there, so i left the stall open while i peed b/c i wanted to talk to her b/c i hadn't seen her in ten years.
and then all of a sudden she turned into jessie who was my sister's friend in high school that lived at our house for a few years after i graduated.
and she was yelling that bill clinton spit into a garbage can and threw up when he saw her friend and she was "so offended!!!" that he had done that b/c it was her friend.
and i was embarrassed that i didn't know who her friend was
(she had a first and a last name...i wish i could remember it...)
b/c i didn't want her to think i was uneducated,
you know, not knowing who her friend was,
so i didn't want to ask who she was,
so i was just going to ask her how she met her friend,
and then i woke up.
and was completely panicked that i was going to have two twin baby boys that wouldn't sleep.
and i was so mad at myself that i scheduled my ultra sound for 20 weeks and not 18 weeks b/c now i have to wait 2 more weeks to find out if i'm going to have twin boys that won't sleep.
and then i felt the white glow coming through the windows.
and I KNEW what it was.
i popped out of bed.
ran to the window.
took a really excited breath in.
ran to open my door.
and there was brennan in the hall whispering,
"it's snowing! it's snowing! it's wake up time! let's get max!!!"
and so we did.
and now we have to get dressed for blake's dinosaur party.
and that last part wasn't a dream:)

i still can't stop laughing about the part where bill clinton spit in the garbage can and threw up when he saw jessie's friend and jessie's all,
"i was SO offended b/c she's my friend!!!"

Friday, November 4, 2011

i have monkeys

i don't need a playground set.
i have a kitchen table.
same thing.
i wonder how heavy they will have to be to break it?
bunch of monkeys.
i love their hands.
so gushy.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

love me shutterfly

{the candy thief}
it's that time of year again.
shutterfly christmas cards!!!
LOVED our cards last year.
can't wait to get them again this year.
free again.
although, i'm not sure we'll go with the free christmas tree in our basement again.
we might be going real this year.
let's not overdo it.
the pre-strung lights might be too appealing...
either way, the shutterfly christmas cards are free again and that makes me love them even more.
will you love them too?
i hope so.
b/c our smiling faces will be on them bringing you christmas cheer.
click here for these favorites from their christmas cards:
very merry moments--lots of picture space=happy me
merry montage--love the snow falling in this one
with love--the one i ordered last year, still love it
little holiday bird--for you vintage lovers
click here for these favorites from their calendars:
vintage fleurs--hello christmas gift
bright and bold--i want this pattern
click here for all of your party throwers:
oh so merry--makes me want to order these and throw a holiday party with green olives and cheese platters
design ornaments--makes me want to buy lots of christmas tree balls and fill glass jars with them
lovely branches--please, can we put our tree up now???!!!
holy moly i thought there were tons last year that i loved,
but this year i just don't know if i can narrow it down to one favorite.
just know,
i may or may not have listened to a justin bieber christmas song while looking at all of these that i may or may not have purchased the day before halloween.
and it may have been absolutely lovely:)


yesterday brennan burst into tears when i was taking down the halloween decorations.
devastated it was over.
he then burst into tears when he lost his tiger picture from preschool.
he then burst into tears when he realized his pirate jack-o-lantern had been taken from the front porch.
this was moments after he had burst into tears about the tiger picture from preschool.
which i assured him would be there on thursday to take home.
"no it won't! you left it!"
and where was his "punkin!?"
i told him the great pumpkin came and took his pumpkin to plant it in our garden again next year.
otherwise the "punkins" wouldn't be able to grow.
and then pointed to all of the other houses that were "punkin-less".
he was not satisfied with that.
told me there is no great pumpkin.
it says so on the show.
the day after halloween.

Monday, October 31, 2011


'Twas halloween night, and all through the house
Every creature was stirring, including the mouse;

The walls were aflutter with little brown bats,
While hordes of black spiders crept out of the cracks.

By the fire in the kitchen, the witch stirred her brew;
To make it more smelly, she threw in a shoe..."
"Stiff-legged zombies awoke from the dead,
As moth-eaten mummies arose from their beds.

The pumpkins all grinned with ghoulish delight,
As little green creepies made treats for the night.

Into each party bag they dropped four crunchy legs,
A handful of grubs,
and eight rotten eggs..."
"The ghost in the parlor played softly off-key,
As a bevy of banshees served moldy green tea.

Ogre and Olaf set up the buffet
With freshly picked bugs
And the soup of the day..."
"When up on the gable the ravens appeared,
Ready to cry when the tricksters drew near.

Then just as the moon shed light on the path,
The witch and her ravens heard somebody laugh,
And like tiny moths drawn into the flame,
The tricksters appeared at the end of the lane--..."

"A witch, a toad, a ghost, and a bat,
A vampire, a mummy, a yellow-eyed cat.
A fairy, a ghoul, and a plump little rat..." 
"Quick!" cried the witch,
"They're coming this way!
Take the pot off the fire!
Unveil the buffet!"
"Then laughing and giggling the children all came,
Their feet treading lightly over the lane,
All silly and giddy and looking for sweets,
All shouting together,
"Come in!" said the witch. "Please be our guests.
Come to our party! We've put out our best!"
Into her parlor the children all peeked,
So eager to see the Halloween treats.
But what they saw on that shadowy night,
Made each little trickster shiver with fright!
"Mummies and harpies and creepy green things,
Fish tails, and stinkbugs, and dragonfly wings;
Newts and toads and lizards and mice,
Flies in the soup and crickets on ice;
A ghost in the parlor and bats in the den,
The witch's pet monster outside of its pen;
And Ogre and Olaf and all of their friends!"
"From the ten little tricksters came ten little shrieks,
And away they all ran down the cobblestone street,
Dropping their bags and spilling their treats.
"So Ogre and Olaf and all of the rest,
Enjoyed Halloween night without any guests..."
"They each took home some leftover legs,
Some grubs and bugs and lizards and eggs,
And all agreed on that night, as they left,

"this was the VERY BEST Halloween yet!"
-Halloween Night
By Marjorie Dennis Murray
{did you check out the scones & hot chocolate house above??!! they clear out their entire garage every year to set up a kitchen for scones, complete with picnic tables and heaters. it was my favorite stop.}
I fell in love with my neighbor's costumes.
spaghetti and meatballs, complete with a strainer as a hat.
and their brother Noah as Lindsay Lohan.
(read his jail tag, HILARIOUS!!!)
max was TERRIFIED of me for the first hour.
i don't blame her.
no one could recognize me.
when i would walk toward her she would back away and widen her eyes.
when she heard my voice she would nod that she knew it was me, but was too scared to come close.
she finally warmed up and held my hand for the last half of the houses.
brennan kept saying,
"it's just mommy max. the witch is not real."
it was really cute.
when sean was putting him to bed i took off my green face paint with baby wipes in the bathroom.
and as i came to his bed to sing him a song he sat straight up and demanded the light be turned on.
"mommy, your mommy face is back! you're pretty again! let me look at you."
it really was the VERY BEST halloween yet:)
trick or treat.

pumpkin spice

i am eating a pumpkin spice bagel with cream cheese.
sean is teaching max all of the names of the skeleton parts on my shirt.
brennan is on the couch watching wild krats.
typical morning at the gibson's.
chicken soup
hot chocolate
and trick or treating