"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, April 25, 2009

a gazillionaire worth husband

"you have 30 minutes to get dressed up.
oh, and pack a bag."
4:03pm yesterday

i'm not gonna lie, i had anxiety about leaving the pork loin,
but who can say no to red roses?!
he showed up baring these:

when we got married we had our reception here.
and stayed the night, HOT DOG!

MANGO connoisseur

sorry ladies, he's taken;-)

engagement night spent here.
last night too.

i'm a sucker for cherry topped beverages

i think i'll bottle sean up and sell him.
i'll be a gazillionaire by 30.

wait, i already am.

Friday, April 24, 2009

5 yrs to eternity & beyond

"I don't want to get up baby, let's turn off the phone
I don't want to go to work today or even put my makeup on
I've got better things to do than my todo list anyway
Hide under the covers and waste away the day
Let's just lay here and be lazy, baby drive me crazy...
"...All I want to do wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wooo
All I want to do wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wooo
is love you..."
"I got my whole life to change the world and climb the ladders
Looking at you looking at me is the only thing that matters
Come a little closer baby, we can talk without the words
Hang a sign on the door, please do not disturb
Let's just lay here and be lazy, baby drive me crazy..."
click on the pic to see what's on my jacket
"...All I want to do wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wooo
All I want to do wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wooo is love you
Give me a kiss, from that Elvis lip,You don't want to miss this..."
"...All I want to do wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wooo
All I want to do wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wooo is love you wo woo
All I really want to do is,
All I really want to do is,
All I really want to do is love you, and love you, and love you..."
"...Come a little closer baby, we can talk without the words
Hang a sign on the door, please do not, please do not, please do not, please do not disturb
When I lay down in the evening all I really want to do,
When I wake up, when I wake up in the morning baby,
all I really want to do is...
wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wo wooo..."
-sugarland "all i want to do"
emily loves sean
forever and for always.
to eternity & beyond.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


the pork loin is rumored to have just walked 3 consecutive steps without assistance!!!!
i'm sorry to say i did not see it myself (truth be told, i was indisposed),
but s.d.gib's yells from the front make me believe it's true.
the walking is almost here.
you lucky people still in the running,
keep your eyes peeled!!!
we've got a pre-walker getting ready to move it, move it;-)
tiff w, 24th (our anniversary!)
katie, 26th
fiauna, 27th
gigi, may 4
soon to be Mrs. D, may 12
dana, may 21

outta sorts!!!

my house it out of control
i know the pictures don't do the mess justice.
i'm sure you're thinking,
"mine's worse than that."
or you're thinking,
"clutter, i hate clutter.
i'm done with emilisq!"

there's no room in our fridge for the food.

it's outta sorts too!!!

laundry is still out from monday.
and my ledge?
i know, what ledge?!
let's not discuss the bathroom.
what happens when my house it "otta sorts!!??"
i leave my car door open for 2 1/2 hours in the middle of the street.
don't worry,
it was locked.
now what to do about my house...
i could pretend that i will leave it this way for the rest of the day, weekend, blah, blah, blah.
i can't leave it this way!!!
i just can't.
i'll go insane.
i can do a mess,
don't get me wrong.
i can't do 4 days of mess.
i am happier when things are organized.
i feel better when things are neat and tidy.
really, can you say you don't?
enough is enough!
"mr. clean gets rid of dirt and grime and grease in just a minute,
mr. clean stays stronger longer 'cause there's ultra power in it,
mr. cleeeeeeeeeeeeean, eeeeeeeeeeeeean, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean."
that's me.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

on NOT being flds polygamists

it was hot.
real hot.
excuse my improper use of adverbs.
just know it was on purpose. sorry dad;-)
the schwan's man came by (aka shawn ray)
we had to buy some pops
the pork loin was in true form.
he ate the entire thing.
the pediatrician assures me
i am not to worry about his "pork loin-ness"
so the sprinklers came on
and we
and it was all down hill from there. or uphill.
whichever your perspective is.

my phone has become my camera.

thank goodness it's snazzy.

kind of like the park in our backyard.

no really, it's a park.

at least that's what people call it.

well, it used to be called the compound, but then people started thinking we were flds polygamists.

so now we call it a park.

and no, we're not flds polygamists.

we're just crazy people that live by our family.

lots of people in our family.

cousins, mothers, grandmothers.

this isn't making a good case for my title is it?

i'll explain later...

tips for perfect buns

tabletop grill,
i love you.
you're quick, you're easy, breezy.
and you made me feel like summer and baseball last night.
and coscto too.
salmon tonight Grill, salmon tonight.
tips for perfect buns?
no, not buns of steel, we're talking buns for burgers and dogs people.
come on;-)
1. mayo spread on the insides of the bun
2. place on grill until lightly browned
3. vwallah!
4. once you start, you won't be able to stop!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

me & my dang water bottles...& a "spring fever," literally

yes, that's a long & bleeding scratch.
earned on our way back into the car after a sick visit to the doc.
the pork loin has a fever.
and inflamed glands.
no strep, just inflamed glands.
the culprit of the scratching?
i give you...........

me & my dang water bottles.
mother of the year.

"i felt like running."

"i love running...but i remember when i didn't...running was about doing things i didn't think i could do."
oh dear, did i just quote myself????
my apologies.

are you sick of me talking about running yet?
then you must not have taken the challenge.
look. my friend bree.
she's not sick of hearing about it anymore.
wait, did i just use comparing one person to another to motivate you?
i'm sorry, i know that doesn't work.
what i meant to say is i've seen some of your posts on running.
that you're trying it.
loving it.
growing from it.
check out bree's post today. click here.
and put on your runnin' shoes!
i wasn't even the one who motivated bree to run.
i was just one of her crazy friends that liked running.
"em, i don't run."
i know, but you should, you'll love it!
tonight's a great night.
the weather's warm.
leave the kiddos with your hub,
the school books on your desk,
the "things to do" on the list.
and then tell me about it.
or blog it.
i promise you'll feel super!
and prettier too;-)
and if you've never read any of my running posts,
click on the link below.

oh, and if you're really up for a challenge you can join bree and i july 24th for the deseret news 10k!!!! (bree, are you registered yet??? or am i gonna end up doing this alone;-)

yes, i'm serious, we'll meet you there.

and run together:-)

click here to register.

and then tell me so we can cheer each other on getting ready for the race;-)
are you reading with us yet?
click here to get started!
based on a true story???

Monday, April 20, 2009

spring & summer are cheaper than winter.

spring & summer are cheaper
than winter.
we don't have to go
to the store to get out.
but this does mean we don't have dinner plans.
or anything to make for that matter.
time to start the grilling season!
"here comes the sun,
little darling."

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Forgot to mention...
The lady at hertz drove us to the terminal instead of making us take the shuttle. "your gushy baby got you a first class ride supermom"

snooty mother of 2 behind us

blurry pictures rock
13 mo. old
snooty mother of 2 in the row behind us
"did you pay for a seat for him?"
"you shouldn't be aloud to bring a car seat on then."
well, they said for safety i should if there are open seats.
"that doesn't seem fair."
par, par, bogie, bogie, par, par
plane takes off
13 mo. old does not fall asleep
none of toys keep 13 mo. old entertained
barney dvd does not keep 13 mo. old entertained
3 tantrums, crying fits
row of silent readers in front of us
13 mo. old arching back, wailing, red face
13 mo. old "ehems"
tiny airplane bathroom changing table not made for the pork loin
snooty mother of 2 continues snide remarks in route to baggage claim
pull over to let them pass, plus car seat needed to be readjusted on stroller
finally get bags
meet s.d.gib
s.d.gib unpacks our bags, brings me a tall bottle of whiskey, errrr water;-)
no really, it was water
ice cold
hours of chatting and cuddling
tales of a
forgotten post:
the end.