"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, December 23, 2010

EXTRAVAGANZA!!! {dog days of summer}

all this did was make me yearn for summer nights.
i hope you like links...



the heat of summer was on.
4th of july fell on sunday.
which in utah means friday, saturday, and monday.
by the time it was over, i was sparkled out.
or hamburgered out.
but that always happens by the end of july anyway.
i wrote about the good ol' days.

it was one of my very favorite posts of this year.
i learned that swim diapers are good for nothing.
now i am just missing my flip flops.
and wishing for Popsicles and baby pools.

and lush green grass.
and flip flops.
did i already say that?
but i literally spend the entire summer, EVERY SUMMER, whining about how hot it is.
i realized i had twins.
two years apart.
i threw all of the first time mommy books/rules out the window.
and just decided to be me.
raising kids.
imagine that!
verdict's still out on if they've survived...
found out the hot shot magna cum laude was WRONG.
that was satisfying :)
celebrated 4th of july #2.
aka pioneer day.
with fireworks.
and a rodeo.

learned that brennan did in fact realize where milk came from.

it could be my 2nd favorite brennan memory.
right after "away went the mangerS."
and that honesty is not always the best policy.
my computer broke at the end of july.
and wasn't fixed until we moved into our house in october.
plus or minus a few times we thought it was fixed, but really wasn't.
every post from then until oct was done through someone else's computer or my phone.
and it just wasn't the same.
even emmy let me borrow hers!
brennan fell in the pool.
it was scary.
i miss the pool now too.
i vote to skip january.
sorry if you have a birthday in january.
we can celebrate it in february.
september came,

and real life began.
we put offers in on houses.
learned what a lender was.
interest rates.
down payment.
earnest money.
and made budgets like nobody's business.
thank goodness we did NOT get the first one.
holy crap.
when did we start looking for houses???
it was fast.
and freaking FANTASTIC.
then we forgot how to be married.

watched food inc. and became more oganic.
even grass fed beef now :)
football season began.
which always make me lust for fall.
we found THE ONE.

and started the whirlwind of moving.
i realized maybe i didn't really hate summer.
maybe i liked it.
lawn mowers run off of gasoline.
everyone does not know.
and there are NO stupid questions.
we stalked our house like brennan on santa.
everything checked out.
went to the fair.

it may have been my favorite family activity this year.
and then we drove to chico.
and october began...
and my computer was STILL broken...


(stacie and i on our way to the nutcracker. 1990-something)
left: me right: stacie
we've been doing obscenely large bows since before oprah's favorite things.
that's like forever.
say it with me,
man, we're cute!
i could hardly contain my excitement last night for christmas.
i laid in bed busting with the anticipation of christmas morning.
counting down the hours.
the minutes!
is it really 12:23am already?
this is what i was thinking.
it took me over an hour to fall asleep.
i felt like i was 11 again.
i've missed the giddy anticipation of christmas.
so glad brennan has brought it back.
i'm loving it.
santa even found dr. gibson one last special surprise last night at target.
now if it would just stop raining and start snowing...

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

santa!!! i know him!!!

i love this picture more than words can express.
3 days:)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

waiting creation.

this morning...

when i was in college i loved to bake after i finished all of my finals.
it was a release of sorts.
enjoying the creation of something that had nothing to do with everyday.
i loved it.
i've been waiting for that feeling this year.
waiting for our routine to be found.
for the kids to get comfortable in the house.
for us to get comfortable in the house.
to find our new niche.
to find all of my stuff.
ok, that's going a little far.
i have definitely not found all of my stuff.
to feel at home.
in a groove.
a release of sorts.
the release where the stress disappears.
so the relax can begin.
it's here.
i think this means we're finally settled.
i love it.
the baking too.