"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, December 11, 2010


a hanging we will go.
a hanging we will go.
high ho, the dairy oh,
a hanging we will go.
when you wait this long,
your power bill is less.
go us:)

Friday, December 10, 2010

angry bird.

i am angry.
so angry i feel like crying.
at least i have felt like it for the entire morning.
there must be something wrong with me.
can you have post pardom when your baby is 10 months old???
ok, ok, i'm being dramatic.
it's not post pardom.
but really,
it's very reminiscent of the feeling.
i feel like i'm drowning.
i feel frustrated.
i feel like SCREAMING!
and i think i did when brennan threw his fork across the room today.
i screamed at the ground.
so i wouldn't scream at him.
a little fork.
shouldn't constitute a mental breakdown.
it's the whining.
the not listening.
the hitting.
just generally terrorizing max that's getting to me.
i've tried empathy with him.
how would he like it?
i've tried time outs.
i've tried threats.
i've tried manipulation.
i've tried asking nicely.
i just don't know what to do.
i'm at a loss.
the sane person inside me is saying,
"this is just a phase. he will grow out of it."
but the insane person inside of me that has had enough is walking around angry.
angry at the 2 year old for not listening and being mean.
angry at myself for not figuring out a good way to help him through this.
isn't that what "good moms" do?
find genius ways to help their children work through their problems.
well today, i'm not feeling like a "good mom."
i'm feeling like an angry one.
and i
i think i need therapy.
or a vacation.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

EXTRAVAGANZA: that sticky little grinch!!!

well, i was pregnant.
9 months pregnant.
so that pretty much encompassed my life for january.

during which time i learned to bake bread.
which later gave me food poisening.
i think...
had a baby sprinkle,
not a shower.
 put the tummy table into full working order.

started crocheting.
so as to fully live the life of pregnancy nesting.
although i still have 50 granny squares sitting somewhere in my basement.
then i scheduled my elective induction.
just b/c i didn't want to be pregnant for 41 weeks again. 
 and at 39 weeks gestation,
she graced us with her presence.
 it was beautiful.
she is beautiful.
7lbs. 14 oz.
18 inches
little miss max she would be.

and last, but certainly not least, our little bieber fever turned 2.
he was still not speaking.
just grunting and pointing.

but oh boy,
has he made up for it now.
and i quote,
"mommy, you be rudolph, i be monster. now i whip you!"
i did not feel like doing a review.
it sounded like something i did not have time for.
i can't tell you how glad i am that emmy got me to do it.
it really is getting rid of that sticky little grinch.
don't forget to link up, starting @ 10:30pm!

say it ain't so.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

i'll let you know when i decide.

i may or may not be putting ornaments up this year.
i may or may not be putting christmas lights on my house.
i may or may not clean up the 8 boxes of christmas decorations/paper wrappings/bubble wrap/and bins that held the decorations already up that are sitting on the wall of my family room.
it's not pretty.
it's not b/c of the little grinch that WAS on my shoulder.
he is gone most days now.
mainly b/c i did the majority of my christmas shopping at the grocery store.
yes, i said the grocery store.
if i don't put them up,
i don't have to take them down.
the ornaments,
not the grocery store.
and i've already put half up,
the decorations that is.
so if i don't put up anymore then i've really only unpacked once b/c half out and half away is really like the energy of all the way out.
b/c i'll just have to put the half away that i put out.
not the whole out,
and the whole away.
just the half out,
that's already out,
and then put the half away.
i'm all packed out!
or unpacked out.
it also appears that i have passed the cold of death onto max.
not only does she sound like a pack a day smoker,
but while nursing,
she also sounds like a deep sea diver coming up for air.
poor thing.

no more bieber.

dear emily,
do not cut bieber fever's hair in the bathtub. do not think it will just go down the drain. it will not. the once was scout master will have to spend an hour plunging and drain-o-ing to get the water to go down. do not think it will be a quick thing to give bieber a haircut. it will not be a "quick thing." it will take over an hour. and bieber will be standing there naked and cold and acting 2 while you beg the once was scout master to hold his phone over the tub so bieber will be entertained by youtube. also, less is more when cutting hair. although, you could shave his head bald and he'd still have more hair than chubacka. DO leave chocolate cake on the counter for him after his nap. he will love it. and it will be a really good memory.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Card 2010

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Monday, December 6, 2010

for the safety of all mangers.

this morning we are decking our halls.
i was in a good mood and feeling festive,
so the "good mom" in me came out.
it was great!
i was going to teach bieber fever to lovingly play with the mangers this year.
last year's "away WENT the manger" was in the past.
this is what i was saying to myself.
i walked around my house feeling so merry and jolly.
what a great mom i was.
then a crash.
i walked calmly ran to where he was.
there went jospeh's staff.
slipped it back in.
calm, nice mommy back in place.
so i patiently told brennan to be soft with the manger.
it was wooden,
how much damage could he do???
after the sheep went through the basketball hoop,
i decided to cut my losses while we were ahead. 
all of my mangers have been safely moved to the top of the tv center.
i pray for the safety of all mangers this christmas season.
have mercy.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

10 seconds of india.

last week we helped aunt kelsey pack for india.
and played dress up with max.
max snuggled into my neck tonight.
i hummed a song from mary poppins.
it was 10 seconds of heaven.
then she leaned back,
gave me her mellow blink,
a big smiled,
and mutely giggled.
absolute heaven.
i'd never stop having babies if i could have more of max.

human jungle jim

i love these people.