"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, April 21, 2012

swimsuit, sunscreen wearing...

swimsuit, sunscreen wearing,
backyard lounging,
lawn mowing,
watermelon cutting,
trampoline jumping,
sprinkler running,
Popsicle eating,
8 hours in the sun,
go to home depot every saturday,
thank goodness it's summer
began at our house today.
the "bigs" made mud pies in the water table.
i couldn't get max to stop drinking the gross, dirty water.
brennan showed her how to sit in the water table.
good thing she had a regular diaper on.
good thing we had a size small swim diaper to replace the 50lb regular diaper that soaked up half of the water in the water table.
good thing her tush is tiny and fit into that size small.
i taught my kids the art of laying out on the tramp to warm up and dry off.
max looked so grown up.
it scared me.
i had my first rocket Popsicle of the year.
and we acquired an old swing set from our neighbors.
all of this while the carpets in our house were steamed cleaned.
b/c max got creative with her smoothie after breakfast this morning.
i give you,
the culprit.
{notice the finger painting on the door. war paint on the face. very artistic.}
we are so proud.
i've been looking for a good excuse to have my carpets cleaned.
so glad they got it all out.
my house looks brand new. 
from top to bottom.
they tell me it took an iron to pull it out.
yes, a real bonified iron your clothes iron.

about that max...
no more smoothies inside the house for her until she's 18.
she can take hers on the patio from now on.
i'm exhausted.
what a great day:)

Friday, April 20, 2012

gorilla feet {uggs}

Pediatrician: "and how are you doing emotionally?"
Me: "well, I don't feel like I need to kill any cats or small children, so pretty well I think!"
Pediatrician: "ohhhhh...um, well that's good..."
{looking at me like he's not sure if I'm joking or serious}
I guess he'll never know!!!

"i am a gorilla, and these are my gorilla feet."
-brennan, 4 yrs old
man i love this kid!!!
{ugg boots really do look like gorilla feet, who knew?!}

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

hasty tasty

 because when life is good,
it's really good.
i may be hasty in my conclusions.
in fact,
i am SURE i must be being hasty,
based off of what everyone has told me about 3,
but color me pretty i'm going to declare it!
going from 1 to 2 was harder than from 2 to 3.
this is why:
going from 1 to 2,
you have to get everyone used to someone else being the center of attention.
what once was 1 is now about 2.
but from 2 to 3,
everyone is already used to sharing everyone else and everything.
what once was 2 is now just a busy 3.
we shall see if this theory holds up
when 3 starts moving.
or when we actually have to all go somewhere.
on time.
have mercy,
let's hope we don't ever have to be on time again.
oh, and i've
listened to everyone about going to bed with the baby at night 
and taking naps during the day.
it's all about the sleep.
and really great family and friends who are still bringing us dinners.
bless them.


ladies and gentlefolk,
as of sometime around 4am last night.
hello happy baths:)
goodbye sponge baths.
how i keep my newborn awake
after eating during the day...
cold carrots and an ice water mug.
cruel and unusual?
i think not.
cruel is when they think it's day when it's night.
ok the carrot is unusual.
but it was what i was eating at the time.
and it seemed to perk him up.
oh how i will miss this sleepy state when it's gone.
my kids will not.
for i must admit my patience is wearing thin in my sleepy state with them.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

angry cat

{there's nothing better than a sleeping newborn lump on my chest.}
sometimes chase sounds like an angry cat.
and i go to yell,
"hey! leave the cat alone!"
and then i think,
we don't have a cat.
it's just chase.
getting his diaper changed.
he hates getting his diaper changed.
{the wipe warmer helps.}
and then i think,
boy, am i glad we don't have a cat.
just children a'plenty.

Monday, April 16, 2012

underwear & red sparkle shoes {pee}

underwear for brennan.
a diaper with red sparkle shoes for max.
that may or may not be from last night.
typical morning at the gibson home.
good thing everybody dressed wasn't one of my goals.
good thing spring is bringing summer again this week.
poor chase got max's stuffy nose.
it is sad.
sleeping in the bouncer seems to be the only thing to help. 
which we didn't figure out until 5am.
getting peed on is just part of my day.
me, not chase.
although he usually pees on himself in the process of peeing on me.
sometimes i change, sometimes i don't.
i always change chase...ok, not always.
it really just depends on if it puddles or not.
don't judge.
pee is like water around here.
happy monday:)