"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Friday, March 26, 2010

pesky little groundhog

i went to bed last night in march and woke up in december.
two days ago the weather man said we should hit 70's between now and april 15th.
i thought about that weather man this morning when i looked out my window.
zoo is out.
mall is in.
thank goodness for christmas gift cards.
see, i told you it was december:-)
that pesky little groundhog!
i'll never tire of waking up to a snow storm with big flakes.
even in march:-)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

burp cloth blunder

awesome when they throw up completely
on the burp cloth:-)
how do they know how to do that???

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BLAZED by the name dropper

my father in law knows everyone.
he has two nicknames in the family:
"hot old man" (story for another day)
"name dropper"
his friend's also call him "wild bill."
so does reno mahe.
so last night we were introduced to some "names" at the AFL Blaze's open house.

name dropper (aka "papa" gibson), explaining to brennan which player on the team played in his (brennan's) future position.
i am praying he doesn't want to play football at all, but as you can see, the boys have a plan of their own...

did you know that 75% of high school football injuries are life long?
i learned that in my PE methods class in college.
a few "names" are shown below.
there are 3 big wigs in the hunter group, but one is serving an LDS mission in washington D.C.

we also met the blonde woman in the distance between the big wigs.
in the black suit.
she talked to me about cookies for 5 minutes.
with brownies on the bottom.
i hope she sends one to me like she promised.
they sounded really good.
i'd like to direct your attention to my child laying in the end zone (red shirt).

after recovering from the first dog pile tackle...
he went back for more.
he soooooooooo did not get that from me.
i broke my wrist snowboarding when i was a senior in high school.
never did it again.
see, i learn quickly;-)
another "name" follows...
hans kissed brennan on the neck and the cheek.
it was weird.
but he was really nice.
and i did feel like i already knew him.
so that made it less weird that he was kissing my son.
i would love to play apples to apples with that man.
he held brennan up like he weighed 2 pounds.
he weighs 32lbs, fyi.
then the entire dance team ran after brennan squealing...
we met the dance coach too.
brennan kept giving her 3 yr old daughter "the gibson eye."
(half of the team got cut off by my vertical shot, but you can see their arms on the right hand side.)
i've never seen women move so fast toward anything in my life.
i would have been terrified too.
he was still nervous to be by the mob and tried to push off of me during the picture.
and max?
well, as usual, she was the LIFE of the party.

i'll bet none of the "names" will remember me the next time we meet.

especially since sean told me we had already met big wig #1 at bajio last year, and he didn't remember us.

i didn't remember him either.

darn it.

does that mean i can't name drop them???

i think the rule is that they have to know you for you to know them and name drop them...

like scott white.

he's my husband's cousin.

aunt judy's son.

and he was the producer of "without a trace" and "bill & ted's excellent adventure."

he knows me.

and he's related to me.

by marriage, but who's counting?

i can most definitely name drop scott.

go ahead, let yourself think i'm cooler now.

i won't stop you;-)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


i had a dream once that pepper seeds were clustered under my toes.
i remember flaking them off with my thumb.
the thought of it still gives me the shivers.
i hate clusters.
they creep me out.
like the trout fish that cluster in the corner of the tank at the aquarium.
but most of all,
i hate the seed clusters in peppers.
love peppers.
but i cut them as fast as i can.
throw out the seeded part.
maggot looking things they are.
and pretend that it never existed.
heebie jeebies in its fullest.
in other news...
dr. N says i'm made for having babies.
i asked him if he could figure out a way for the next one to not need to eat in the middle of the night.
he said he's still working on that one.
he gave me a hug and said see you in a year.
i always feel like i'm leaving a friend behind after the 6 week check.
i want to sell my extra breastmilk.
jess tells me the intense boob people think it's unethical.
apparently they feel it should be donated.
so that they can then sell it.
uh huh.
does that make sense to anyone else?
max's new trick is being able to hold her head up for a few seconds.
it's pretty fancy.
brennan thinks his name is "me."
ask him, he'll tell you.
i give you, "me."

Sunday, March 21, 2010

snip snip "bizz" & the GREAT debate

watching "bizz,"
i buzzed his hair.

in news of the GREAT debate...
my kids look alike.
and they look like ME.
contrary to popular opinion.
at least they do when they're babies.
note the following:
brennan around 4 weeks

makenzie 6 weeks
me 2 days old in the round picture & brennan 1 day old

you be the judge.
seriously though, don't you agree??!!

i mean, don't just agree, but don't you?!