"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Thursday, December 12, 2013

layers. it's about layers.

so if you wear a t-shirt,
a long sleeved shirt,
your winter coat,
AND set your thermastat to 71* farenheit,
your house will actually feel warm!
sometimes a shower is just the only way to warm up.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

when it snows on a saturday night

my favorite thing is when it snows on a saturday night.
because sundays are just quiet in utah.
especially if you don't have 9am church.
and your entire neighborhood slowly starts buzzing with snow blowers.
and then an atv will plow down your sidewalks.
and another neighbor might do your driveway.
and when you finally decide to surface out into the snow,
the cool air wakes you up with the freshest,
cleanest air
you've ever felt on your face.
and the snow crunches under your boots.
and if the sun comes out,
everything just glows perfectly white.
and sometimes the sparkles on top of the snow just glisten,
like someone spilled glitter all over the world while we slept.
and it's just quiet,
except for the snow blowers:)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

15 shopping days left 'til christmas

{Above: My favorite new temple accessory. The "Emma" Temple Bracelet.}
If you're like me,
you're trying to figure out a few last minute gift items for this holiday season,
and please
Have mercy, it's sooooo cold out there.
Well, search no more.
I have found the perfect gift for your mother in law,
your sister in law,
your best friend,
your neighbor,
your neighbor's daughter,
your soon to be cousin in law,
the young women in your ward,
or a little stocking stuffer for yourself.
No more pins sticking you in the wrist for your name card at the temple necessary.
Just slip this cute little pearled bracelet around your wrist,
clip on your name card,
and off you'll go.
I bought THREE of them last mother's day:)
It also comes in a smaller pearl style as shown below:
{Above: The "Grace" Temple Bracelet}
Below are the Young Women's Personal Project Packets,
that come in 4 different pattern styles.
Oh how I wish Hanna would have been making these when I was in Young Women's!
Little pockets for everything you need, including a pen.
Hanna, my neighbor, is the genius behind all of these treasures,
which you can purchase from her website:
Type in "EMILY" 
as your coupon code at checkout,
and receive 15% off 
your entire order.
Click HERE or on any of the pictures above to view pricing 
and buying options on the Attached to Me website.
There's still time to order for a delivery before Christmas.
You're welcome in advance;)

caught RED handed.

caught her red handed with the advent calendar.
december 19th was all that was left.
i mean really though,
who on earth can just eat one a day anyway?
{surprising, but soooo very true.} 

Monday, December 9, 2013

tinsel town

i can be talked into 
just about any extra amount 
of tv time right now,
as long as it's a christmas movie playing on my tube.
brennan=smurfy christmas
max=polar express
chase=smurfy christmas and polar express
emily=ELF, santa clause, and polar express
sean=santa clause

Sunday, December 8, 2013

would you rather clean up puke?

sometimes when it snows,
our house looks like a gingerbread house.
things for you to know 
about snow and winter.
1. it's warmer when it snows. it's a scientific fact. google it. i dare you.
clouds hold in the warm air. 
i learned this living in rexburg, idaho.
but not from googling it.
just from walking to class on snowy days.
and after 6 months of doing that,
for four years in a row,
you start to realize stuff like it's warmer on snowy days.
you're welcome.
2. when you wake up on a winter morning,
it is important to start by putting on a long sleeved shirt.
then go about your dressing business as usual.
it's just part of the wardrobe,
and i promise you, it's super cool too.
also, scarves.
and gloves.
and your usual coat.
don't leave home without them,
or you'll be the whining person whining about how you're miserable in the cold.
3. snow on top of christmas lights is the warmest thing you've ever seen.
4. sometimes it's colder when the sun comes out.
confusing, i know.
see #1. no clouds.
frigid cold.
which normally only happens in january.
except this year, it's happening in december.
see #2.
5. CARPET under your kitchen table and at your back door is not always a bad thing.
who knew?
you're regularly scheduled program will now be continued
at its regular time.
a big thanks to our sponsor,
mother nature.
we couldn't do it without you.
would you rather clean up puke
dress your kids in snow gear?
tough call.
i know.

these are the things vaccums/vacuums were made for.

note to self:
get baby popcorn BEFORE shopping at target.
i used to know this trick.
it's weird how you forget stuff that you used to do.
with your other kids.
and then remember it later,
like when you're standing in the check out line at target,
after you've spent an hour and a half walking through target with a whining,
cart escaping baby,
and you're all,
"is that popcorn i smell!!!"
"popcorn! how could i not remember the popcorn!?"
"i used to get brennan popcorn!"
because you used to stop at the food center first.
to buy popcorn.
so that your baby wouldn't whine all through target.
that's what i was thinking about myself on thursday.
except for when i put him in his car seat to go pick up brennan and max from school,
and i handed him the bag of popcorn,
knowing that popcorn was going to end up on my floor.
and it was.
it absolutely was:)
i think not.
these are the things vaccums vacuums were made for.