"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, September 26, 2009


over some unusually thick pancakes this morning, we discussed a serious topic.
why is manny not married?
handy manny.
it's been sean's favorite show for a good 6 months now.
he's a single, attractive young man, with integrity, a positive attitude, and a thriving business.
and yet, there seem to be no callers.
TAMN should be notified immediately for her next MO' Matchelor.
i think brennan just said "alligator."
i have witnesses.
and what is up with the bisquick mix?
thick like biscuits i say.
very filling and quite tasty, but they claim one batch makes 14.
we got 6 out of our batch.
does that mean i ate 2?
the things wouldn't spread out.
we laid 'em out on the flapjack flipper
(the big long black thing we got from our wedding. did you get one too? we love ours.)
and they laid there like big tasty biscuits.
which would be fine, except we thought we were making pancakes.
i've scoured the box at least 3 times with only a few distractions.
no luck.
we seem to have followed the directions for "pancakes."
i still feel like i ate butter smeared, syrup covered, biscuits for breakfast...
and they were really good.

Friday, September 25, 2009

"jest" jinxed me

scout master: 198
em: 168
please direct your attention to the upper right hand corner.
specifically the word "jest."

i put that "J" down, secretly hoping i would draw an "N."
5 plays i waited.
i even gave up a turn to trade in some letters in the hopes of getting my beloved letter "N."
finally, my moment of glory came!
two "N's"!!!
just in time for the scout master to say,
"is 'jest' a word?"
"no, of course it's not," i replied.
guilt looming in my chest, "look it up to be sure though."
"3 results!" he said.
"please, please don't use it babe," i beg.
"why not?" he replies.
"b/c i don't want you to. i didn't even think you new my little 'J' was up there."
"how many points is your word worth?" says the scout master.
"a lot."
"more than my 'quasi'?" he asks.
guilt is mounting more, realizing that if he does give in i won't have full bragging rights to the
78 point word "jinx"
i'd been waiting to play.
did i mention i had been waiting for 5 rounds for the letter "N"?
so i told him to play his measly "jest."
"jest"-noun; a joke or witty remark.
his 57 point "jest," along with his 48 point "quasi" led him to victory.
and me to the land of sore loser ville.
yup, i whined and moaned for a good 10 minutes over the entire ordeal.
78 points!
have you ever heard of a word worth 78 points?!
me neither.
and i still haven't.
but i've never seen the scout master so proud of himself for winning a game.
that's worth way more than 78 points.
did i mention it was his first time playing?

i know. amazing.
just like him.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

for holiday spirit only

any excuse to be festive.
ok, pull my arm, i'll eat them.
for holiday spirit only of course;-)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


me, age 3?
when i had brennan i told my dad i never knew i could love something so much.
he smiled and said, "and now he's going to break your heart."
i didn't like the sound of that.
i read this post this morning.
it reminded me of all of the pregnant nostalgia i had while carrying brennan.
he was going to be the perfect little person.
my quest to become unperfect is for another day.
he would have NONE of my flaws b/c i was going to teach him how to avoid all of them;-)
yesterday he played with his girlfriend down the street.
she brought out her baby stroller with a big smile on her face.
brennan walked right up, grabbed the stroller, and took off.
i looked at my friend, "he's a dominant little one."
she said, "she's not."
we smiled.
"oh no," i thought. "is he going to be the bossy, controlling kid like i was?"
i think i said the last part out loud b/c my friend said,
"you had to have the friends that were the followers didn't you?"
"yes, i liked those kind the best."
i thought i'd hidden this so well!
from everyone.
from brennan.
guess not.
oh, how i wish i could have been the follower as a child!
but then i'm wishing i'm something i'm not, and that can't be good.
so here's my question.
do i keep trying to fix this part of me that i don't particularly enjoy, or do i just accept it b/c trying to fix it has obviously not made much progress?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


there are new babies at our zoo.
we went yesterday.
the elephant was the cutest.
romping around his mommy and rolling in the mud.
i'm getting so excited for our new baby.
and scared to death, but that's for another day.
i had a dream last night that we were having a boy.
the night before my ultrasound with brennan i dreamt i was having a boy.
we'll see one week from today if i have some sort of futuristic vision;-).
i looked at my baby yesterday and realized that he is a full blown toddler.
a really darling one too.
and then i looked at my sister in law and told her it was a good thing i was pregnant.
we needed babies around.
and toddlers too;-)
teenagers...i'm not so sure yet...
giraffes, tigers, meercats.
and a monkey i didn't snap a picture of.
is that some kind of record for babies at a zoo?

Monday, September 21, 2009

scout master's wife

we've been getting ready for our primary singing program at church for months.
they children are singing a version of "follow the prophet" that they helped make up the words to.
there's one line that says, "he's a loyal scout."
being the scout master's wife, i thought it would be "oh so cute" to have them hold up 2 fingers, like the scouts do at their meetings when they say their "stuff."
except it's supposed to be 3 fingers.
so all of the primary children have practiced with 2 fingers.
won't that be so cute?!
now i want to know what the other 15 adults were thinking when i was teaching this 2 finger thing?
someone had to know i was doing it wrong.
so embarrassing...
guess i'll try to teach them 3 fingers before the big show this sunday.
the scout master had a grand old laugh over this entire thing...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

HAIR CHOP & COUGAR TOWN {a sad place last night}

big thanks to...
the ruff's for taking the pork loin for the night.
hot old man & mama nacho for the tickets and tail gating experience.
taco bell for our post-game snack.
the pork loin woke up this morning grabbing at his hair, looking confused.
we laughed.
i miss the blondie.
and his flowing locks.
but the mullet had to go.