"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, June 2, 2012

shaken, not stirred {the sobs}

one round too many
of hide and seek
left brennan with a scraped up elbow and knee.
and wet eyelashes from the sobs.
there's crying,
and then there's what i call "the sobs."
he had a major case of the sobs.
crying that needs attention now.
b/c the skinned elbow and knee
"might need to be amputated it hurts so badly"
kind of sobs can't wait.
the alcohol swabs were the most traumatizing part.
dad did that deed swiftly.
max started crying FOR brennan after that.
her sympathy pains are on a level of their own.
but bandaids and "woovies" {movies} cure all ills around these parts.
AND a stiff drink of chocolate milk
{two scoops of ovaltine in milk, shaken not stirred}
after baths,
brennan informed me that one ouchie was in the trash
{the knee scrape one},
but the other ouchie was still on his arm,
not in the bandaid yet,
so it would have to stay on all night.
love that kid.

bundling tail {no AC}

i love it when i bundle chase up,
and his blanket hangs down my side.
like some fancy tail of motherhood.
with a little purring bundle in my arms.
smelling of sweat and a hint of baby shampoo/lotion.
depending on if he's been bathed recently.
or if our power has been out on a hot day in june.
like it was today.
it was hot.
really hot.
and no power to power our AC.
the main breaker went caput sometime around noon.
we thought the power was out in the neighborhood,
but when the power truck pulled up to our front door i knew it was just us.
i was desperate for relief
{i am not a heat dweller},
and had to settle for shorts that still won't button.
fortunately they have a tie too,
and i layer my shirts.
so no one was the wiser;)
and my magiver of a husband fixed that main breaker all by himself
with a trip to home depot
and help from the power company to turn off our main power.
no electrocutions,
and a house all nice a cooled down tonight.
finally going back to church tomorrow,
as brennan decided last week
he'd rather stay home with mommy in jammies
than go to sunday school.
wish us luck.
max is scared of hot things.
especially fire.
and brennan is a master marshmallow roaster.

snap, crackle, pop

rice crispies this time.
generic western family,
so glad it wasn't the expensive OH's again.
i did have plans to make butterscotch-e-roos with them though.
it's days like these when i'm grateful for my vacuum:)
and a hilarious toddler.
"eat mommy, num, num!!!"
-Maxine 2 yrs old

Friday, June 1, 2012

where's waldo

where's waldo?
{see if you can count all 3 of my kids}
i had to exercise.
{i use this word "exercise" losely though--walking=exercise for me}
my body was screaming, "get out and walk me!"
but not like a dog.
like a lady that loves being outside in the sun with her kids.
and i'm that lady.
but with a double stroller that i need to hold 3 kids instead of 2.
i told sean last night that walking might be a thing of the past.
at least for now.
well this morning,
the grumpy in me was coming out,
so i slathered sunscreen all over us,
packed treats,
and big huge water for myself,
and we headed off to see the horses down the street.
the kids did so great that we walked 2 miles to the park.
{i didn't plan it, we just kept walking, and they just kept smiling}.
i let them play for fifteen minutes when we got there,
and made us all say a prayer that nobody would cry or fight on the way home.
well hallelujah!!!
we made that entire 4 mile walk without one tear.
2 miles there.
and 2 miles back.
divine intervention i say.
believe what you like,
but people,
it was a bonified christmas miracle in june.
my arms and legs feel like jello.
and in the words of my high school PE teacher,
"it hurts so good:)"
i came home and took an 800 Ibuprofen i had left over from Chase,
and put everyone down for naps.
{minus Brennan, who got a front seat to Madagascar}
about that shower...

Thursday, May 31, 2012

and i do

we got home from brennan's last day of preschool picnic.
flushed, windblown, and hungry.
i nursed chase while the kids watched sesame street.
then i went to make grilled cheese sandwiches.
b/c after eating at the picnic they were still "starving."
so i stood there rocking baby chase to sleep in my kitchen,
bundled in a blanket, with a binky,
grilling sandwiches over my stove,
looking out my kitchen window at the garden we planted on monday,
and i thought,
this is what it's all about.
rocking babies to sleep in my kitchen,
grilling cheese sandwiches,
and growing pumpkins and tomatoes in my garden.
just another warm summer's day at the gibson home.
a pretty great life,
if i do say so myself.
and i do:)
{at least until the baby wakes up and the kids start fighting}

note to self:
learn to spell sandwhiches sandwiches
without having to use spell check.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

in full swing

the family yard is in full swing.
today it was
water balloons,
and the adults all lounging in chairs on the covered patio.
dinner at 8:45pm.
kids not in bed until 9:30 at night.
let the summer schedule begin.