"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, July 3, 2010

spark me.

while sitting in the grass next to my 10yr old cousin, i learned that armpit hair is the sign of a man.
grow baby grow.
the hair that is.
that's what i told him.
now's the part where we say,
"2nd star to the right and straight on 'til morning."
or something magical like that.
neverland will keep him from growing too fast.
maybe i'll send max there too.
and the pork loin.
but i'll have to go with.
b/c even the lost boys needed a mother.
happy holiday.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

even with the thorns.

my luck with them knows no limit.
or my UNLUCK i guess.
dr. scout master is going to be absolutely elated.
especially b/c it's in the thorn resistant tube tire that is extra hard to get in and out.
i wish thorn resistant meant that the tire magically beamed the thorns away from us as we walked.
like opposite magnets.
i'm leaving this thorn in.
hoping it will keep the air in.
pulling them out never seems to make things go well.
we'll see how leaving it in goes.
i like my shoes b/c they are pink inside and comfy in the feet bottoms.
i bought them b/c they were on sale.

found out i've been wearing shoes a half size too small.
or my feet grew.
except all of my other shoes still fit perfectly.
so i'm thinking i just bought the last pair too small.
guess that explains a lot.
but the comfy had worn out too.
today's gonna be a good day.
even with the thorns.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


used an atm this morning.
tried to remember how long it had been.
definitely the first time since i've been married.
so it's been at least 6 years.
i'm thinking the last time may have been when i lived in chico.
brennan officially started using the word "no."
asked him if he wanted to cuddle with me on the couch.
it hurt a little more than just "uh-uh."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

100 yogurt covered raisins

he needed one at the grocery store today.
i needed him to have one at the grocery store today.
instead of grabbing cookies i picked what felt like a healthier option on the dried fruit aisle.
yogurt covered raisins.
i'm sure they are equally unhealthy, but i'm going to give myself extra points for picking what felt like the "healthier" option.
go me.
he ate and was pleasant for the rest of our trip.
just as we're pulling up to the checkout i'm feeling really great.
lots of good self talk in my head.
go us.
made it through the store w/o tantrums.
max asleep.
groceries w/in budget.
7 different vegetables in my cart AND fish.
i'm so awesome.
this is what i was saying to myself.
head held high.
closed mouth smile.
you know, we're picture perfect parading through the store.
i'm so awesome.
then he dumps the entire bag upside down and the tiny little balls of yogurt covered raisins go everywhere.
not awesome.
i'm an idiot.
no i'm not.
stupid candy makers!!!
deep breath.
take picture.
don't look around.
it's always less embarrassing if i'm not worrying about what is going on around me.
then it becomes more humorous.
and if i don't have my humor, i have nothing.
console screaming toddler who has just lost all of his treat.
put all 100 hundred yogurt covered raisins back in the bag.
maybe it wasn't 100, but it felt like 100.
trying to decide if i care that they've all been on the grocery store floor.
won't kill him.
those small hairs are gross.
dirt is ok.
makes them healthier!
put them in the cart to give myself more time to decide if i'm going to let him eat them.
text bree.
smile at the checker.
she gets my son a balloon.
he lets the balloon go.
double awesome.
remember to get my groceries from drive and load.
go me.
go to costco.
toddler spills soda in cart.
good thing he missed max.
she's awake now.
looking at me with a big smile.
promise Popsicles to toddler if he stays sitting in the cart through the checkout.
tantrum thrown.
checker gives him the thing that separates my stuff from the person after me's stuff.
happy toddler.
happy mama.
go home.
i wish.
yogurt covered raisins still sitting on my counter.
and that was just the first half of my day.

Monday, June 28, 2010

a kid, that is the goal.

i found this picture of brennan in my files tonight.
took it sometime this past fall when i was pregnant with max.
i was shocked at how well groomed he looked.
turned around to dr. scout master and shouted, "look! he looks so clean!"
combed hair.
clean face.
neat and tidy.
put together.
and now?
well, this is all we have time for.
b/c we're spending all of our time making sure max is decked out in obscenely large bows and flowers.
found her ultrasound photo as well.
see, she even wore them in the womb.
i love how 2 kids have changed me from how i was with just one.
although, just the 1 was really great too.
see, 2 really is better than 1.
click my colorful links above, you won't regret;-)
and play some sappy music that will make you feel mushy in the heart.
i'm dripping with happy memories.
none of the tantrums, lol.
it must have been a really good day today.
at least good naps.
and only telling brennan to get down from the table twice.
in the morning.
and twice.
in the afternoon.
and twice.
after daddy got home.
note: i fight my urge for neat and tidy when he drips all over himself like that. i tell myself i can do laundry and wipe him off and try to let him bask in his dirtiness as long as i can possibly stand it.
i hope he feels like a kid. that is the goal.

target practice.

i stood in front of the baby clothes at target on saturday.
with 2 outfits in my hand.
not b/c i was going to buy them.
one for me,
one for hattie's little miss to be.
i stood there b/c i could.
i could buy them if i wanted.
there was money in the budget.
wait, let's say that again.
there's money in the budget!
and then i put them back.
it felt really good.
the best lesson the budget and frugality has taught me?
just b/c you can afford it, doesn't mean you should buy it.
although i am going back to get hattie's cutie pie something.
and i got my shoes.
it was a fun day.