"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Saturday, January 14, 2012

"war," pound, jump, & run

we couldn't convince max to wear the mask.
but she thought we were pretty funny in them.
i LOVE this life:)
brennan's list of things he is going to teach the baby goes as follows:
1. how to "war" {roar} like a dinosaur {but not in a scary way b/c he doesn't want him to be scared.}
2. how to pound his chest like a gorilla {he will then give you a demonstration, think tarzan}
3. how to jump up on a table {awesome}
4. how to run
5. how to stomp

Friday, January 13, 2012

there's no place like home

there's nothing i look forward to more than our famous pizza/soda night.
friday night.
created when we were dirt poor.
and needed something fun and cheap.
holiday oil for our sodas.
i get half diet pepsi or diet coke with dr. pepper or cherry pepsi.
depends on my mood.
sean mixes it up a lot more with his choices.
i pretty much stick to my habbits.
the kids get rootbeer or sprite.
with a shot of vanilla or lime to their liking. 
and a heaping bucket of popcorn for 99 cents.
then we come home and decorate our dough.
that has been rising while we were gone.
whole wheat never tasted so good.
toppings of our choice.
stuffed, buttered, and garlic'd crust.
mushrooms are the current favorite.
pepperoni is a staple.
brennan and i also love the purple onions.
there's no place like home.
on a friday night.
with my crew.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

"the spa"

last night when i was making dinner brennan said he was going to "the spa,"
and then opened the fridge and tried to shut himself inside.
max of course followed him in.
and they went to "the spa" together.
telling me it felt "willy good" in the spa.
with "ooo's" and "ahhh's" all around.
i wonder if the snacks are included in the price?
maybe only condiments are free...
lucky for them,
the whipped cream is sitting next to the salsa.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

letters to Beth {apple juice, swimming, & People magazine}

Dear Beth,
        I am so mad at Paige. Nicholas is on my good side. She just left! I mean, Nicholas was a sucky dad and a sucky father, and it was good to teach him a lesson, but come on. You can't just leave indefinitely. She has mommy issues that she's working out. Went to visit an old boyfriend. See her dad that she had been estranged from for 8 years or something, and find her mother that left when she was 5. Hired a private investigator, who found her mom on a ranch with horses. It's all fine and well, but bring the baby with you for heavens sake.

        I am sorry to hear that Smith is sick. What does he have? My children have been miraculously healthy this year, which I am surely jinxing myself by even mentioning, but after last year we deserved a healthy year this time around. I've been wondering if it's b/c we haven't really had winter yet, but then I think about how places like Arizona still have a cold and flu season with 70*. Have you ever thought about that? Does it really have nothing to do with the weather at all??? I hope he is well soon. Did your sister give you any miracle concoctions to get him back into gear? I always love to hear all of the herbal remedies. I still rave about garlic oil drops to anyone who ever mentions an ear infection. Truly a miracle herb! Will you bless Bear next fast Sunday or just do it on a normal Sunday? Brennan was 5 1/2 months old when we blessed him, and we did it on a normal Sunday b/c Sean's family from Arizona was going to be in town. He was so big!!! Did you get him a blessing outfit over there or do a family heirloom one, or just pick up something in Germany?

        Seeing as I am living in Utah I think prostitutes would be hard to come by for a recipe, so I'm glad it was just a typo b/c I really do love prosciutto. The best part was that it was for ldsliving, TOO FUNNY!!!

Here is the egg casserole recipe you asked for:
8 c cubed french bread, stale
8 oz shredded cheddar (you know i used more than that)
1/4 c chopped onions
1/4 c chopped green pepper (i used the entire pepper)
4 oz mushrooms
1 tomato, chopped
10 eggs, beaten
4 c milk
1 tbls chopped parsley, dried
1 tsp dried mustard
1 tsp salt
1/4 tsp onion powder
1/4 tsp pepper
8-10 slices bacon (made 14, used 10, or something...), cooked juicy and chopped
**grease a big pan. the biggest pan you can find. the normal Pyrex rectangle isn't big enough. i have a special red one that i use for it. so just make it bigger than 9x13 b/c 9x13 is NOT big enough. arrange bread on bottom, layer cheese, onions, green pepper, mushroom, tomato on top of bread. Large bowl--combine eggs, milk, parsley, mustard, salt, onion powder, and pepper. Mix well. Pour over bread mix, sprinkle bacon over top evenly. I cover it overnight and then UNCOVER to cook the next morning. Heat 325-350*, bake 1 hour to 1 hr 30 min uncovered until center is set. About halfway through i used a spatula and pulled the edges away from the pan to let the liquid drain down into the sides and cook faster. i also pulled the middle apart a little as well to let the liquid move around and cook faster.

        My only problem with entering recipes into contests is that I usually just steal recipes from things other people have made and only change one or two things to my fancy, so I don't really feel like they are "my" recipes, per se. What are the rules on orginality anyway?
        That is so exciting that Bear rolled over! Makenzie army crawled at 3 weeks across her baby gym, on video camera so we have proof, and then never did it again until after we moved into our house when she was 8 months. It was amazing. It's weird how you think your second will be like your first, but they aren't. We always had to remind ourselves that Makenzie didn't need to cry it out like Brennan b/c she never just cried to cry. She either needed a binky or a new diaper or needed to be burped. It is still something we have to remind ourselves, that she is not Brennan and she is almost 2!!! I am sure the third will be even more hard that way b/c we will have two we are comparing him to. Dad and Sandie are flying out for the baby's birth. We are so excited to have everyone around. I just hope my body is all good to go for the 39 week induction again b/c that would totally stink if everyone was here and my doc was all, "well, guess what you're not dilated or effaced at all." That would NOT be awesome:)

        Did I tell you I've been swimming? I am back to swimming a mile a week. I started up again around 18 weeks when I started feeling better. I swam the last 4 weeks with Max and wondered why I didn't do it sooner, so with this one I wanted to start up after I was feeling well. It has been so great to get into the water and do something for myself. I haven't exercised with any of my other pregnancies, and I just love it so much. I am a little self conscience of my HORRIBLE varicose veins on the backs of my legs. It's not pretty. I get in that water so fast that there is no time to worry about the water being cold. Tonight is my swimming night, and I look forward to it all week. I am always super tired the next day, even if I get a good night sleep, but it is worth it. Sean goes boxing on Tuesday nights. He came home with red knuckles last night. He was really proud. It is our once a week "me" time.

        I love your Chinese food New Year's NEW tradition. I can totally picture you going out on the streets of Germany and having everything closed and can see you with a big smile on your face saying, "Ok, well, I'm just going to make this work!" It's making me want some Chinese food tonight. It's breakfast on the schedule for tonight, which means BACON BACON BACON:) yum:) AND you're homemade hash browns. I only use red potatoes for them, as they are my favorite and the juciest, and I use extra butter and extra salt. HEAVEN:)
        The one thing that I can't get enough of is apple juice. It was that way with Max too. It is the most thirst quenching thing on the planet when I'm pregnant. When I'm not pregnant I get excited for a glass of it and only meet disappointment. It doesn't taste like anything special EXCEPT when I'm pregnant. THEN it tastes AMAZING. Greatest drink on the planet. I need a glass right now just talking about it.

        That magician/clown/circus man is creepy. I don't want to stare at the picture too long in fear a nightmare may come on. I have crazy dreams when I'm pregnant, and I just don't want to see him in my dreams. It's the joker lips and the one creepy eyebrow that are most disturbing for me. However, it may be like a bad car crash, where I would go to the circus JUST to see the creepy eyebrow joker lips in person, knowing it's not what I want to see, but what I want to see all at the same time. The glitter is a nice touch, but what is with the clear glass cap? Is that what it is? See, I have now been sucked in. Please send more pictures of the like if you see anything like it out and around the town. I am officially bothered and intrigued all at once.


Brennan raised his hand in sharing time in Primary this week and told them we read People magazine at our house when they were giving the lesson on the Friend magazine. The week before when the lesson was on consquences he raised his hand and said when he goes poop in the potty he gets a treat. What a funny little dude. Have mercy!!!

letters to Emily {recipes, proscuitto/prostitutes, & scary circus}

Dear Emily,
Sorry it has taken SOOOO long! It has been a great week and a hard one as well. Poor little Smithy has been sick, he is doing a lot better now so I am happy. We were supposed to have baby Bear blessed this past Sunday but since Smith is sick it was a no go. By the way that egg casserole looks amazing, need recipe. Speaking of recipes, I entered a recipe contest on ldsliving.com and I sent the recipe to my sister and she reminded me of something hilarious. I like to enter recipe contests for fun, I usually do a few a month, and there was one I entered that I used prosciutto in the recipe. Well, microsoft word doesn't like that word, seeing as it isn't english, and I used spell check before I submitted the recipe. After I sent it in, I looked it over to see exactly what they would see and microsoft word changed prosciutto to prostitutes! So the recipe said 10 slices of prostitutes? I ended up sending an edited one in and actually won, but I had to laugh when my sister said, "make sure that you spell prosciutto right!".... You should totally submit recipes into recipe contests. I love your food Emily! I don't think I have ever entered your house with out a smell of something delicious baking in the oven.
I attached a photo I took on Christmas eve, coming back from the abbey, these posters were all over Heidelberg and it just made me laugh!! So what is up with the red eared-white faced-clown-saxiphone playing-magician? I examined thos poster for a while, let's just say we didn't go to the Christmas Circus, but after seeing that we sure missed out!
You look teeny tiny by the way! What's up with that? Hopefully he will be a small baby. Bear rolled over the other day! I was in complete shock! Bryce and I worked on that forever with Smith, blood sweat and tears to get him to roll over. Bear did it completely on his own, we just set him on his tummy and flip he went! That was easy! I didn't know having a baby would be this easy, I thought it would be Smith all over again, but it's Bear, and I love it. Don't get me wrong Smith is the apple of my eye, but it takes a lot out of you sometimes.
Christmas and new years were great. On new years eve I was planning on cooking something so delicious so I got on the bus at 4 and went to town to do some shopping, when I got down town everything literally EVERYTHING was closed! I couldn't go home empty handed! So I noticed a chinese restaurant open and I ran inside (I am also running against the nursing clock, trying to make it back before Bear is hungry again) and odered a ton of delicious food. We ended up reading our fortunes after we screamed and danced after midnight. I think I will make that a tradition, chinese take out and fortunes on new years!!! It was fun. Miss you and wishing you comfort in your last trimester!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

pony up

max has never been one to sit down and be read to.
she likes to climb all over you.
up and down off of the couch.
it's really quite annoying.
so tonight in a last attempt for peace and harmony i begged brennan to let her climb all over him.
and told him i'd give him a $1 if he did.
i barely had enough air to get it out between reading the lines of the book,
with max pawing at the both of us and stumbling every which way.
"i'll give you a dollar if you let max climb and step all over you!"
and you know what?
that little champ didn't complain once after that.
she pawed him.
shoved him.
climbed on and over him.
and not a peep.
no crying that she was stepping on him.
no whining that she poked him in the eye.
it was a great last ten minutes of rumplestiltskin.
AND he forgot about the dollar.
i wonder how long that will work for...
at least until i have to pony up.

Monday, January 9, 2012

i think i might...

hello third trimester.
i think i might be pregnant...
and i bought 5 more bins to organize stuff in the basement.
don't you wish i could come organize your house?!
me too:)