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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

i will go and do the things which the raspberry jam hath commanded. {pectin free canning recipe!}

once upon a time i tried a jam recipe that didn't call for pectin 
because i liked the picture on the pinterest pin for that recipe the best.
i am a marketers dream come true i tell you.
they had me a "free labels" basically.
also, despite having two freezers, 
the thought of making room 
or dedicating room to jam in plastic jam jars 
which might i add, i do NOT own, 
just overwhelms me.
anything to not have to leave my house folks.
this is why the freezer jam was nixed.
and so i sweat out the anxiety of not knowing 
if i was wasting 10 cups of fresh raspberries from costco 
on my stove this afternoon. 
i bottled them up,
processed them,
found their wrath on my shirt and in my hair, as every good canner does,
and then i waited.
and guys,
raspberry jam recipe
{pectin free & for canning}

10 cups ripe raspberries
5 cups sugar 
{let's throw on a bonus cup of sugar here, 
and make it 6 cups of sugar or 7. whichever. 
just for those of us that are daring with our sweet teeth. 
yes, yes we should. But you go ahead and decide. 
i won't judge either way.}

{get your jars, rings, and water bath warming}
{click HERE for a canning "how to"}

1. 10 cups raspberries into pot, smash with potato masher.
2. add 5 cups sugar. mix well.
3. heat on high heat for 5 minutes. then heat on medium heat for another 30 minutes, 
stirring constantly.
put a netflix show on your phone, call your mom or your grandma,
but see here,
don't stop stirring that pot for more than a minute or two 
or it will burn and cake the bottom.
4. fill your jars, wipe your lids, put your lids and rings on, and process in a water bath for 15 minutes at sea level, 
and 25 minutes for those of us who like our air 
a little bit more thin out here in utah.

so basically tomorrow i'm going to drive to my friend's house to pick all of her raspberries,
as clearly i will go broke buying them from costco at this 10 cups for 3 pints rate.
i will go and do the things which the raspberry jam hath commanded!
also, learn to spell rasberry raspberry.
{click here for the original pinterest recipe and "free labels" that had me at hello.}

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Amy said...

You make me laugh, Domestic Goddess, you! Glad your jam worked. Did you know all fruit naturally has pectin? That might be why it worked. Very cool, though!