"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

pudding vs. yogurt

he wanted pudding for breakfast.
of course i said no.
until i looked at the labels.
and realized that the pudding may actually be healthier.
well, less sugar at least.
so he's eating pudding for breakfast.
and crying that he can't have both pudding AND yogurt.
the man picked.
tomorrow's pickings should be interesting.
it doesn't seem like either option is really that great.
but for some reason i feel better giving him the yogurt...
served with a side of oatmeal.


alli said...

Have you tried Greek yogurt? I just ate a container of Brown Cow Strawberry Greek Yogurt, and I'm comparing the labels...40 fewer calories, 0 fat, 0 cholesterol, 15 fewer mg of sodium, 15 fewer g of carbs, 10 fewer g of sugar, and 8 more g of protein. It may even be a bigger serving size than the Yoplait (it's 5.3 oz). It's a little tart and is more expensive, but I feel better about eating it.

Katie said...

Isn't that crazy? And "kid's" yogurt is even worse!!

Emmy said...

Just like Apple Jacks are better than Kellogg's raisin Bran, and not just in the sugar arena!

Lauren said...

the greek yogurt is yum! but more expensive. Or for a much healthier option, you can try plain yogurt with real fruit mixed in and no added sweeteners... ive tried that at my house but no one likes it that way but me! :)

The Medrano Fam said...

I used to give Charlie the Greek Yogurt when he was younger because it has more fat but less sugar. Now we get the yoplit light which has significantly less sugar but not as much fat as the regular. I figure he gets the fat in other things. Oh and I totally agree I would feel better giving him the yogurt too!

Buckeye Nut said...

I know how you're feelin. Since starting my oh so lovely diet last month I never really paid attention to the labels. I have been floored. Seth likes the pudding idea too.

Amy said...

pb&j is all mine ever wants for breakfast. He doesn't eat anything else. He is silly. He would live off pb&j if I would let him.
At least yours eats a side of oatmeal. Yum!