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Friday, September 19, 2008

Our Little Chunk!

Brennan has definately plumped out. As the pediatrician noted, he is definately eating his solids well:-) We love the chunk and can't believe how he has changed our lives in so many ways. He is grabbing everything, launching himself onto his stomach from a sitting position, coughing, and making many new whining noises. We don't take any pictures without him in them. The little kid is finally sleeping from 8pm-7am, putting his own pacifer back in almost every time (thanks to hurley monkey!!!! "paci plushies hush the fussies": http://www.paciplushies.com/ for all of you paci-baby moms).
Dad and Sandie came to visit for a few days last week. We hung out, went up Big Cottonwood Canyon, did some "hiking," ate sushi, and had a great time.
I have completely given up on staying current with the monthly pics of Brennan, but oh well. There was a time when I took weekly pictures, and then monthly pictures...but I forgot to print and label them so now I'm not sure which picture is 2 weeks old and which picture is 6 weeks old, etc., etc.
I am really enjoying this age. It is so fun to watch Brennan change from day to day. He has also learned to "blowing rasberries," as the professionals call it. Basically it means that he blows bubbles with his mouth, finding his tongue and other noises he can make. It is very cute, except at meal time. The child is definately forming likes and dislikes for food tastes. I think I'll be giving up on peas for the 2nd time. We'll return again soon...the best I can do now is try not to laugh, put my finger up to his mouth, and say "keep the food in your mouth." He seems to kind of get the idea that he is doing something wrong, but may not be quite sure about what that wrong could be???

Sean is well into his semester of school. It seems that this semester is not as time consuming as past semesters. We are welcoming the breath of fresh air.

I am swimming again with a friend in my neighborhood. It is so fun to get out of the house and into the water. Brennan is basically what I do everyday...well, that plus teaching nutrition, mastering child development, psychology, time management, culinary arts, reading, etc., etc.;-) I have the greatest job!


Davis Family said...

I LOVED that age too! They still aren't incredibly mobile, but they are so interactive. And most of all....they sleep! :) It sounds like you are enjoying every minute...good for you!! :)

Kiss Kiss said...

I want to be a mommy. :(

You're such a good one! Brennan is sooooooo chunky and I'm obsessed! I still want to come up and baby-sit while you and Sean go to the temple!

Kelseyalice said...

cute lil Chunk Em...lol...can't wait to see you guys in December!

Erin and Lynn said...

Brennan is getting to be a chunk! What a cute boy! Don't worry, he is not the only one who will not eat his peas! Jaxon will not eat any veggies. He sometimes pretends to eat them if I give him some ranch to did it in, but all he does is suck the ranch off and then throw the veg on the floor!

I am coming down to Utah Wednesday night and will be there till sunday. I am taking Lynn to the airport on thursday sometime around 1:30. If Sean will be home we coould all go to lunch before. If he is not, us girls could go after I drop him off. I will call you about it!


The Wilson Family said...

our little guy was 19.5 pounds at his 6 month...how big is your guy?? can you believe how heavy they are? luckily he is 98% for height so maybe he will even out when he's a toddler...*crossing my fingers* do you have our blog address?

emily said...

he was 19.1 pounds at his 6 month!!! so crazy:-)