"experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted." -randy pausch

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


i am short two moles this afternoon.
the crazy thing is that the two they took off were the two i wasn't worried about.
one on the arm and one on the lower back.
so they're off to be biopsied.
one week they tell me.
the one on the forehead and the toe: healthy.
they measured them and put them on the books for the future.
how do they remove a mole you ask?
a little shot of local anesthetic into the mole area.
(can't tell you for sure where b/c i didn't look--i'm a "look the other way" shot/mole scraper kind of gal).
and scrape, scrape, scrape.
zero pain.
one little pinch to shoot the numbing juice in and TA-DA.
mole free.
now i wait to see if they were naugthy little moles or not.
i finished these is my words last night.
i can't wait to talk about it with you goddesses!
and to tell you next month's pick!
let's just say i'm VERY-VERY excited.


Proudfeet said...

Not fun! Way to be brave! And congrats on finishing the book! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!

Tiffany said...

Last summer I did have skin cancer. I had a spot on my chest(like an itchy scab). I didn't give it a second thought, but Dan made me go to the dr. Sure enough, it was bad. Now I am a paranoid wreck about the sun on me and my kids. I also have a 1 inch scar across my chest :( The dr. said I must have laid in the sun a lot when I was younger. Uh, not in HMB. LOL. I have been to a tanning bed a few times, but that's it. Crazy! Good for you for getting checked. Glad every thing was ok.

Natalie said...

Good job getting those moles taken care of!!!

As for the book, I haven't even started it. Preparing for a huge move is really crampin' my style!

Bonni and Pete said...

so i did that at the beginning of school when we had our pathophysiology class and i got scared half to death by all the stories about people who had moles and didn't take care of them, and they ended up malignant and metastasizing into the brain...

so i had one removed on my foot, one i passed out on the dermatologist while he was taking it off for the biopsy... then i ended up having to have surgery and now how a 2-in scar on my foot from where they dug into me. so yeah, good job with doing that now :)

Katie said...

Finished "These Is My Words" a couple of nights ago too!

Good luck with the moles.