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Sunday, September 6, 2009

does that mean we're #3?

if you're a cougar fan you'll most definitely appreciate brennan's new trick.

GO COUGS!!!!!!!!!!!

way to beat those oakies!

(for the non-college football watchers:

byu (ranked #20) beat oklahoma (ranked #3) last night 14 to 13.)


Amy said...

So cute! I was having major stress at the beginning of the game. So glad they turned it around! Go Cougs!

Emmy said...

YEAH!!! The game was awesome! I thought I was going to get sick during it. Take away two big errors (dropping the kick off return and ONeil fumbling the ball) the score would have reflected how much we really beat them!

Jess said...

Brennan is so stinkin' cute!! I really made The Schroeder mad- I told him it was ok if they lost to Oklahoma- they were a really hard team, etc. He didn't agree. Glad they won so he would forgive my "lack of faith"

Sue said...

When I went on FB yesterday, every single update was about BYU.

Good fans.


Fiauna said...

That was an awesome game, wasn't it?